Old Liberals Go Nuts at Anti-Trump Protest

A group of elderly liberals lost their cool at an anti-Trump protest in Columbus, Ohio when Kaitlin Bennett arrived.

Watch as the intolerant group of leftists displays their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) for all to see.

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via infowars

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  1. That is exactly why I’ve lived alone after my husband’s death 14 years ago! To tell the truth, I have struggled as a single female and have not dated even once because I could never replace my soulmate with any of these f…ing idiots! They spread nothing but hate and violence and how Mr. Trump continues in this political climate is awesome. We did not like Obama and his negative effect on our lives but we did not protest and demand every investigation under the sun and he had plenty to hide. If they continue like that, we want Obama investigated under the microscope and find out some mind blowing treasonous activities that they haven’t been able to find on the President!!

    1. I eventually got married, not to my first choice or even my second. My fiancee broke off with me while I was federal prison. I understand that, but it didn’t make things any better. Another lady started sending me letters from Japan, so now we’re married and have a very smart daughter who looks so much like me that Sayaka and I joke about wondering who Ariadne’s mother was.

      I wanted the dawn, but the evening is just as good, or maybe a little bit better.

  2. This is why I question the sanity of anyone that claims to be a democrat! This is insanity! These Lemmings are so indoctrinated that they are delusional!!!

  3. This is why I generally stay home and make fishing tackle. It saves everyone a lot of trouble, especially me.

  4. Problem with these old liberals is dementia, they have never been educated about the Constitutional Democratic Republic form of government. Or, they’ve wasted their lives without studying the History of the US.

  5. These people are simply Fools.I had a woman comment”Things are tough out there,Mainly when you have a nut as potus,I just said,You have to stop watching the fake news.Her response was,Oh i Havent watched the news in years,I dont like it.These Morons are the Trump haters,They know Nothing about anything.Go play Another video game space cadet.We are soo far into Crazyland That Crazy is Normal now and the line keeps moving farther. Up is down and down is up.Now your a nazi if you dont want illegal immigrants pouring over the border,We*re the bad guys,Not the Illegals Breaking OUR laws.Too much blood and sacrifice has been given to make this the Best country in the world,These spoiled Idiots on the left Cant be Allowed to Ruin everything Generations have sacrificed and died for! Semper Fi,Art Crosby

  6. Bunch of dumb ass motherfucking old liberals. They all have shit for brains. This is the best of the Democratic party. Fucking stupid little pricks.

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