Trump On Tax Returns: Law “100 Percent On My Side”

President Trump on Friday said that the law is “100 percent” on his side in an longstanding battle with Democrats over his tax returns.

Trump, who has agreed to “absolutely” release his returns once they are no longer under IRS audit, told reporters “Hey, I’m under audit. But that’s up to whoever it is. From what I understand the law is 100 percent on my side.”

That’s not good enough for Congressional Democrats

Wednesday evening Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) said Wednesday evening that he had filed a formal request with the Treasury to obtain six years’ worth of the president’s tax returns, putting Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in the hot seat.

[The] request tests Mnuchin’s oath of office: whether Mnuchin will faithfully execute the laws of the United States, or whether Mnuchin will bend to the will of the president,” said Steve Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center who testified before Congress in February about Trump’s tax returns.

When asked on Thursday if he would instruct the IRS to withhold his returns, Trump said “They’ll speak to my lawyers and they’ll speak to the attorney general.”

The IRS has stated that audits don’t preclude people from releasing their own tax information, while House Democrats are attempting to use a provision in the federal tax code which allows the chairmen of Congressional tax committees to ask for tax returns for examination in a closed session.

The law says that the Treasury secretary “shall furnish” the documents for nonpublic examination – a virtually useless requirement given Capitol Hill’s pervasive leaks.


Several Key Republicans stand opposed to Neal’s request, including Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa.

Weaponizing our nation’s tax code by targeting political foes sets a dangerous precedent and weakens Americans’ privacy rights,” wrote Brady in a Wednesday letter to Mnuchin. “As you know, by law all Americans have a fundamental right to the privacy of the personal information found in their tax returns.

Key Republicans are critical of the request. The top Republican on the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), argued in a letter to Mnuchin Wednesday that the request is “an abuse of the tax-writing committees’ statutory authority,” and he said it weakens Americans’ right to have their personal information kept private.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said Thursday that courts have ruled that congressional requests for information need to have legitimate legislative purposes, and Democrats have fallen short on that front.

“They don’t have a purpose,” he said. “All they have are a lot of excuses.”The Hill

Senator Lindsey Graham, on the other hand, suggested that all 2020 candidates should be required to release their tax returns.

During a March Ways and Means Committee hearing, Mnuchin said that the Treausry Department would “follow the law and we will protect the president as we would protect any individual taxpayer under their rights.”

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  1. Since the IRS audits Mr. Trumps probably every year for problems, why do the Democratics think they would find any problems in them?? This is just another way of keeping them in the news. In the past my family were Democratics with their voting but never again. If anyone running for President has to give up their tax returns then let’s see everyone who is running (or in office) tax returns. Bet you a#$ in Congress wouldn’t like that at all. Maybe we the people could see how you are all becoming millionaires on a salary that doesn’t match your output. Oh and by the way I would like to know when “Rev. AL” is going to pay his back taxes or go to jail like the rest of would have to.

  2. As technology advances and information is spread via the “leaker’s”…ones privacy is being shared via the internet whether one objects to this invasion of someone using your private information or not…It is almost impossible now day to keep other people out of your affairs…The IRS by law is not priviledged to divulge your tax information to anyone…but it happens…Remember when Rachael Maddow had tax information she had obtained from a “leaker” on Donald Trump…She was going to air that portion of his tax return someone had leaked to her immediately on her show…The leaked information she presented blew up in her face as her “gotcha” story showed Trump had committed no tax crimes as they tore through his tax return page by page by page…Personally…I could care less what’s in Trumps tax returns…What’s in Trump’s tax returns are between he and the IRS and no one else…Why should I care what’s in Trumps tax returns or how he does business…If his tax returns are good enough for the IRS they are good enough for me…If they wish to audit his tax returns that’s also between Trump’s tax attorneys and the IRS…I am not interested in what’s in Donald Trumps tax returns…nor is it any of my business to know…nor is it any of the Democrats business to know….Meanwhile the witch hunt continues with the Democrats again mounting their brooms.

  3. Anyone with at least two functioning brain cells knows that any “confidential” or “classified” information provided to Congress will remain so about two microseconds if it can be used by either party for political leverage. Congress is an information sieve and not to be trusted with sensitive information. They certainly can’t be trusted with President Trump’s tax returns. A third functioning brain cell would enable them to see that all Congress in the President’s tax returns is dirt to smear him with and for impeachment leverage.

    1. A third functioning brain cell would enable them to see that Congress’s interest in the President’s tax returns is dirt to smear him with and for impeachment leverage.

      1. “Abuse of Political Powers” ~~ Racist Cummings is now demanding that Fox News turn over any news reports about Trump that they never aired ~~ To add to this BS this week, Cummings is now demanding that Fox News turn over any and all articles they have in their files concerning Trump’s ex-marital information??

        How about all of the House & Senate members turn over all of their “Lobbyist Money Files” and any and all records of their meetings with anyone connected to any lobbyist agents, firms and their banking records of payments of such????

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