Billionaire-Bashing Socialist Bernie Sanders Joins The 1%: “You Can Be A Millionaire Too”

For a party whose most outspoken members proclaim the mere existence of the 1%’s great-wealth-holders is “immoral,” socialism-supporting presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has some explaining to do to the proletariat.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has said this week that he’ll release 10 years of returns by April 15th (having refused to release his full tax returns when he vied for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016) which will show his income and wealth to be far more capitalism-inspired that socialism-shared.

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Bloomberg reports that while Sanders tax returns won’t show how much wealth he’s accumulated in total, but will show the trajectory of his income over the past decade, as well as indicating whether he personally benefited from Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul, which cut the top individual rate to 37 percent from 39.6 percent.

He reported more than $880,000 in royalty income on his Senate financial disclosure in 2017.

The year before he said he had more than $860,000 in royalty income.

Sanders, 77, also listed three retirement accounts owned by his wife Jane, 69, a former university administrator. The upper value of those accounts is $815,000.

Having built his career promoting policies to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires, it seems the cognitive dissonance of the always well-balanced left could be extreme…

“The Democratic base is likely to be harsher on politicians who have more wealth. It’s a political liability for Sanders,’’ said John Wonderlich, the executive director at the Sunlight Foundation, an open government group.

“For Trump, the liability is if he doesn’t have as much as he said he does.’’

But, Sanders defends his ultra-wealth – created by a free-market capitalist’s desire for a good he created…

“I wrote a best-selling book,” Sanders told the New York Times this week.

“If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

The question is – should Sanders redistribute that wealth to the people? After all “he didn’t ‘build’ that book” alone…

Sanders is not alone among the uber-rich Democrat cognoscenti, on Wednesday, Elizabath Warren released her 2018 tax return that showed that she and her husband, Bruce Mann, earned more than $900,000 last year.

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  1. Hypocrisy at its finest.
    He makes royalties, off the backs of his supporters and keeps it for himself?
    One would think, that he’d write the thing, for free.
    Good for me, but not for thee.

  2. Sanders will distract the American voters by ignoring the simple fact that 50% of Congress is made up of millionaires and multi-millionaires like Nancy Pelosi worth some $160 Million or that ONLY 1% in Americans are Billionaires…my favorite is how Bernie sweeps under the rug the fact that 42% of the Americans PAY NO TAXES, so adding Free Medical, Free Education, Free Income his Socialism will cost over $100 TRILLION in ten years is nothing but Communists wishful thinking and a juvenile belief that money grows on trees…

    Remember folks, Bernie Sanders never held a legitimate job until he was elected mayor at age 53…he somehow managed to live off of 4 wives one of who screwed the school board she managed and stuffed her pockets with $600,000 forcing the college to go belly up…

    Sanders returned from Russia in 1968 and bragged in the media about “How wonder the Soviet subway system was… beautiful, clean with incredible art work and chandeliers.” Bernie never mentioned that the subway system in the Soviet Union was built by political prisoners from the gulag…A year later the “Socialists” system collapsed. Much like Venezuela collapsed after Bernie sang Maduro’s praises. Joining this Communist lunatic in our Senate is the village idiot in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to do away with “cow farts,” but, she is too stupid to do any research to learn that according to the USDA, there are about 32 million beef cows and 10 million dairy cows in the United States…ignoring the fact there are 330 Million Americans WHO FART every day, too…AOC has no solution from stopping human farting…

    AOC has a Credit Score of 430 and Pelosi placed her on the Finance Committee… proof that the Speaker of the House in her ignorant move has elevated this moron with an appalling clear conscience…Cortez speaks of the Berlin Wall with contempt but does not mention that it was built by the Socialists of Germany who risked their lives to escape, and thousands lost their lives attempting to flee the enslavement.

  3. If he by some wild chance does win, America becomes a third world country and before the first year of his presidency, we will be another Venezuela, there is no right way to do socialism. NO RIGHT WAY

  4. I’ve known the above about socialism since 1955 when my public school taught about the dangers of socialism in the long run. A system when a very few decide how everyone will live and contributes to the “State” run by the proletariat for the “common good” of Communism.

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