Bernie Sanders Strategy: Reaching Out to Trump Voters

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is developing a risky strategy of reaching out to President Donald Trump voters, stumping last week in Wisconsin and Michigan — and appearing on a Fox News-sponsored town hall Monday,  The Washington Post reported.

The approach will be tested not only in Wisconsin and Michigan, but Pennsylvania, too — all part of his current campaign swing, where many white, working-class voters were drawn to Trump’s populist message in 2016. 

Yet many of the Democratic gains in the 2018 election were made by candidates who were in a more traditional Democrat mold — including in Wisconsin and Michigan, where Democrats nominated more traditional candidates for governor and captured both seats from Republicans.

According to the Post, Sanders’ approach also will be tested with the the expected candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden. Biden’s bipartisan approach would sharpen the contrast between the field’s “unifiers” — Biden, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and former Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke — and partisans like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Sanders’s supporters say voters are deeply frustrated and looking for a leader who will shake things up, noting 11 percent of voters who picked Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary went on to vote for Trump in the general election, the Post reported, citing an American National Election Studies survey. Another 8 percent voted for minor-party candidates, and Sanders loyalists think he’s got a shot at them as well.

“Unfortunately, a lot of times people are really angry, and sometimes they displace that anger,” Sanders supporter Christina Fong, of Grand Rapids, Mich., told the Post. “So they remain angry, which he taps into.”

Others think Sanders’ message is too extreme.

“I think when people find out that certain candidates want to take away people’s employer-sponsored health care, that’s going to be very worrisome for some Democrats, especially in some of these affluent suburbs,” Ian Russell, former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told the Post.

Republicans, meanwhile, are ready for a run against Sanders.

“Speaking for North Carolina, if America had a choice between a self-avowed socialist democrat and a free market capitalist, he loses,” Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., told the Post. “Period, end of story.”

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  1. NO amount of “reaching out” to Trump voters could EVER make me vote for Bernie or any other Democrat candidate, not even for the local dogcatcher! MAGA/KAG 2020!

    1. I would NEVER vote for this kook!! Forget it, Bernie. You look like a street person when you are up there ranting and raving at the mic. Trump voters are TOO SMART for your crap that would destroy the country.

      1. Bernie has to learn that Trump voters are way to smart for him and his insane agendas. He looks like he should be in a mental institution along with every nut job that is running for President in the Democratic party. If we vote for any one of them we might as well just give our country away because these crazies will.

    2. Why does no one who interviews Democrats, who say they should pay more in taxes, ask them this one simple question. “You say you should pay more in taxes, but how much did you pay your tax lawyer to minimize your tax liability?”. Anyone who thinks they should pay more than the tax laws require, can write a check to the IRS and they will cash it. Or easier, just don’t claim any deductions. Bernie Sanders, like every other Liberal who says they should pay more in taxes, takes every deduction they are allowed by law. Most pay a tax lawyer to maximize their deductions, and a person like Bernie Sanders probably pays a tax lawyer around $100,000 per year to maximize their deductions. Bernie made over $1,000,000 over the last two years. That makes him a Capitalist, yet he claims to be a Socialist. The thing is Bernie (like many Socialists) complains that the top 1% of Americans control 90% of the capital. Bernie is one of the top 1%. The other thing they don’t explain is that in a Socialist economy, the top .01% of the populations controls over 90% of the capital and the rest are in food lines. Socialism has never worked, even though it has been tried for centuries.

  2. Bernoie Sanders will not get any Trump supporters for his ridiculous agenda. The guy is a damn fool and his solutions are a ticket straight to the poor house and our money into his coffers! Bernie is a loser and a fraud. He and his wife have already been caught with their hands in other peoples pocketbooks. What a cheat and a liar!

  3. I can not think of a single gun owner that would vote for a democrat, they have more sense than that. He is a socialist dictator wanna be, who will never be in power.

    1. Can you imagine him representing us in foreign countries just his appearance alone is laughable. He looks dirty all the time. But that is not the worse his policies suck and will destroy us or any country he would try to run. But lets not be too positive that he would not be elected. Just look at AOC, Omar and Talib even a year ago I would have never believed such a person could end up in Congress. But there they are and causing havoc. I personally can’t even understand how anybody could with a clear conscience elect any Democrat either if you love this country. People must have a death wish.

  4. Bernie Sanders ” Self Confessed Democratic Socialist ” is full of crap. If he really believed in Socialism he would not have over a million dollars and 3 houses. Bernie Sanders is a huge Hypocrite. His ” Medicare for All ” has a cat hy name but it will destroy our Healthcare system completely and make it worse than the Veterans Administration ( VA ) run single payer system. They just had 3 more Vets commit Suicidein April because they were getting screwed over by The VA. Bernie’s policies and every Liberal Democrat running in 2020 will hurt our country. Look at their actions and policies. They care more about illegal invaders than Citizens of The United States.

  5. There isn’t a Democrat alive or dead that could get a Trump supporter to vote for them, but he has to try because his own party wont support him, they proved that in the last election. Bernie don’t forget to ask the Clinton’s for there support.

  6. Bernie, you old fool…Trump supporters are TRUMP supporters….Take your socialist agenda and take a flying leap….

  7. Another genius Democrat trying to out-stupid Ocrazio-Cotex, their new leader. Yes, we all long for a return to Zerobamaland.
    1. The US economy should be in recession for 8 years, where economic growth rate does not even keep up with population growth.
    2. We need more regulations and higher taxes to keep those manufacturing jobs from moving here.
    3. Every federal government department should be a hit squad to attack your political opponents, like the fascist dictators you idolize.
    4. Men should be allowed into girl’s locker rooms, great for pedophiles & rapists.
    5. Criminals should be out of prison and we should imprison innocents.
    6. We need more radical Islamists in America to implement Sharia Law.
    7. We should persecute Christians and have the most anti-Semitic President ever.
    8. Jerimiah Wright, Farrakhan, and Sharpton should have offices in the White House.
    9. Invite criminal illegal aliens into the US, then con useful idiots into creating more self-destructive “sanctuary cities” to stop discriminating against MS-13 gangs.
    10. We need more slave traders in the US, to sell their slaves without fear. Discard the bullshit term “human trafficker”; we all know that is the definition of a slave trader.
    11. Keep inviting more illegals to invade the US and bring with them diseases America has not seen for more than 50 years. Polio, Measles, the Plague, and Mad Cow disease are showing up at alarming rates, it will test our immune systems.
    12. We need a President who will humiliate himself and disgrace his office by bowing to foreign kings & despots, and apologize for America’s success.
    13. The US Military should be a proving ground for the latest LGBTQ social engineering.
    14. Of course, every American should bow to the United Nations, let them take our guns and supervise our elections.
    15. And, of course you need to finish destroying America’s entire health care industry, America never was that great anyway, right?

    Yup, that’s how to attract Trump voters.
    “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”: John Adams

  8. After listening to him in this State, where he had to stop and think about what he wanted to state next & actually searching for words………..There is no way that anyone with a brain would vote for Bernie……..However, he does have more brains than pislosi, warren, waters, omar, coa, and the other muslim females………

  9. Bernie Trump voters do not like Commies & will never vote for you. Also, Trump voters do not like the rest of the Commies running in the party & will not vote for them!

  10. Good luck with that you communist pig, I would not vote for a democrat if he was the only one running. I read everything you say and see everything you do. Socialism is a losing game, did you not even pick up any knowledge at all when you were a kid ?

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