AG William Barr Rules Asylum Seekers Being Deported Must Be Jailed

Some illegal immigrants who are about to be deported must be held without bond as their deportation cases play out, Attorney General William Barr has ruled.

According to a Department of Justice document, Barr concluded that illegals who fit certain criteria after applying for asylum will not be eligible for release during the deportation process.

“An alien who is transferred from expedited removal proceedings to full removal proceedings after establishing a credible fear of persecution or torture is ineligible for release on bond,” Barr wrote. “Such an alien must be detained until his removal proceedings conclude, unless he is granted parole.”

The Hill reported on the new rule.

“I order that, unless DHS paroles the respondent under section 212(d)(5)(A) of the Act, he must be detained until his removal proceedings conclude,” Barr wrote.

The decision reverses a ruling dating back to 2005 that allowed bond to be instituted if the deportation subjects could demonstrate a legitimate fear of either persecution or danger should they leave the United States.

The Trump administration is dealing with an influx of migrants from Central America, many of whom are arriving at the U.S. border with Mexico and asking for asylum. In most cases, those migrants are released into the U.S. as they await an asylum hearing — a process that generally takes years

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  1. Mr. Barr… I would venture a guess that we have 1,000s of JAG officers in the various branches. My suggestion, make a provision for emergency appointment powers for Immigration Judges, activate all JAG officers, send them to the border and start hearing cases 24/7!~

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