Biden to Launch Presidential Campaign Next Week

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce he’s running for president next week.

That’s according to three people with knowledge of Biden’s plans.

Biden will enter the race as a Democratic front-runner, although the 76-year-old faces questions about his age and whether his more moderate record fits with a party that has become more liberal.

The announcement is expected as early as Wednesday and would cap months of deliberation over his political future.

The people with knowledge of Biden’s plans insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

The Atlantic first reported Biden’s decision.

via newsmax


  1. Actually he won’t win but it’s their money to be wasted…Biden is not smart enough to be a president so who would he pick for a vice I smell something fishy in the air about his choice…

  2. What a joke. Granted the Commie party has nobody else & are desperate. Maybe he is running so he can make some money by not returning contributions not used?

  3. Wasn’t Biden involved with the pages of the US Senate–and the demos set up Col North and the Iran Contra Affair to change the thinking? Biden seems not able to keep his fingers and hands off the women and the small & young children. I do not think Biden would be a person to run for the president position.

  4. Be very cautious of Joe Biden he has long history of boarding an elevator and backing himself into women and whispering obscenities while smiling .The Secret service has documented Creepy Joe’s history.

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