Pence: ‘Time for Congress to Do Its Job’ on Immigration

Vice President Mike Pence says it is time for Congress to close the loopholes in the U.S. immigration laws and end the crisis on the southern border.

“President (Donald) Trump is doing his job,” Pence said. “The men and women of law enforcement are doing their jobs. Now it’s time for Congress to do its job and close the loopholes in our immigration laws that are driving the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border.”

Pence’s comments came in a column posted by Fox News on Friday.

The vice president said he saw the humanitarian and national security emergency firsthand while in Nogales, Arizona last week while meeting with agents from the Customs and Border Protection.

“As those brave officers told me, we have a real crisis on our hands, and what’s driving it is the loopholes in our immigration laws that Congress has refused to close,” he said.

And Pence added: “This crisis is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Nearly 3,000 aliens are stopped trying to cross our southern border each day.”

He said the crisis threatens “lives on both sides of the border – and to end it, Congress must act to close the loopholes that drug cartels and human traffickers use to entice vulnerable families to make the long and dangerous journey north to our southern border.”

“Each of these loopholes is contributing to the humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border – and each of them requires Congress to act,” he said.

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  1. MEANWHILE socialist democrats are arguing that an open border welfare state costing taxpayers 100’s of billions of dollars a year to educate, feed, house, and provide medical care for untold numbers of uneducated, unskilled, foreigners who are illegally swarming into our cities unchecked and unmonitored, who are trafficking drugs, operating gangs, involved in human trafficking, committing violent crimes, intentionally circumventing our immigration process, reintroducing diseases this country has not seen in decades, filling our prisons, jamming our courts, draining our coffers, influencing our elections, and exploiting their own children to get it done doesn’t rise to the level of a National Emergency. And it’s all because Democrats need the votes associated with an electorate of poor, uneducated, unskilled government dependents, and because building a border wall is Trump’s signature campaign promise and by stopping it they hope to alienate him from his supporters and take the oval office back in.

    It is time to change our policies on immigration, No welfare to illegal’s, Build the wall, Change our immigration laws to benefit America and its citizens and not illegal aliens.

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