House Asks Judge to Block Trump’s Use of Funds for Wall

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday asked a judge to issue a preliminary injunction to prevent President Donald Trump from using funds identified from his national emergency declaration to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, CNN reports.

“Defendants are moving quickly to construct the border wall, and they have awarded contracts against funds that Congress did not appropriate for that purpose,” House General Counsel Doug Letter and other lawyers wrote in a 56-page motion filed to U.S. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden. “And more contracts are coming soon. Once made, these unconstitutional expenditures cannot be undone, and the grave institutional injury inflicted on the House cannot be remedied.”

Trump declared a national emergency in mid-February in an attempt to secure more funding to build a barrier, a move that resulted in roughly $6 billion from the Pentagon’s budget and $600 million from the Treasury Department being shifted over to use for the barrier.

Trump, House lawyers said, violated the U.S. Constitution with his decision to do so.

“The decision to spend funds ‘without Congress’ violates the Appropriations Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which mandates that ‘[n]o Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law,'” they wrote.

Lawmakers earlier in the month only allocated $1.375 billion for the barrier, far less than the $5.7 billion Trump requested.

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  1. I read and re-read the Title 10 and it seems clear that the Congress should only become involved in an Executive Order concerning money unless they are called upon to be involved in the appropriation of such ~~ Some of these Dems & RINOs have been feeding off of the taxpayers for up to 36 years and have failed to resolve our border issues, because the “deep pocket lobbyist” don’t want closed borders!!

    On several different occasions the same ones that have been trying to block a wall or proper border security constructions with one liberal judge after another, are also the same ones that have created the funds for border security constructions in the past?? The only reasons for the Dems flagrant objections now is that it’s now Pres Trump that wants to secure our borders!!

    I never thought that America would come to a point where Congress would put partisan vile hate a more important agenda then the security & good of the American People??

    1. try again, most of the existing walls and scanners were enacted by Dems and RINO’s. Trump does not own the Treasury and tho he owns the officials in it, constitutional law states the congress will appropriate all funding. He has about 2 billion from congress but in 3 yrs has not built 1 foot of his pretend wall- and has built prisons for kids and legal refugees to make money. It is all a racket from our racketeer pres. Replacement of existing wall was also enacted by Obama. The problem with walls is they have to be replaced every few years. Drones and more scans, dogs, satallite patrol and sensors would be alot cheaper and more efficient. Trump spouts a wall with lots of gates—DUH, what an idiot. As far as deportations, Obama still holds the record. Our border issues are refugees escaping south america. Cartels still use planes and vehicles for their drugs and refugees fill their sex trade quota on this side of the border.while their business has moved to the states to fill our demand for both. Instead of a useless wall, get rid ofour demand for cruel sex and drugs. As for partisan blockades, McConnell is the father of obstruction and I am not a Dem.

    2. the deep pocket lobbyists you mention are big corporations who love cheap labor and are involved with cartels, dont pay taxes and Texas oil men who want to work men off the books. There are alot of support for open borders from Koch and others, Trump himself imports his employees without background checks. I have yet to meet a Dem or R citizen who want open borders, but I have met alot of CEOs from corps who do. Trump does not want a wall, he wants the money for a wall he can use for sinister purposes. He has paid fines for three convictions of tax fraud- next time he goes to jail. All judges are sick of him breaking laws. He grows hate to distract good people to hate color and accents so he can steal us blind. A man like him should not be allowed near the Treasury, period.

      1. WOW You have Serious Issues! I would recommend that You Immediately Stop watching the Lying Talking Heads , and Seek Counseling before it is to Late!!!!

      2. Sara Palmer , you have been brainwashed so bad your brain ended under the Left sole of your shoe . You must be sister to Hillary ; Stop insulting our President ; Trump is the Best President ever ; the opposite of your dear Obama that just about destroyed this Nation . Hillary LOOOOOSER , that sold America to the Russian and the U.N.
        President Trump gave US Jobs , Prosperity , Tax Cuts ; you got nothing to offer Hate is what you have and Hate is controlling you . Just go back to your leftist brainwashed mentality . Keep all that garbage to yourself . You are a fool full of hate .

    3. Congress, especially the House is always crying about abuse of financial funds. Why don’t Congress save financial funds SEEby paying themselves for only the days they’re in session which is about 150 some days for the House and about 170 days for the Senate, they’re the only people in the US working in government posts to make such outrageous amounts of money. Majority of their time is vacationing and fund raising. Also, they should be required to have the same Medical Plan they force US Citizens to have. Congress has become a shit hole of corruption.

  2. When will the American citizens wake up and vote out all these partisan politicians who are more concerned for party than America.

  3. The founders who wrote the Constitution never, in their wildest nightmare, envisioned a congress made up of fools as stupid as the one now in session.

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