Rachel Maddow’s Tin-Foil Hysteria Laid Bare In Devastating Twitter Takedown

While the MSM peddled tin-foil Trump-Russia collusion conspiracies for more than two years, one pundit in particular stands head-and-shoulders above the rest; MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Night after night Maddow told lie after lie – promising her viewers Trump was finally, actually, definitely finished for one reason or another.

Maddow’s propaganda rants are too numerous to count – however The Nation‘s Aaron Maté is currently in the middle of a devastating Twitter takedown highlighting some of the MSNBC anchor’s most pathetic attempts to delegitimize the sitting president of the United States – after Maddow tweeted a Washington Post article about YouTube recommending an RT interview with Maté.

Enjoy – and perhaps give Maté a follow on Twitter.

via zerohedge


  1. She Should be FIRED at the Least!!Anouther Nut on the left,Well,Their All out of their freaking minds!!No joke,If these insects are allowed to take power,This country is Doneee!! Semper Fi

    1. She always reminded me of a bobblehead doll sitting on my dashboard, now she reminds me of a broken bobblehead doll thrown into the trash bin.

    2. Spot on! How anybody can take any thing credible from this POS is ludicrous. If she didn’t have Trump on her constant rants she would have nothing to talk about. She is making a living off of Trump and she damn well knows it!

  2. If this nut case were a doctor she would have earned the title of being a “Quack” over and over and she would have the nerve to keep telling her patients ” her viewers ” over and over that i am sorry i removed his arm instead of his leg as ordered but what the heck he has another arm any way and expect her patients ” her viewers ” to keep coming back for more lies and hysteria . If by chance this loony does have any audience left they should block the channel she is on so there is no chance that her made up stories could ever be heard in their home again.

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