Trinity Prof.: “Whiteness Is Terrorism”, Slams Obamas As “White ‘Kneegrows”

Authored by Brittany Slaughter via Campus Reform,

Trinity College professor is in hot water after tweeting “whiteness is terrorism.” 

Professor of Sociology Johnny Eric Williams followed that tweet with another saying, “all self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systematic white racism/white supremacy.”

The professor has since made his account private but the tweets can be seen on The Hartford Courant.

Williams also called out former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. According to the Hartford Courant, he said,

“I’m referring to [Turning Point USA leader Candace Owens’] other and less brazen but more insidious dangerous ‘white’ kneegrows like Barry and Michelle Obama and many other white kneegrows you encounter daily.”

Campus Reform spoke with a member of the Trinity College Republicans regarding the professor, his most recent comments, and his past.

“Everyone really questions, even liberals, why is he still here?” the student, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

“I think that’s kind of a question a lot of people are asking is, he advocated for white genocide, why is he still here?” 

The College Republicans member said students are generally apathetic at the college, but that Williams has changed that.

I think if you ask anyone on campus that is not as radical as he is, they will be like ‘he needs to go,’ which is interesting because at Trinity College, most students are pretty apathetic toward really everything, so to have such a high defensive that an individual needs to go, that really says something.”

According to the student, who said they have taken a class with the professor before, Professor Williams is known for failing students for no reason and requiring students to sign a waiver stating they may not discuss or email about what is said in class.

“He tells students all the time [that] he doesn’t care about their grades, he’ll fail students just to fail students,” the College Republicans member said.

“Most students, even students of color, do not like Professor Williams. I’ve talked to many students that either have him or have had him. He’s a terrible professor. He makes students sign a waiver as they take his class where they’re not allowed to send emails, they’re not allowed to talk about what he says in class because he knows what he says will get him in trouble.”

The source told Campus Reform that the professor has a right to say what he wants under free speech, but as a professor and representative of the college, he should be professional. According to the student, though, Williams’ rhetoric is far from that.

“His behavior is horrible and that needs to be checked by the administration.”

“Trinity College supports academic freedom and free expression and inquiry, which are hallmarks of academia and democratic society,” Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney told Campus Reform. “When speech proves controversial, our responsibility as educators is to promote more debate and discussion, not less. Twitter is a challenging place for a thoughtful discourse, which is clear from this example.”

The student who spoke with Campus Reform, however, says there is more to it than free speech, saying that the administration is either afraid of the professor or agrees with what he says.

“It’s either you’re so terrified of the vocal minority that just screams, that you’re so terrified of that that you don’t know what to do, or you actually agree with them and you want to keep these opinions being heard,” the College Republicans member told Campus Reform.

As Campus Reform previously reported, Williams was placed on leave in 2017 after posting on Facebook that whites were “inhuman assholes” and suggesting that first responders to the congressional baseball shooting should have “#LetThemF*ckingDie.”

Williams did not return a request for comment in time for publication.

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  1. this is another professor of dim witted brain dead moron, “Whiteness Is Terrorism”, is a full of crap as this socialistic A-Hole. Obama claimed black not white, Obama is muslim camel a** and as Anti-American as this total nut case who states ““Whiteness Is Terrorism”

    1. In College history Professor’s who or White and Black have made statements that were considered bias, discriminatively offensive, we have also allowed avowd hate speakers on school or university grounds deceitfull., this racist anti semitic talk shit must stop, the ACLU is silently racist anti semitic of course, the free speech movement is silent, what hate can you expect from them, political leaders no better.


  3. They say the same about jews, what else do you expect from these broken down losers, shut off the money, close down the college institution, barr them, keep them away, solve problem.

  4. another brain washing. so called teacher, filling our kids heads with his lying garbage
    no wonder the college age kids are so stupid.
    but this kind of nonsense stars as soon as the start their education,,
    No wonder they are tearing down statues that they know NOTHING about because the HISTORY of our country is NOT taught
    NO COMMON SENSE ANY MORE ..They all scream EVERYTHING FREE but have NO IDEA how it will be paid for

  5. Have always said that the blacks are the biggest racists/bigots, and have never tried to get along……..They are the majority of killers, rapists, and robbers……….The prisons are full of them………

  6. Given the vehemence and expanse of hatred for all things “white” that this professor apparently lives and breathes, it is astonishing that he can live in any even partially white country, or have, in his life, any product, process, invention, food, drink, item of clothing, vehicle, medicine, structure or technology discovered or developed by whites. For his future relief and peace of mind, he should strongly consider moving back to his ancestral lands and living in that traditional lifestyle. In other words, “who the F— needs ‘ya? get the F— outta here!”.

  7. This nitwit sounds like a real winner, I wouldn’t want my children to attend college, all they get is brainwashed, they come out worse off than when they started and have a college bill for bullshyt like this on top of it, they are smarter before college, after college they have mush for brains, so called teachers like this should be fired, however this will never happen.

  8. What do you expect this is what you get when our whole education system is run by socialist democrats from school board members, teachers, college president, and professors. They have no right to enter fear with our freedoms. They are brain washing our children parents must fight back against their socialist agenda.
    This black idiot is typical of the kind of teachers that are brain washing our children.

  9. Another college moron. Democrats are now calling for reparations for ancestors of slaves. Who is going to pay for this? If it is a general tax, you could have affluent African-Americans paying for their own reparations. How about people who immigrated to the U.S. after slavery was abolished. How about White Americans whose ancestors never owned slaves. I bet if you made it voluntary, most Democrats who think this is a good idea would refuse to donate money for the reparations. Besides, there is not one African-American alive today that was a slave. If reparations are good for ancestors of former slaves, what are we going to do for Native Americans whose land was stolen by White settlers? I guess we could all move somewhere else and give the land back to Native Americans. That would solve the immigration mess we have, because no one would want to come to America if we did that. For all the Socialist candidates (Democrats) running for POTUS in 2020, if one of them is elected, that too would solve the immigration crisis. We have immigrants coming to America from Socialist countries. That is because Socialism does not work. Never did and never will. If we become a Socialist country, there will be Americans leaving the U.S. and trying to go somewhere better. Democrats who believe Socialism is the cure for America are either wealthy (Bernie Sanders) or just plain stupid (AOC). Democrats complain that 1% of Americans control 90% of the wealth. Under Socialism, .01% of citizens control 90% of the wealth and everyone else is standing in bread lines. If Socialism was so great, there would be more Socialist Nations and more importantly more (or at least one) successful Socialist Nations. Free stuff is not free!

  10. He is a Prof. of what…sociology ? Are these the sick, racists, spiteful, ignorant people we have teaching in colleges…what does he professes? Good he came “out of his closet” just like he is….he should be working in McDonald learning how to treat Blacks and White together with love and respect….that’s Sociology!!!!

  11. I think we PAID reparations with welfare and having Every one of our cities turned into s…holes.Talk about 1%,I think thats the percentage of whites whos relatives once owned slaves.Im still waiting for reparations from Rome for enslaving My people(And Everyone else).How Long are we going to put up with this B.S.!?? Everyone on here,Write and email the collage Demanding this walking sewer be fired!!If a White”teacher” said 1 thing Nowhere NEAR what this freak said,He*d be tared and featherd.This SOB is allowed to teach our children!! Are you KIDDING me!??? Stand up for Your traditions and family!!Silent majority No more!No More paper Tiger!Turn this s… Around!! Semper Fi

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