Biden Wonders ‘Why the Hell’ Trump Spends Time Attacking Him

Hours after President Donald Trump posted and retweeted dozens of messages on Twitter, some of which were critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Biden himself brushed it off as no big deal.

Biden, who was vice president under former President Barack Obama for eight years prior to Trump taking office in 2017, wondered why Trump doesn’t have anything better to do with his time.

“Folks, I understand the president’s been tweeting a lot about me this morning and for a while,” Biden said during a campaign speech in Iowa. “I wonder why the hell he’s doing that. I bet I’m gonna be the object of his attention for a while, folks.”

Biden joined the race for president last week after months of speculation and buildup. He and Trump have been trading blows on Twitter and in separate speeches and media appearances.

via newsmax


  1. Biden you have to be stupid if you wonder why Trump is on your ass. Ever since the the people of America voted Trump as our president you and the rest of your comrades and the lying media have trashed and bashed our president 24/7 every hour of ever day with nothing but lies.

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