McMaster Says Some Former Colleagues Are Danger to US Constitution

Ret. Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the former national security adviser to the president, in a rare public grievance Wednesday blasted some of his former colleagues as a “danger to the Constitution,” Politico reports.

McMaster listed three groups within President Donald Trump’s inner circle and the first – of which he said he was a part of it – included aides who looked to offer straightforward policy options to the president.

“The second group of people, and I think this is true in any administration,” he explained, are those “who are not there to give the president options — they’re there to try to manipulate the situation based on their own agenda, not the president’s agenda.”

McMaster, who now serves as chairman of the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, was speaking at an event hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The third group, said McMaster, “cast themselves in the role of saving the country, even the world, from the president.”

“I think those latter two categories of people are actually a danger to the Constitution of the United States,” he added.

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  1. Some devils are fust bad losers. Its that away when you have always had your way starting from child hood.

    1. If you are attempting to make a point I sure can’t understand what it is.
      Speaking of childhood, perhaps you should have spent a little more of yours learning how to complete a sentence that others can understand.

      1. Jon, if you can’t interpret the meaning of his post, pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black.
        Young children or people, from the time they’re born have had a silver spoon in their mouths and not taught respect for others.

  2. I have to Agree, the later two Is basing thing on opinions not the Law and not the Constitution but more toward being Anti-American muslism Socialists

  3. Thinking this man knows more than can tell. Has background with many different people and has
    chosen to save lots of bad stuff from the public. None of us were in his position. Judge not that ‘ye be
    judged. I think he knows more than we critics will ever know.

  4. Yes, I agree that the General MIGHT be correct. However, I would have liked for him to mention ONE specific action which is unconstitutional in his comments. Absent a specific unconstitutional act, his comments are a waste of time.

    1. You totally missed the point which was describing the 3 groups and how they react as, if you will, vigilantes acting out on either personal or group vendettas in opposition to the (any) administration. If you were looking for someone to blame or something to complain about, yes, that was missing from his remarks. He was merely stating what he rightly believes are the facts. You may infer the “moles” from the FBI (Strzok, Page, etc.) are in the second and third groups. Sessions could arguably be described as group one – and I would include Wray in that, as well. Get a grip.

  5. The general like everyone else has opinions and I suspect those discussed have opinions about him as well. Trump is learning and the general has his own agenda too. Sharks are around in those situations but Trump is one who has rangled them for decades and wins. The sliming should not have been done by the general, he is the pot calling the kettle black. Just another behind the scenes want to be leader or power welding manipulator. He sounded like sour grapes to me.

  6. it would appearsthe author was trying to emastaffs past …present and future in the white house the east and west wing and other areas with/in the E O B sculate the po t u s a

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