Maine Senate Passes Bill to Reform Electoral College

Maine took one step closer to reforming the Electoral College Tuesday after its Senate passed a bill to overhaul how “The Pine Tree State” chooses a U.S. president.

As the Bangor Daily News reported, the State Senate voted 19-16 on a bill that would force the state’s electors to vote for the presidential candidate that wins the national popular vote.

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Fifteen states have enacted into law similar bills, according to a website dedicated to seeing National Popular Vote bills passed nationwide. The bill will not become law until states that account for at least 270 electoral votes, the majority, pass it.

President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election despite losing the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton, a point Democrats have reminded Americans of ever since that election. The same thing occurred in 1824 (John Quincy Adams), 1876 (Rutherford B. Hayes), 1888 (Benjamin Harrison), and 2000 (George W. Bush).

The Electoral College gives smaller states more voting power than they would have if presidential elections were simply decided via the popular vote.

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  1. Dems just can’t get over that they lost
    We had to deal with obama for 8 yrs. Now trump is in they have to cheat to win. We had 3 states that double voted in 2018. Just so they can win the house. I will pray for barr with the strength to stand up and see what is truly happening

    1. Those DEMONcRATs are ASKING us to eliminate the electoral college and to just LET a FEW states determind who those DEMONcRATs want to be in our government.
      The HIGH population states will be the ones to TELL the rest of America what they want as a government and what they think we should be doing to make their idea of what kind of government we should be having.
      It is likely to be a SOCIALIST kind of government and the downfall of our working type of government because ALL other Socialist governments have FAILED BIG TIME.

      1. The democrats have figured out a way to get around the constitution. The electoral college was put in place to have a fair electoral system. To keep the big states from being able to take over the smaller states. This way NO ONE HAS A LEGAL VOTE! If the states do this. There people will not have a vote at all!! It will be the Democrat Party Vote not the vote of the people. This must to go the supreme court.

    2. I absolutely agree with you. The America hater DemoRats are stopping to nothing to preclude Trump from winning. #MAGA2020

    3. To the States that want to rig the election in 2020 and beyond, you can not stop how people will vote for Trump, jealous, jealous and pheouble minded you are, Dems,.

  2. If the Dems get their way, CA, NY, NJ, and MA would decide all Presidents hence forward. Look at the common factor – They are ALL Liberal States – Interesting. If the Dems pull this off there would be NO need for a Republican to ever run for President again. People stand-up and fight this. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned.

  3. Evidently reading comprehension isn’t a strong in the Pine Tree state. The constitution states no mob rule which is why the electoral college was established.

  4. DO NOT MESS WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! Our Forefathers set up the Electoral College for a very important reason and that was to insure that States with smaller populations would have a voice in the National elections that counted as much as those States with larger populations. No one in their right mind (except Liberals) want that to change or want Los Angeles, New York, and a few more areas (far less than the States that have smaller populations…maps show how out of whack it is) to decide who is elected to the Presidency. Without the Electoral College as it exists today, we become a dictatorship with the majority of States and Counties having absolutely no say in the election as it pertains to the highest office in America.

    We HAVE to start teaching Civics Classes that actually covers the whys and wherefores of how our Forefathers wrote the Constitution and had the foresight to insure our rights and protect us from being taken over by BIG government. God Bless America and the Patriots who will fight to keep her free!

    1. We have to fight back to keep our FREEDOMS from beinf takeb from us if we LET the Liberals take away our electoral college and make the elections to be controlled by the few high populated areas. 7M8B

  5. Funny that most politicians are lawyers and they don’t remember the law. If I remember correctly Constitution 101 was required for a law degree. Federal law usurps state law. To change the Constitution a Convention of States is required. Remember what happened with the ERA amendment? A big nothing!

    These Dummycrats talk just to hear themselves and hope the American people are stupid enough to believe them. What a waste of time and MONEY!

  6. They just keep pushing.
    Take your money,take your vote,take your care,try to take your guns so you can’t defend yourself from crooks and the socialist take over.
    It’s all in their plan. Time for the American people to wake up.

      1. yup. and massachusetts, another insane dem state, are called massholes. maine was once part of massachusetts. seems the maine gene pool was polluted by the association.

  7. So, elected representatives in Maine just voted to disenfranchise their own state’s voters and give them to New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois and California?

    1. Native New England born and bred are not liking this vote. I am a Vermonter and no longer recognize my state. I now live in Maine and see the same thing happening. Tourists come think the state is great then buy up the property so natives can’t afford then change things so it’s like what they left. It is deja vu.

  8. I wonder just hoow much howling would come from the possibility of a popular vote going to a conservative, Republican President, should this popular vote thing go through? It could happen that the popular vote goes to a president that the democrats would not want, but they made the clamor to make the popular vote the one that decides who wins the election. These loony tunes are banking on another situation where their favored person takes the poular vote. However, that is still a gamble that could go the other way. Far better to leave the Electorial Colloege alone, and work within the established system. That, however, requires an adult like process that the democrat cry babies, lying on the floor kicking and screaming, fists pounding the floor, do not seem cable of doing. They did not get their way, so now they are acting like temper tantrum throwing children. Do we really want to vote for people like this? Their actions are not unlike those of children who want to change the rules if the game is not going their way. We need mature adults in government, and not child like cry babies that cry foul when they do not get their way.

  9. The “sheep”, which the democrats expect us to be like, are not going to wake up until it is to late. It will take ‘patriots’, who see and understand to protect the sheep from the wolves. It is a LOT of work to get the sheep to realise that the good fodder field is a down slope to their destruction, or at least a shearing they do not want. Those who see the issues for what they are need to change the direction of the herd.

  10. It takes a Constitutional Amendment requiring two thirds of states to ratify. This will take years.
    The demoRats believe they have enough illegals and climbing to carry any election through fraud. I recommend that all elections be held one year prior to change in office. This will provide 1 year to verify all votes are legal. Any illegal votes found, the secretary of state for each state is arrested for complicity.
    The demonRats want to insure permanent control of all elected offices as is CA.

    1. That is what I thought, it is not a state level decision and the dim wits are trying an end run with again no legal basis. I guess Maine things the states will all go along. What a bunch of BS. Anyone in the smaller less populated areas has to know this is a scam and changing anything in the constitution is unwise for the nation especially if it is a dim wit idea. And Hillary only won because in CA and the other big states that are overrun with illegals got their votes. Cheating and stealing and lying as usual.

  11. I was born and raised in Maine. Left many years ago to follow my dreams and it worked out fine. Love the state, love to visit, go back and see family. The State was a dumping ground for Muslims. (Tk you Obama). I hope this bill fails… I hope there are enuf Mainers that are not maniacs. Pray!

  12. …none of this makes any difference, as we share our thoughts, dumbocraps are firing up their scribes in every county of their state to ensure every illegal, criminal, and dead person votes dumbocrap and they don’t even have to show up at the poles; that way the popular vote and the electoral vote will look the same…

  13. There is no longer any ‘democrat’ party. The whinners are actually a communist party who expected to win with a nasty old crone. Their battleaxe was defeated and now they whine day and night because the founders were smart enough to prevent scum from rising to the top.

  14. WHY MAINE IS WRONG…. Maine is as different as New York is different, etc. We are called the United States for a reason. If Maine has to be a follower, it should follow the Constitution. The people of Maine do not speak for people in Kansas as they do not speak for the people in Illinois. Every state is different, but we have one Constitution to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and to our posterity. Listen to the founding Fathers. Lead the way ; don’t follow the popular vote. Be the vote that ensures the continuation the United States.

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