The Coming Wrath Of Barr: The Real Story Behind The Russian Hoax

Authored by Graham Noble via Liberty Nation,

If there is any issue that cries out for a special counsel investigation, it is the evolution of the Trump-Russia collusion theory. Attorney General William Barr may well have decided that the nation does not need to go through such an ordeal again, but he did the next best thing by tapping John H. Durham to investigate what could well be the most nefarious political conspiracy in American history.

Durham is Connecticut’s top federal prosecutor, an attorney with a reputation for toughness and a resume that includes investigations into high-level government corruption cases. Reports suggest that he has been on the job for some weeks already, and that is an indication of how seriously the matter is being taken by the attorney general.

A History Of Investigating Government Officials

In 1999, Durham was appointed special prosecutor to investigate alleged ties among Boston police officers, federal agents, and organized crime figures, including James “Whitey” Bulger. As a result of Durham’s work, four men who had been imprisoned for murder years earlier had their sentences vacated because they had been framed by the FBI. One retired agent was sentenced to ten years in prison on racketeering charges. Another former agent who faced charges died before his trial.

In 2008, Durham was assigned to look into a major scandal involving the CIA’s destruction of graphic interrogation recordings, though the Department of Justice (DOJ) declined to bring charges in the case. The following year, Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Durham to examine the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” methods.

Upping The Ante

John H. Durham

If Barr did not anticipate the possibility of criminal indictments or the need to subpoena former government officials – people like former FBI Director James Comey – he could have handed off the probe to Michael Horowitz, the DOJ’s inspector general. Horowitz, who is currently looking into the FBI’s application for a FISA warrant in 2016 and three subsequent extensions of that warrant, does not have the scope of authority to investigate the affair conclusively. Essentially, inspectors general could be described more as auditors than investigators.

The Justice Department’s IG is expected to deliver his report sometime in June,  and Durham may well use Horowitz’s findings in his own investigation. Unlike Horowitz, Durham can subpoena private citizens – including former government officials – as well as utilize the full range of prosecutorial tools.

A Massachusetts native, Durham was appointed in 2017 to his current position as a U.S. attorney by President Donald Trump. The prosecutor’s scope, with regard to the origins of the Russia investigation, has not been revealed by the DOJ. According to a source not authorized to comment publicly, Durham will determine whether the original FBI probe into alleged collusion between Russia and Trump campaign associates was properly conducted.

Durham, a Republican, is known as “apolitical.” His record indicates a tough but fair prosecutor who, as The Washington Post put it in 2009, has “parachuted into crisis situations for both political parties over three decades.” The fact that Barr has enlisted him is no small matter. The entire collusion story has crumbled rapidly, over the past few months, and it now seems possible – finally – that those who conspired to fabricate a phony, politically motivated counterintelligence operation will face a reckoning.

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  1. I hope Durham with the aid of Horowick’s findings puts an end to this chapter of mis-justice? Accountability is a must to insure our country of law and protection of our Constitution/Bill of Rights. The possibility of the existence of a 2-tiered justice can only divide this country more than the previous administration has.

      1. But Jim, can you only imagined what would have happened had Hillary won in 2016?? None of the FBI/DOJ corruption under Obama to derail Trump would have come out as it has. We are now as close to the truth as we could hope to be!!

  2. AG Barr and the fearless honorable determined knight on the white horse, Robert Durham, have their bulldogs digging in to get to the bottom of the origins of the attempted coup once and for all. We ALL are waiting with baiVted for TRUTH AND JUSTICE!
    Is it as bad as we think or something else? The American citizens want and deserve to know!

    1. Things have been occurring that have seemed wrong for quite a few years. Now is our chance as citizens of this United States to find out what corruption has been laid upon us I’m personally tired of being a solid citizen and being criticized. We want to remain a FREE COUNTRY. I do believe with Mr. Barr at the head of this investigation team we will FINALLY have answers.

      1. he is unbiased..wi get the Clinton election scandal ..FBI Comey info…hopefully soon.. and interesting to note Comeyd wife and daughters were Hiiary suporters..imagine the closedi door anti candidate Trump conversations in that fsmily..and Comeys half hearted castigation of candidate Hillary w the email scandal etc

    2. Too bad Trump did not see fit to nominate Barr as AG instead of Jeff Sessions in 2016. Chances are Mueller would have never come into our lives!! I doubt Barr, who had no part of the Trump campaign would have recused himself from the Russia probe as Sessions did!! And in his own low key demeanor Barr has proven to be a real tiger and extremely knowledgeable of the applicable laws!!

      1. 9Sessions talked big but he was one of the kids that the big kids got to do crazy sh*t because he wanted to be accepted. He’s a good assistant but not a leader

  3. The only Justice that can resolve this attempted Coup–Is to Slam Hillary Clinton with indictment and prison sentence to life in Prison– And Censor the entire Democratic Party and if they do not comply—Execute everyone of those TREASONOUS Swine–ASAP Have Loretta Lynch given a Life Sentence and Comey given a death sentence–Brennen–Death Sentence—Obama–life in Prison–clapper–life in prison

    1. if any other american committed the crimes the democrats have to undermine the will of the american people and our election system it would be considered treason punishable by life in prison or death so the sentencing you propose here Martin seem only fair and just. Now that the Russians know their interference has caused the democrat party to be so unhinged that they have not even been able to do their job to protect america or make any policy except the hate trump policy for over 2 years now the Russians realize that thanks to the democrats they got much more bang for their buck and have truly disrupted our country .

      1. The Russians did succeed, with considerable assistance from the Democrats, in throwing our electoral process into some disarray. The paradox is that the Russians, certain of Hillary’s succession to the throne, were (unsuccessfully) trying to compromise Trump with their false assistance and wound up entangling their favored party and their most useful candidate. Had Hillary wn, she would have owned the FBI, CIA, NSA et al and none of the pending revelations would ever have come to light. I do fear for the lives of those now investigating the Democrat involvement – they show no reluctance to galvanize the homicidal fanatics within their party.

    2. Boy! Your tough, martin, but I agree, the only sentence I would step up, is Hillary getting life in prison with no possibility of parole, because that woman should never be free again, because I hear she is suspected in over 100 unexplained mysterious deaths, and we know for a fact that she is guilty of turning her back on our men killed in Bengauzi, Libya. I was considering death, but I think life in prison, would be a lot worse, she would have longer to think about it, although even if she were given the death penalty, she would probably die before her execution, because of her health.

    3. Wouldn’t it be just hilarious to lock clapper (what a name, the clap) brennan, & mooler in a small cell with foamy so they have to listen to him talk about himself. Better yet, lock the clap, brennan, & mooler in a cell next to one containing ovomit and foamy as they tell each other how wonderful they are. Clinton has to be the pot lady for all of them.

  4. The state of corruption that our country has been trenched in for so many years under Obama and the democratic party has finally been exposed for the deep state that it is and their true colors have shown in full view because the hate, lies, contempt and criminal activity of the democrat scum has been brought to the surface by their hate for trump. Squirm you democratic worms because even the deep trenches under ground where you have been hiding all of these years won’t protect you from Barr and Durham because they seek real justice and not the phony kind of justice that you continue to seek against trump or anyone that supports him .

  5. I’ll believe it when I see ALL of the conspirators and co-conspirators being perpwalked into court in front of a judge. This guy looks mean enough to do the job. An it certainly seems his reputation corroborates this assessment. I am not so sure Mueller

  6. Real constitutional justice is years past due !!!I
    Injustice has reigned too long.
    Let us pray that equal justice under law will finally win the day !!!

  7. This was a direct enemy attack on the American people and the Constitution. If hitliary were to be crowned president none of this criminal act would have been discovered but white washed. America as you know it to be would have been forever changed to reflect terranical government. Not free at all. The Constitution would be relegated obsolete. All the nefarious actions were taken By senior Dept heads. CIa, FBI, Dia, DOJ and the presidency. Nothing happened without obumer knowing.

  8. The Mueller-Russian Probe by the LEFT and their Media arm ARE INDEED real CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS and the Dems did it to America.

  9. Who knows what this guy from liberal Connecticut is doing. I don’t trust anyone except those I hear saying the right things, like Jim Jordan and Tom Fitton. Everyone else is just talk. Besides, no one in authority to do so has the courage to prosecute a former First lady and two former presidents and half of Washington DC. And even if a few sacrificial strzdks and pages and a McCabe are burned on the altar of justice, that’s as high as it will go.
    All Bullnadler, all talk, no action.

  10. I pray that we all see real JUSTICE to those who are behind this, if not well at 79 years old I will be hart broken because of the love I have for our country all my life. if it don’t then our God will have to hand out the Justice for them and boy I would not want to be in there shoes, GOD BLESS MR. TRUMP AND ALL OF US.

  11. It seems to me that we are all characters in a novel about a group of people’s attempt to take over this country and change our lives completely. It is obvious that some of our elected leaders are determined to change the structure of our government (for example, Pelosi claims to have as much power as the President) and are using most if not all of their time doing so. Has Congress accomplished ANYTHING this session? I honestly think President Trump is sincere and doing all he can to put this country back on track. I’m tired of his tweets and would like to see him tone down his name-calling, but I still support him completely.

  12. Because of McCain, biden& Kerry & sons,clinton $3.2 billion in us tax foreign aid was sent o Ukraine all deposited to biden & Kerrys sons company. A recent audit proved$2.2 billion has vanished. Manafort was sent by Clintons in the 90’s to setup shell companies that would redirect Foreign aid back to their holdings. russian collusion was entire DNC and Rnc deepstate collaborating with Russian operatives in Ukraine to steal Foreign Aid money.

  13. It has been a long old hard road to travel and patriots are tired but like the seals say the only easy day was yesterday! Tho we are fatigued and weary that truth and justice have long left the shores of America it has been an enlightening and worthy jaunt. The rats have been cornered and the lion is on the warpath.
    This long journey has shown how eagerly foreign powers, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, England, Australia and other feckless allies are to take a huge bite out of our hiney when our back is turned. The Queen would do well to smile and curtsy after all of this. Like fleas on a hound so eager were they. This coup involves nations! Go figure!
    Yet, had we not persevered, little soldiers that we are, trying to put the spurs to our weary horses we would not have been on one of the most unbelievable journeys in the history of our country. So we have passed intermission, received a Harvard Law degree, A degree in the foolishness of those who grab too largely from the Cracker Jack University, and a last degree in the Stupidity of thinking you’re going to get away with it from Mad Max Magazine. Apart from God we are now the best educated people in the world! Just look at those degrees. And they say the only easy day was yesterday? Well the seals did of course and I suspect they are right because by the time we have completely unveiled the stench of the foulness of what has happened in our nation, and who was the author and finisher of it (alert: wasn’t God) and the truth pf the matter is finally exposed the sheer grief and indignation of what selfish little pricks who think they reside one heaven higher than God is going to make us wish for the days of yesterday. Except we will no longer wish for yesterday because we will see it through eyes of sorrow. The nation should have a week of mourning – something so we can begin to look to tomorrow with wisdom and hope but never again with the eyes of innocence.
    God Bless America and guide her through these murky waters where the greed and ego of men supplant their desire for good, and failed to protect that which was entrusted to them. Heal our broken hearts and cries of outrage and forgive us our apathy toward those in government and God Bless guide guard and direct President Trump.

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