Crack Pipe, IDs, And Badge Found In Hunter Biden Rental Car

A used crack pipe, two DC driver’s licenses, multiple credit cards, a Delaware Attorney General badge and a US Secret Service business card belonging to Hunter Biden were found in a rental car returned to an Arizona Hertz location in the middle of the night, days before the 2016 presidential election, according to Breitbartwhich obtained an exclusive copy of the police report.

Hunter, son of former Vice President and 2020 candidate Joe Biden, had rented the vehicle from a California location, intending to return it to the Prescott, Arizona location where iut was discovered after being dropped off with the crack pipe and Hunter Biden’s personal effects.

Instead of returning the car keys to the drop box where after-hours returns are supposed to go, the car was returned—according to the police report—with the keys left in the gas tank compartment of the vehicle. Also found inside the vehicle, per the police report, were two drivers’ licenses both bearing Hunter Biden’s legal name Robert Biden, as well as “some credit cards with the same name,” “a secret service business card,” and an “Attorney General’s badge” all contained inside a wallet that Hertz rental employees discovered—along with a pipe that Hertz employees thought and police later confirmed was used to smoke illicit drugs, as well as “a white powdery substance in the arm rest of the vehicle.” –Breitbart

Of note, Hunter was discharged from the Navy after he tested positive for cocaine.

The morning after the car was dropped off, a phone number belonging to a renowned local “Colon Hydrotherapist” called the Hertz. The caller identified himself as “Joseph McGee,” who told the employees that the keys were located in the gas cap as opposed to the drop box.

“McGee” informed the rental car company employee, according to police, that “his friend was feeling sick so they didn’t know what to do” when the car was returned. Police, according to a supplemental report filed by a Prescott Police Department detective, sought and obtained a subpoena to discover the source of the “Joseph McGee” phone call—and traced it to a phone number owned and operated by a renowned “Colon Hydrotherapist” in the region. Breitbart

Police were unable to find and interview “Joseph McGee,” as well as contact the younger Biden, however they were unsuccessful at reaching either. The report does say that the Secret Service had located Hunter, and that he was “well.”

Laboratory analysis by the Arizona Department of Public Safety later determined that the pipe discovered in the vehicle was used to smoke cocaine, not meth, but fingerprints were not found on the device.

The 23 pages of law enforcement and police documents repeatedly refer to the suspect under investigation as Robert Hunter Biden and the report type as a “Narcotics Offense.” Breitbart News is publishing the documents here, with redactions made to remove personally-identifying contact information like addresses and phone numbers as well as the last names of key witnesses. –Breitbart

No prosecution

Despite the overwhelming evidence after an investigation which included two Prescott Police Department officers and a detective, local authorities in both the city and county attorney’s offices declined to prosecute the case.

A document shows the reason the county attorney declined to prosecute the vice president’s son is because they thought they would only be able to get minor charges to stick, and kicked it down to the city attorney. It is unclear from the documents why the city attorney declined to prosecute.

In addition to local police, FBI and the U.S. Secret Service agents were roped into the case, as well. The FBI dispatched agents to the scene, according to the law enforcement documents, and the Secret Service communicated with the various law enforcement officials investigating and confirmed that Hunter Biden was not in harm’s way. –Breitbart

Read the rest of the report here.

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  1. Ah! Yes – the law as it relates to crooked politicians and their families. If you see Biden or his son, ask them how it feels to be known for their criminal activities and heckle the hell out of them. Be like antifa only more so and smack the hell out of them.

    1. The facts about Teddy (the swimmer) Kennedy were hidden for Decades—and he was the one most responsible for the changes in Our immigration system in 1965 that has led to the loss of: Borders, Language and Culture in America. America was built by hard working and inventive migrants and NOT just parasites.

    2. Gosh… this apparently happened just about a week before the November 2016 election, just about the time Michael Cohen was delivering $260,000 in illegal payoffs to two women with whom our dear president had affairs, and while numerous Trump campaign officials including those sterling characters Donald Jr and Eric were meeting with Russian-connected agents all over the world. The only difference is, neither Hunter Biden nor his father was a candidate for any office at that time.

    1. Shit, these doorfuls can’t even control their own “destiny”. My question is, “wheres all the outcry”??? If this had been a Conservative elected official’s pup, the fucking media would’ve had a conniption. At least they got this little fuck up out of the Navy before he pulled one of his pappy’s shitty fingered tricks.

  2. Democrats are still getting away with all their crimes. Hillary got away with murder and obama with his many crimes. They have a double standard always.

  3. What kind of a Son would you expect from the lying, fondling, racist Biden? Biden set this fraud up to be a millionaire from the Chinese and Ukraine deals Biden made while VP Biden should be jailed as Hunter should for The Warren Act” look it and pray.

    1. A father cannot be blamed for the crimes of a son. That is if the father did not use his influence to cover the crimes of use influence to obtain questionable loans.

      1. Now we get an inside look at what took JB so long to decide about running. He had to be sure all the loose ends were covered up.

  4. “A document shows the reason the county attorney declined to prosecute the vice president’s son is because they thought they would only be able to get minor charges to stick, and kicked it down to the city attorney. It is unclear from the documents why the city attorney declined to prosecute.”

    The real reason they declined to prosecute, is because he is Joe Biden’s son, and they didn’t want to embarrass him when he’s the leading Democrat candidate for President, according to the polls. It might cost him some votes, and they need someone that might beat Trump. Anyone!

  5. Bottom line political pressure was “gentle” applied and more than likely they were
    told that if they valued their jobs they would “File 13” the investigation and
    “forgetaboutit” of swim with the fishes. According to the article there was more
    than enough evidence to bring charges and settle the matter in front of a judge and
    jury as to the guilt or innocent of those mentioned in the article.

  6. Is this a surprise ? A privileged rich kid not caring about appearances for daddy…
    So much so that he doesn’t even bother to hide anything, knowing someone will “fix it” for him.
    Funny how the “other” media outlets aren’t mentioning any of this.
    The jerk gets a dishonorable, then makes 50 grand a MONTH for his dealings in the Ukraine, that daddy set up for him.
    Hey Joe, I thought you were gonna make America MORAL again…

  7. Had it been anybody else other than this libral pos spawn? They would have prosecuted six ways to Sunday! These D/A’s and their wannabe posse should be terminated for breaking the law by not prosecuting! This is really a fucking joke to see Arizona’s Judicial system go belly up like this! Basically the fbi came down and told them to squash it! So they bent over!

  8. Seems all to often that Democrats violate the law with impunity.

    Maybe AG Barr can change that up in coming months. I know I’m sick and tired of the criminal activity from people who should be above reproach.

    Democrats in particular have turned the legal system on its head.

  9. Darn it – Hope was using the car and the kid has to take the “fall” hehehe Can you imagine how much play this would get if there was anyone named “trump” involved – the media would be going crazy. But,
    if it’s a Biden – then it’s just shoved under the bridge. “Daddy I lost my Secret Service Badge,. my other fake ID’s, and my drug stuff ( just for private use mind you ) Fantastic – leaving all that stuff would get
    most people in hot water !

  10. Given the display of slurred speech by Senior Biden at his rally, I’m not surprised! What are we doing here?

  11. Biden and his son are nothing but crooks. I jut listen to Biden and all he is doing is attacking Trump. Not a winning strategy in my book. Giving crooked Obama for all the credit. Biden is a piece of shit as well as his son. God help America of we have another 4 years of Obama’s failed policies with this old fool Biden.

  12. Joe Biden knew everything that his son Hunter Biden was doing…Joe Biden should forget about 2020 presidential campaign…

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