Burger King To Deliver Food To Drivers Stuck In LA Traffic

Burger King will begin delivering food to drivers stuck in Los Angeles freeway gridlock, notorious for becoming a virtual parking lot during rush hour. 

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After a successful test in Mexico City, the fast food chain will use motorcyclists to deliver piping hot food using real-time data to pinpoint hungry drivers within a 1.9-mile radius from the closest Burger King, according to CBS LA

Burger King’s ordering app will use voice commands to avoid tickets. Once placed, the delivery motorcyclist will use Google mapping technology to deliver – typically within 15 minutes from when the order was placed. 

Lane-splitting LA motorcycle commuters may want to double-check their life insurance policies. 

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  1. I hope the motorcycle drivers have good life insurance. Sounds as if Evel Knievel has been reincarnated and is working at Burger King. I thought it was illegal to weave in and out of lanes on a cycle?

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