Trump Rips GOP Rep. Amash Who Considers Him ‘Impeachable’

After being attacked as “impeachable” by Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., a frequent critic of the president, President Donald Trump lashed back Sunday via Twitter, calling out the “lightweight,” “loser” critic for political opportunism that “plays right into” resistant Democrats’ hands.

Trump started:

“Never a fan of @justinamash, a total lightweight who opposes me and some of our great Republican ideas and policies just for the sake of getting his name out there through controversy. If he actually read the biased Mueller Report, ‘composed’ by 18 Angry Dems who hated Trump,….”

Then concluded:

“….he would see that it was nevertheless strong on NO COLLUSION and, ultimately, NO OBSTRUCTION…Anyway, how do you Obstruct when there is no crime and, in fact, the crimes were committed by the other side? Justin is a loser who sadly plays right into our opponents hands!”

Rep. Amash had tweeted Saturday about his “principal conclusions” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, listing at No. 2 “President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Amash’s position on impeachment might not truly move Congress. While House Democrats might have the votes to send the impeachment proceedings to the Senate, Amash’s vote does not count there. Still, House Democrats have been hesitant on moves for impeachment because of potentially riling up President Trump’s voter base before the 2020 presidential election.



  1. Really? This fool says he works for all constituents but the pelosi congress has done little to support immigration reform, voter fraud, a larger middle class and healthcare. The Russian hoax created the obstruction issue but this guy does not understand the resistance factor. Romney is a sore loser and Amash is just a loser. I am not tired of winning yet…

      1. Amash is a total joke and con artist. First of all, he is a secret Muslim terrorist. He is certainly not a true Republican. He will use the Libertarian Party as a front for her Muslim terrorism. He is not even a good RINO because they are at least half-way patriots. He is not. He has done NOTHING of worth to show he that he is anything but Muslim terrorist. The Republican Party should strip him of being of their good name kick him out of the party as a Muslim terrorist and he can join the other DumboCrap in Michigan who is a Muslim terrorist.

  2. Who is this guy? Some little guy with an ego complex? Who jumps from issue to issue and only says what he thinks people want to hear? Never heard of him but i can see pelsoi has her hand up his ass and using him as a puppet. What a absolute loser, he and romney need to be set adrift in a boat in the pacific and see how they survive without the limelight.

    1. He is a Muslim and it’s our own fault for putting these people into political positions. Sharia law is what these people want. Deport them all and revoke their citizen ships period. Why do we have Americans voting for people that want to destroy us??????????

  3. Where are the impeachable offenses and what are they. Since this little idiot has read the Mueller report along with his little helpers, he should be able to identify them to all of us! This dunce should be recalled by the good people in his district!!

  4. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  5. As a Hard line Conservative, Christian, Republican I am sick and tired of how Nancy, Schumer, Waters, Lewis, the Obamites, Clintonites, The new Socialist Sodomite supporters/lovers, Saunders, and all the rest of the Anti-Christian, anti-Americans, the Anti-Constitution Supports, and all of those who want to see America Fall into the Darkness of nations which support Marxist, Socialism, and Nations of Islam. they all need to be put in prison and fed like dogs. Every time I see Saunders’ on TV, he reminds me of an “OLD nasty Fart!” He smells like a dead corpse, that makes my dog vomit,and makes me so sick, I can’t eat for days. Then when I see or read about the Evil, Slimmy, corrupt George Soros, Obama’s “Puppet Master” the man who is a Jew and hates Jews, he breaks his mirror every time he tries to use it. People like Soros and the Clinton’s, and all the Socialist, and those in our Government agencies who are anti-Americans, will have their day. For the Lord-Jesus Christ knows every person’s heart, and He will judge each of us. My judgment was at the Cross, I’m clean, and I’m washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ My Savor and Lord. America is heading for days of darkness none of us have imagined; Americans have no clue as to what the Lord is going to do. Civil War is coming. A war when; brother will be against brother; father against son, mother against daughter, family against family, the Word tells us this and more. Children will be dashed against walls, the old and infirm will be tossed into pits to die in agony, pain and suffering. There is NO Opiate Epidemic. I have used opiates since I was 12, 1968. I am 63 and I look great! The Opiate epidemic was last in the mid-late 90’s. I had blocks of heroin. People are dying from Fentynal, not heroin. The shit out on the streets is garbage, that is why they are dying. When God created Vegetation He said: “It is Good!” Government are having you believe this and are forcing doctors to not follow the Hippocratic Oath. It is all Propaganda. The CIA, along with many other federal agencies are in control of the drugs. They been smuggling drugs since the 40’s. The Mafia got them the Heroin from: Laos, Thailand, Viet Nam, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and in the 1800’s, India. The British. I have studies drugs, and have used them. I was using percodans at the age of12, and when I was 14; Heroin, NuMorphine, Dilaudid… It was good! If you saw me, you would not believe I used opiates all these years. American’s are ignorant and politicians love it this way. G. H. W. Bush got Cocaine from Pablo Escobar, he borrowed 400 Million off the man, then killed him. One hundred eighty five million went to the Students who held American Hostages in 79 to get Carter out and Reagan in. Did it happen? Damn Right! The Mafia did alot for America and everything they did the CIA killeld them off. Sam Giancanna on June 19, 1975, CIA hit. Johnny Roselli did it then they found him cut up in a drum in the bay in Florida. Santo did him in for the CIA. Do you really know the truth? Trump is a Truth ‘OUT SIDER” HE IS ATTACKED BECAUSE HE IS NO POLITICIAN. THE BEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE HAD IN OVER 70 YEARS. PEOPLE CRY ABOUT A FEW DOLLARS. ‘WHERE THERE IS NO SACRIFICE THERE IS NO GAIN.” WAKE UP AMERICA. THE DAY IS COMING WHEN YOU WILL BE AWAKENED BY MILITARY AT 3:00 am. SELAH. God Have Mercy on America! Amen.

  6. Another asshole Rino that will be dumped witj the other Demon Dem butt kissers and replaced by those who will work with Trump.

  7. Amash has a hidden agenda…”While Amash acts like his support of impeachment is rooted in constitutional grounds, there may be a financial motive to his opposition to Trump. It has been revealed that Amash has significant business interests in China that may be harmed by Trump’s ‘America First’ trade policies.” Ulterior motive…money.

    1. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least. It’s always about “Follow the Money”. Greed and power are the two rulers that cause these people to act as they do.

      This guy is just another Bill Kristol, Romney, or Ryan – their power base will be hurt if Trump’s agenda is implemented.

  8. GOP Rep. Amash is NOT a Republican by any stretch of the imagination. He’s part of a new movement perpetrated by former Pres Corrupt Obummer—that is, many are Democrats in “republican clothing”.
    Way to go Barry-baby!!!!

  9. Democrats like Nazi’s march lockstep together Conservatives must not talk to each other except through FAKE NEWS which is worst of all ways to communicate.

  10. Amash is as I can read and tell –he is a person who should never been elected in my home state of Michigan. Amash needs to loss more then his position in the Senate –he should also be sent back to his home in the middle east. Where was then turncoat born? Send him back to his hpme or family home/socialist/commie/Nazi turncoat. I think the persons who voted for you –you were elected falsely

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