“WRONG!” – Trump Slams NYT Over Latest Deutsche Bank Story

Reacting to a New York Times story about Deutsche Bank staff flagging ‘suspicious’ activity in Trump’s and Kushner’s accounts, President Trump again blasted the “Failing New York Times” for daring to suggest that Trump only banked with Deutsche Bank and Capital One because other banks didn’t want to work with him.

Repeating a prediction that the NYT will ‘pass away’ when he leaves office in six years, Trump insisted that this notion is “WRONG”; He didn’t work with other banks because he “didn’t need the money,” not because they wouldn’t do business with him after his infamous string of bankruptcies in the 90s.

Trump added that the mainstream media has never been “as corrupt and deranged” as it is today, which is why it won’t cover the “real” Russia hoax (the provenance of the Steele Dossier).

As for his relationship with Deutsche, Trump said they were “highly professional.”

He concluded with a prediction that the MSM would soon shift its narrative to questioning where Trump’s cash came from, and whether Russia was involved.

And if you thought some of these tweets seemed a little disjointed, Trump confirmed that a couple of tweets from this thread never posted – he blamed some unspecified issue with Twitter – but that he wouldn’t tweet the threat over because “only Democrats get do-overs!”

Though he later deleted that tweet, here’s a screenshot.


via zerohedge

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