Schumer: Americans’ Jaws Would Drop If They Knew What Happened In White House Meeting

Update: Trump has hit back in a series of Wednesday tweets, saying it’s “So sad that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will never be able to see or understand the great promise of our Country,” adding “They can continue the Witch Hunt which has already cost $40M and been a tremendous waste of time and energy for everyone in America, or get back to work….”

Trump also accused Democrat leadership of “tearing the United States apart,” adding in response to Pelosi’s promise to “pray” for Trump, “Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!


Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer (NY) said that President Trump ‘threw a temper tantrum’ on Wednesday, storming out of a meeting with he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) to instead hold a press conference in the Rose Garden, according to Bloomberg.

Schumer added that what happened in the White House meeting would make Americans’ “jaw drop.” 

Trump, meanwhile, took to the Rose Garden to blame the Democrats’ “phony investigations,” explaining that he walked into the meeting with Pelosi and Schumer and told them that the ongoing probes have hampered bipartisan infrastructure negotiations – and that Democrats could not legislate and investigate at the same time. 

When she and Senator Chuck Schumer arrived at the White House, Mr. Trump was loaded for bear. He walked into the Cabinet Room, did not shake anyone’s hand or sit in his seat, according to a Democrat informed about the meeting. He said he wanted to advance legislation on infrastructure, trade and other matters, but that “Speaker Pelosi said something terrible today and accused me of a cover-up,” according to the Democrat. –NYT

“I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi: I want to do infrastructure, I want to do it more than you want to do it… But you know what, you can’t do it under these circumstances.” 

The Wednesday barbs began after Pelosi emerged from a meeting with Congressional Democrats, annoncing that they believed Trump was involved in a “coverup” in regards to the administration’s efforts to prevent former White House Counsel Don McGahn from testifying Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee. 

The confrontation came on a day when pressure over a possible impeachment effort raised temperatures on both sides of the aisle. Ms. Pelosi arrived at the White House for a session with the president set to talk about infrastructure shortly after meeting with restive House Democrats to talk about impeachment. She emerged from that meeting with Democrats accusing Mr. Trump of a “cover-up.” –NYT

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  1. The only “Cover Up” is Pelosi and Schumer running a misdirection campaign to try and derail and downplay the upcoming investigations of Democrats, Hillary, Obama, et al. for attempting a coup of this Presidency. That’s where the real “Cover Up” lies.

    1. schumass – I can’t believe with that substantial nose you have that you can’t keep your glasses up where the belong LOL

    2. Absolutely! These dems have got to be stopped. This has gotten way out of hand! We the people need to back up our President and come together to stop them. They are traitors to the American people. We elected President Trump. What about that do they not get? We are appalled by the havoc they are causing in our country. It has to stop and it has to stop now. WHY are we putting up with this?

      1. Well said Barbara. The election has long since passed and it is time for these politicians to “roll up their sleeve” and get to work making and keeping America great and greater than ever before. USA!!!

      2. Thanks to them, the redactions are being revealed and the illegal actions of the trump campaigners are being revealed. If trump just allowed all to speak to congress, it would all be done and over- but no, he is hiding so much, forcing the courts to expediate appeals he is losing daily- Trump has hung himself in desperation. He never had an infrastructure plan and intended to once again bilk the leaders of an equal house. However, Nancy beat him to it, making him fall apart and babble in the rose garden for the world to laugh at such a desperate mentally ill man. He needs your prayers

        1. Sara you are listening to the wrong channel and repeating what they say without verifying it. therefore, your i d i o t is showing !

          1. So is your idiot, Sara the Snowflake! All you Demonrats have done since Trump took office is to obstruct his agenda and prepare for his impeachment. Knock it off and start cooperating, or plan for filing for unemployment next year.

          2. The trouble with a liberals is that ,first you have to get their head out of their ass to even talk to them.

        2. Trump has done nothing wrong. Instead of the dems working for the good of the country they are trying to destroy it. People like yourself only perpetuate the problems the dems are causing. It amazes me how well Trump is holding up so well. My advice to you is to start understanding the anti american activities the dems are doing and correct your mixed up thinking. The dems can’t accept Trump won the election. fair and square. The dems think that if they say terrible things often enough everybody will start thinking it is true. Like yourself.

      1. I hope all the corrupt Democrats get prosecuted for all their crimes, and there total hypocrisy about everything that comes out of their mouths! I can’t wait for that day to come, I hope President Trump makes it a Federal holiday just to further humiliate the corrupt politicians that are presented for who they really are!

    3. You’re right! We need to replace them with people who will work with our president! There’s no telling what he could accomplish if he had someone to work with him!

  2. The only thing Americans have seen has opened our eyes to how the left is destroying our America.We will fight back come 2020 you will never have the chance again

  3. Americans jaws would drop if the Demonrats would be for the American people and not illegals and Sharia muslims. The American peoples jaw would drop if they see how many criminal activities you Demonrats did and continue to do to President Trump. Why don’t you Demonrats bring all your tax returns to the public? Why dont all you Demonrats learn to tell the truth?

    1. Dawn, they don’t know how to tell the truth. They never have done that. They all need to be incarcerated.

      1. A demoshit would not know a truth if it bit them in the ass. The whole damned lot are nothing but Carpet baggers looking for the Government to support their asses so they don’t have to get a REAL job. They do not know the meaning of honest pay for an honest days labor.

    2. So true! These Dems in the leadership positions are all anti-American traitors and we hope and pray that they are outed real soon by AG Barr. We believe that they are in such a hurry with the President because the AG could implicate them in crimes against the Country and they are accusing the President of what they are doing. Why won’t the weasel Gestapo Mueller testify? Bet he didn’t calculate that his report would be left open to their conspiracy theories!! Support the President…MAGA…2020!!

      1. I agree. we the people for TRUMP! 2020,,and we will not allow you to change our thinking with your ignorant mean, ugly and sneaky ways of trying. we stand with President,, yes President Trump!

    3. I am not a Dem, but I have to correct you- every Dem running has shown their tax returns. It is required by the Dem party to weed out parasites and some states require it to get on the primarys. Trump will not be in the California primary and possibly New York if their bill passes. We Americans have learned alot with Trump, such as who NOT to elect in the future. This time around women will stand up and vote Dem thanks to radical republicans trying to take control of their future. R’s have cut their own throats this term, sadly

      1. Sara, My opinion is that you are a demented asshole who does not know her ass from a hole in the ground. Demoshits are trying to destroy this country, but you are such a Feminist that you cannot see truth looking you in the face. OPen borders, support of Dacca and free healthcare for all are just a FEW OF THE THNGS DEMOSHITS ARE TRYING TO USE TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

        1. so true, but you can not argue with an idiots like dims. They refuse to listen ANYone else’s opinions- very closed minded morons, rather stupoid even -maybe even have high IQ’s, they have no common sense- they are to dumb they think the failed religion of communism works.

      2. Are you Really that stupid?? If you remove your head from your ass you’d see more than just your hemmoroids !

  4. Poor old Nancy. They are always taking what she says out of contex. She didn’t mean he was trying to cover up something, she meant when he went to bed, he covered up.

  5. Who wrote this article, a Pelosi – Schumer advocates ?
    From the article’s title, to photos that were selected to make the President look bad, while making Schumer and Pelosi look like good…….this is just the imagery. To video clips, which were clipped to make Schumer and Pelosi look they are sincere and not the complete disgrace that they are. And a video clip of President Trump which was clipped to not tell the whole story, but intentionally clipped to make him look bad.
    We (those of us with any intelligence) know where the problem lies, it is with the democrats, and the extremist left wing, who continue to play their smoke and mirror games, continue to project falsehoods, continue to distract from the truth with their diversion tactics. Continue in their ineptness and their failure to perform their jobs. Regardless of whether I voted for Pelosi and Schumer, they are public servants and are accountable to each and every U.S. citizen/voter. Make them accountable for their actions and failures.

    1. He looks bad every day, repeating himself, whining, never showing proof of his comments, at least Bagdad Bob had a smile on his face when he lied. As far as Pelosi and Schumer, I have not seen any failures yet. They have blocked all bad policies so far and are performing their sworn duties to the Constitution whereas, McConnel works for Federalists and breaks his oath with his obstruction daily, clearly not working for the people

      1. Trump has done nothing wrong. Instead of the dems working for the good of the country they are trying to destroy it. People like yourself only perpetuate the problems the dems are causing. It amazes me how well Trump is holding up so well. My advice to you is to start understanding the anti american activities the dems are doing and correct your mixed up thinking. The dems can’t accept Trump won the election. fair and square. The dems think that if they say terrible things often enough everybody will start thinking it is true. Like yourself.

  6. I find it amazing more Good citizens even allow you on their TV’s. Democrats are horrible people and have been since they brought slaves to America and then abuse them for another 200 years while white Christians worldwide freed them.In 1860.
    Some facts democrats hate to be reminded of:In 1860 there were 4,000,000 black slaves in america every single one owned by a Democratic slave owner. All other ex-slaves had been freed in the North and West.

    Democrats needed slaves to do the work they would not do or did not do because the slaves did all the work and Democratic slave owners were the “elite” of the south.

    Abraham Lincoln, a white Christian Republican freed the slaves and was murdered for his efforts by a white Southern Democrat, for another 100 years until 1954 Democrats did all they could to keep blacks in poverty and uneducated. Pres. Eisenhower opened the schools to everyone and Democrats stood with guns threatening any who dared enter. this has all been brainwashed out of American history by 60’s Democrat radicals who knew if he truth were known they would never win another election. Fearing that Democrats opened our Borders to the scum of the world in 1965 by the Kennedy Family, Lyndon Baines Johnson and the education system protected them by lying.even today this goes on in every college in America.

    Here is the truth:A democratic Inconvenient Truth blows the lies away, please look.


  7. Sorry, Chuck, I don’t believe you , from day one you were going to resist President Trump.
    I’m ashamed that I reside in NYS and that you’re my so called senator. That also goes for Gillibrand and my congressional district Pelosi puppet.
    As far as the 2020 election, no f’ing way I’ll vote for a democrat. A party that takes illegals over American citizens, believes in killing babies and trying to turn us into a socialist crap hole.
    Besides, if Pres. Trump did get po’d , who would blame him? He’s been called everything from a dictator to a traitor since he took office.
    By the way, I’d like to see your & Nancy’s taxes.

  8. Schumer is a typical New York Jew Lawyer. He gives the Jewish people a bad rap. Too bad irresponsible people like Schumer can’t just dry up and blow away.

  9. When President TRUMP walked out the way he did, however

    I’m with him

    it’s you demoncrat neverTRUMP SOB’s that no longer need to be in our US powers anymore

    and I’ll be very glad when your deathful day arrives demoncrats/neverTRUMPers

    to permanently show lyin ways & tougues for as long as possible, hopefully forever
    Amen & Amen!!!

  10. Why can’t the people impeach or fire Schumer, Pelosi and all the other socialists for NOT doing what they were hired for… to do the Peoples business and help better this country rather that continuing to bring it DOWN by continuing this POLITICAL BULL SHIT???

  11. Really wish there was a tape of that get together, so we could really see what the democRATS actually did. I’m sure it would show something vastly different that what peeeeeelos and the shoem had to say!

  12. Yes chucky schumass, you are one vindictive asshole along with nana PIGlosi and all the obstructive democraps should be run out of congress and put to trial for what you have done these last 2 plus years. As for the president walking out, who would blame him after how you ridicule him they way you and the fake news media have over that time. Paybacks a birch and your time is coming. Btw chucky cheeseface, we hang out head in shame every time you open your dirty mouth with the lies that come out.

  13. Not sure what most of you think but every time I see Chucky and Pelosi say anything I get sick to my stomach and want to lash out at them. Never in my life has anyone been able to spew more lies and complete trash than these two. And that says alot due to all the left media hosts talking trash on a daily basis. But I do not watch them. It still amazes me Trump is able to get so much done with all these morons attacking him every second of the day. Trump has the thickest skin I have ever seen and can take a lot more verbal abuse than I could. No telling what I may have done if I were in Trumps position.

  14. Lies, Lies, Lies started with Hillary paying people to bird dog trumps campaign while Hillary sits back and attacks trump for racism now Lies, Lies, Lies again straight out of the play book of hitlers strategies for power… look up hitlers famous quotes and judge for yourself… tell enough lies, make it big, and keep telling it then people start to believe…. very sad.

  15. As usual, Chuckie & Piglosi lied. The Pres. did not throw a tantrum. “Fric & Frac” both showed their a** as usual.
    Payback is hell & their day is coming. They are both a disgrace to our country & I am sick & tired of hearing them
    say “the constitution says” for neither of them know what the constitution says. My elementary school students
    know more about what the constitution says than either one of these losers! The Dumbocrats are going to take
    a major beating in the 2020 election & I can’t wait to see the crybabies when this election is over. They are all bemoaning the fact that HillaryB***h lost to Trump! God saved us from the disaster of her getting elected. He does answer prayers…I prayed every night before the last election that He would save us from her & he answered. Thank you Jesus!



  17. The DEMS/RINOS have already proven their corrupt and evil ways………Its time to show them they have slit their own throats with their lies and stupid fanatics…..

  18. this is why you should never vote democrat again they have to keep up a search that has been over thats why we need to investigate the start and show who was involved…….all the top democrats new about he fake and now know they are in deep trouble…..

  19. Our jaw would drop, huh? If the Democratic House would ever do something to benefit the citizens of the U.S., there would be many drop dead from a major coronary!

  20. There Needs To Be Open Season On These Piss Poor Representatives with tar and feathers! They have a job to do, and the only thing they can do is try to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States. Was there such an outcry when Barak Obama was elected. Let’s open up all his SEALED RECORDS, and proceed from there. These Obstructionist Need To Start Doing Their Jobs And Start With Reforming The Immigration Laws And Securing Our Border. If They Persist In Trying To Overthrow President Trump They Need To Face Charged of REBELLION OR INSURRECTION…18 US CODE 2383.

  21. “Look, the average democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” ~ Hillary Clinton in Rewriting History 2005, What did Hillary have to hide, she didn’t do anything wrong, did she??? why didn’t she give all her emails??? shes is an alcoholic, drug addict, a liar, murderer of Seth Rich, and Vince Foster who turned her emails to Wikileaks, she can’t walk, can’t talk, was coughing, and pedophile billy boy had to talk for her, you wanted them to be president, are you a retard stupid liberal demon-rat, we the people voted for a non politician that is not stealing us blind, and you want more theft of our money, and destruction of our economy, you have shit for brains

  22. The Godless Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal Muslim demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party and minions! Don’t forget the RINOs they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  23. So, I wrote a comment about the Obama’s releasing OFFICIAL, LEGITIMATE birth and college records. The captcha was blurry and I recorded it incorrect. Instead of being able to request another one and record it, my comments were erased and I have to resubmit my name and email. Why?? I should be able to keep my original comments and record a new captcha for submission. Again, why doesn’t any conservative, or other politician, request all of the Obama birth and college records? They don’t have any problem with trying to force the President to reveal his tax records, which I see no need for. He is American born and he has been duly elected by the majority of the American citizens.

  24. The truth about dim wits is that if their lips are moving they are always lying. Schmucky and old Nanc are LOSERS and are the inmates in charge of the lunatic asylum the DNC has become. Believing their never ending agenda that there is something to investigate is utterly absurd and they seem to be too insane to understand their witch hunt will get them nothing but sure losses in the elections unless they are relying totally on illegals and cheating this time around.

    I sincerely hope anyone who votes dim wit going forward notes that after four separate investigations one that lasted two years and 30 million plus of tax payer dollars run by avid haters of Trump netted nada, zilch, zip. Big waste of time and money and now they want to continue the waste of time and money. If anything was missed by the other witch hunters, I can guarantee this pack of morons won’t find it either.

    Vote republican or independent, anything but dim wit or the gridlock will continue. You have to have a brain to think with and it seems obvious thinking is not a dim wit strong suit.

  25. Yes our jaws would have dropped seeing schumass and PIGlosi making utter fools of themselves. But then again that’s common for these two dumbheads isn’t it. And then chucky says the President is a do nothing, ahem, what’s he been doing while the democraps have been obstructing him. More than these idiots have done before he was elected President. Oh well chucky cheesehead, try another angle, not much left to try as you’ve just about exhausted every thing. As for geriatric PIGlosi, I know its rude to pick on the elderly but a loony like her we can’t help it. Alzheimer’s will win out in the end with her.H5cM

  26. Talk about “obstructing Justice!” Pelosi and Schumer should be fired for not looking after American interests but instead are Hell-bent on trying to unseat the best President we’ve ever had! I consider them low-life scum not worthy of serving in the House and Senate. We need them gone! God Bless President Trump!

  27. we know pelosi’s god, the god of this world, a liar and the father of lies. i am sure she implores the intercession of her god against our President

  28. Pelosi obviously doesn’t know there is no ongoing investigation. The Mueller investigation is over. Can’t stonewall something that doesn’t exist. I wish these senile old fools would stop this farce and at least try to conduct governing as if they had some cognisance. Prayers from Pelosi? I find that hard to believe. I wonder what god.

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