House Dems Agree To Halt Subpoena For Trump Financial Records During Appeal

Attorneys for President Trump have reached an agreement with the House Intelligence & Financial Services Committees to halt the enforcement of subpoenas for Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, according to CNN‘s Cristina Alesci.

In exchange, Trump’s team has agreed to an expedited court schedule in front of a panel of appeals court judges.

On Wednesday, Judge Edgardo Ramos in New York refused to block the subpoenas, giving the Trump team one week to find a way to prevent the financial information from disclosure. The two congressional committees issued subpoenas last month to Deutsche Bank – the president’s primary lender over the last 20 years, and Capital One, where he keeps some of his money.

The subpoenas sought decades of personal and corporate financial records, including any documents related to possible suspicious activities detected in Mr. Trump’s personal and business accounts.

Mr. Trump, his company and his three eldest children — Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka — filed a lawsuit on April 29 to block Deutsche Bank and Capital One from complying with the subpoenas. –New York Times

On Wednesday, House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that congressional investigators want to interview a former Deutsche Bank employee, Tammy McFadden, who told the Times that she had witnessed the family of Trump’s son-in-law, the Kushners, transfer money to Russian individuals in the summer of 2016.

Meanwhile, House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) issued a subpoena to accounting firm Mazars USA for eight years of Trump’s financial records, which a federal judge upheld on Monday after Trump’s legal team sought to have that stayed as well.

House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) sent the subpoena to Mazars last month as part of the panel‘s investigation into whether Trump committed financial crimes before he became president.

The panel’s focus has been on trying to corroborate claims made by Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, who earlier this year gave the committee documents purporting to show Trump artificially inflated and deflated the value of his assets for his personal financial benefit. –Politico

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said of the ruling “We will be filing a timely notice of appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

The rulings and the New York legislation are the most serious attempts to date to pierce the veil of Trump’s finances, and increase the odds that Congressional Democrats looking to launch impeachment proceedings would be armed with ample ammunition, according to the Times.

“Very excited,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in response to the Manhattan judge’s ruling. “Two in one week!”

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  1. Based upon the past 77 years of my life I have learned never to trust a socialist
    democrat. The last Democrat I had any faith in was Harry S. Truman (D-MO) and
    he was a no frills individual who spoke his mind and love our Nation. He helped us
    win WW II and recover after WW II when the troops came home. JFK was a good
    person but he also had a Socialist Liberal attitude as proven by his family record.
    True he did a lot of good before he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and
    I personally believer the Democrats had a strong hand in removing him from
    office so they could install Lyndon B. Johnson and destroy Social Security when
    he signed the bill putting the funds into the General Fund so Congress could
    raid it for their “Great Society” plan to put our Nation on welfare to buy voted
    from minorities. They have only gone down hill and become more Anti American
    over the years and refused to protect our Nation from our enemies who are
    invading us daily across our borders.

    1. You are so right, SIR!
      I came to USA in 1980 and adopted my new homeland with all my heart!
      Clinton(S) brought our country down to the Gutters and Treasonous Obama destroyed Every Institution and every government agency in his 8 years in office and STILL continues with Help of the army of America hating mob and Money he managed to extract as settlements from Oil companies and others laundered thru Unions!!!

  2. Democrats have been turned over to reprobate minds! There is no other explanation for their lack of logic, and they keep getting worse! The United States is the best place to live, and the socialists fleeing their countries are coming here, so that should tell those idiots something!

  3. The problem in America is the Monstrous Government! There is an atmosphere of division since Obama’s Fraudulent Presidency finally ended, that’s all that glorified hood rat did successfully! He was put into office to destroy America from within, the Communist Party’s decades old threat, so there’s no doubt who his friends are, Ayers, Dorn, Kilgore, The Ohrs, Domestic-Terrorists and Anarchists slithering through the slime in Chicago. Illinois the hub for training Communists in America! Obama was never legally eligible to become POTUS and the DNC knew it, but supported that garbage regardless! Treason!

    1. The Femocrats were pretty dumb. Hillary would have won in 2008 and then they could have put their darling Obama in, in 2016. Not even Hillary could have screwed the country up as bad as Obama!

  4. We are one, big seditious Act, by the Criminal Organization DNC, away from an all out Civil-War! This has to happen every 200 hundred years or so to clean out the dregs of society, like the Clintons, and Obama’s, Al Gore, John Kerry, Soros, Maxine Waters, Pelosi, The usual Democrat Socialists of America, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Eric Holder, The Kilgore’s, The Ohrs, The Geitners, etc…
    One political Party stops listening to the will of the People, then the People have to once again, give them a history lesson the hard way!

    1. Not bad, not bad at all. I had a good friend and the only way him and his wife were able to stay together was, they had to CLEAR THE AIR every so often.

  5. Let’s push those DNC turds to the point where the fear, of reality, hits them so hard it takes their breath! We have had enough, now there’s no turning back, no room for an apology, no talking, you wanted this and here it is! WE THE PEOPLE run this show, not the descendants of slavery! You bit the hand that fed you, you let the DNC manipulate you, and brainwash you, the Republicans fought to free slaves, the Democrats, after the assassination of President Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, (D) Tennessee took away the forty acres and a mule program! You don’t hear the truth, or you don’t accept the truth, for a few freebies you’ve sold your souls! So reap the whirlwind you turds!

    1. If they can send John Dean, E.Howard Hunt, G.Gordon Liddy, John Mitchell, Chuck Colton, John Ehrlichman and more too jail, then they must send these Democrats to jail as well or there won’t be a next time!

  6. This has got to end. They have no reason to look at his personal financial records. I demand to see every one of the congress members financial records. Pelosi and Schumer first. I hope the swamp get drained soon.

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