See Proof Nancy Pelosi Can’t Talk

Alex Jones explains how the media is running cover for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by claiming a video of her stammering was doctored. In reality, Pelosi has been stuttering and slurring her words for years, but after President Trump tweeted a recent clip of her stumbling through her speech, the leftist media suddenly descended into a frenzy.

via infowars


  1. Her brain is fried……..not a rational person………She thinks all Americans are 12 year olds the she and her Mafia Gang can fool!

      1. I bet you got that info. from Fux News. Because it’s BS. Did you know that Fox was taken to court for all their obvious lies, and defended themselves by saying they weren’t a “News” station, they were an “Entertainment” station. So, therefore, they don’t have to tell the truth. Isn’t that special?
        Meanwhile, what, exactly, has Trump done for YOU if you’re not rich? And don’t tell me about the economy. It’s trending exactly the way it already WAS trending during Obama.

  2. This video was doctored to make it look as though there’ something wrong with Pelosi, which is blatantly untrue ! In fact, it’s TRUMP who can’t talk – and he can’t think either ! Trump doesn’t even have crap for brains . He makes your average idiot look like a genius . And somewhat, we’re stuck with this brainless, senile, demented , narcissistic pathological liar as president . If the Democrats nominated a pile of manure for president next year it would do a much better job than Trump has .
    I fear for America . This country will not survive a second Trump term .

    1. Democrats already nominated a pile manure for POTUS twice by the name of Hillary (Road Apple) Clinton & for 2020 they are getting ready to nominate another democrat Horse Hockey spreader for POTUS.

    2. If WE survived 8 years of Obozo, YOU can survive 8 years of Pres. Trump. At least he LOVES America, unlike the usurper from 2009 until 2017!

      1. Trump LOVES Trump, and maybe Putin. Certainly doesn’t give a shit about you or this country. Since when do we ask the Russians for advice? And they DID f*ck with our election, so whose side are YOU on?
        If you hate Obama you’re either watching too much Fox, or you’re a racist.

    3. Your Loony Left Socialist Party will not survive. You’ve been under that rock too long. What you’re describing is you and the rest of lefty morons.
      Maybe you should find another rock to crawl under, say Venezuela, I hear it’s lovely this time of year. This country will more than survive, it’s doing great right now!
      Keep America Great!
      Keep America, America!

  3. Pelosi and Biden two OLD WHITE PEOPLE represent the DemonRats? WOW is no one paying attention? This would be funny if it weren’t so scary!

  4. Pelosi only had minor brain farts. What is the big deal? At least they did not come out of the other end, or did they? The bigger deal everyone misses is, why is rice white? Why is snow white? Why is milk white? Etc. These are the real issues. None of these products in their natural state are white! This is a white conspiracy!

  5. Nancy Pelosi you are a horrible person. God will take care of you for all the lies and cover ups you and your cronies have done. KARMA. gotta love it.

  6. She has been around to long, out of touch, with what the people want, build the wall 65% of the people want it,
    I was a Democrat before, not now, not since they became dumocrats.

  7. From the time I started listening and watching her on TV about two years ago, I could tell there was something wrong with this woman. She stuttered constantly, couldn’t think or find the word she was trying to say, used her arms and hands all the time especially when she couldn’t clearly explain something verbally.. and goes on. Why does she continue to be elected. She may have a lot of experience but what good does it do if she cannot verbally communicate properly and sensibly. Can’t democrats see this or are they so pathetic they don’t have anyone else to put in place?

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