Bernie Campaign Slams Biden for High-Dollar Fundraisers

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’, I-Vt., campaign manager Faiz Shakir slammed Democratic primary front runner Joe Biden for the high-dollar fundraisers the former vice president has held since joining the race, using the criticism as a way to raise funds for Sanders’ campaign, The Washington Free Beacon reported over the weekend.

Shakir wrote in a fundraising email to supporters that Biden “is raising huge sums of money at large fundraising events all across the country,” describing them as “high-dollar functions hosted and attended by corporate lobbyists, healthcare executives, a Republican casino-CEO, and a union-busting lawyer.”

He then said the only way to catch up was for many people to make small contributions to the Sanders campaign and suggested a $3 contribution from as many people as possible to help close the fundraising gap.

Emphasizing Sanders’ populist message on the campaign trail, Shakir also wrote the “American people are pretty sick and tired of the billionaire class of this country buying up our candidates and our elections.”

As an example of hig-dollar fundraising events, Politico reported Biden raised more than $2 million during a two-day stop in Florida this past week.

And The New York Times reported this has been part of the overall game plan.

The Times wrote the former vice president has “constructed much of his early schedule around vacuuming up as much campaign cash as possible, as his operation presses to assert his front-runner status with a show of financial force.”

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