Hollywood To Make Series of Anti-Conservative Films Targeting Trump & Drudge

Liberal Hollywood is so obsessed with taking down the conservative populist movement that it’s working on several films targeting President Trump and media icon Matt Drudge.

According to Vanity Fair, Hollywood executives and screenwriters have several anti-conservative films in the pipeline: one called Drudge, another about the origins of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal called Linda and Monica, and supposedly many others about Trump’s 2016 election.

From Vanity Fair:

“There are so many stories and screenplays in Hollywood about how Trump got to where he is that it can feel as though every single breath taken on earth for the past 70-plus years somehow led to November 8, 2016. (And I’m not even including the numerous screenplays being written about Trump himself, like the one based on Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury.) Magazine features and blog posts and podcasts and tweets are all inspiring 120-page screenplays in Courier type, which are quickly papering the desks of agents and executives all over the city.”

“The current national unpleasantness requires origin stories, and so the content machine is churning them out. Drudge is just one of the scripts that includes the Conways and Coulter, Drudge and Breitbart, and has been hopping from desk to desk of producers and agents in town. There is a comparable scene that takes place in the script Linda and Monica, written by Flint Wainess, which tells the same story from a different perspective but with a similar set of characters.”

However, the likelihood of most of the these films actually being made is slim according to “one award-winning producer,” because nobody in the industry wants to make Trump, Drudge, or any other conservatives like White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway or former Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon look good.

“I can’t see these getting made simply because I can’t see anyone wanting to play a sympathetic Drudge or Breitbart,” the producer told Vanity Fair. “It’s like playing a sympathetic Jeffrey Dahmer.”

One “well-known screenwriter” expressed his frustration with the screenplays because they attempt to make the audience sympathize and relate to Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart’s characters, a critical characteristic in film that makes viewers want to actually sit through a film.

“It’s like you’re overlooking the fact that these people are monsters because it doesn’t make for good film or television,” he said.

“It defeats the entire purpose of making these things in the first place; these are not moral people we’re talking about, they are not just, they are not good, they are evil and deserve to be painted as such, or not painted at all.”

“This is a liberal town – we should just own it and not try to make these people likable,” he added.

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President Trump has turned the tables on the obstructionist democratic party by using their own momentum of false accusations against them. Matt Bracken breaks down how the President can achieve victory for the American people.

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  1. Truly don’t believe anyone cares, we haven’t gone to a movie since the elitists in “holierthanthouwood” took their anti -Trump stance. Maybe Clinton/Obama cronies will go?

  2. i print out a list of actors that support the republican party and go to their movies if they have one. on the other hand i haven’t seen a movie by a liberal movie actor (not star) in 30 years. deniro and baldwin 2 washed up so called actors are through with making any movie and try to stay relevant by bashing trump. these 2 ignorant babboons that use to be some sort of actor. god please bring back andy griffin and ozzie and harriet. maybe gun smoke too.

  3. Hollywood lost it along time ago they been owned by the communist for years it’s time to call them communist that’s what they are anti-American communist that is a fact

  4. I have not been to a movie since Hombre have there been some? Hollywood is a cadre of rich kids who fell into a career the rest of us like but they are unavailable unless nepotism is used, as it always is. They think they are so good but they are so lucky only.This could be only real white privilege.Athletes, Hollywood, Wall Street all fall into job s and most never thank God for anything. He knows.I could be Labron James but for a God-given physical difference . Do any of them ever think of their luck?

  5. When I think of or hear anything about Hollywood, I think of a bunch of weak
    Nobody’s that sold their soul to Satan to be somebody’s! The Hollywood
    glamorous lifestyle delusions is now history, the truth has replaced it with the sickest of the sick, baby killing, drinking the blood of babies for the adrenachrome in their blood, to keep their youthful look, at the expense of babies, child trafficking, planned parenthood was their answer for a lot of things, steady supply of baby body parts and blood, and to eliminate the black American race. This is the new disgraceful look of Hollyweird! SICKEST OF THE SICK ARE THE DUMACRAPS, HOLLYWEIRDS,AND EVERY BRAINWASHED SUPPORTER THE INDOCTRINATED!

  6. Just wondering how long it will be, before Trump Derangement Syndrome and the associated celebrity de-cerebrated cortex disorder make it officially into the next edition of the DSM!

  7. Liberalism,LGBT,PC are mental disorders:Pelosi,Behar,Hillary,Waters,Shepard,lemon,Ocasio are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged Satanist NAZI Muslim Commie Demoncrat party! Stop these traitors from turning the US into another shit hole!

  8. The parents of Johnny Depp were kicked out of Hollywood back in the day for their involvement in promoting communisim, much like what is happening today…and were placed on The Black List. Time to reintroduce this back again. Let these left wing nuts move overseas…no loss on our soil. Don’t California my U.S.A.

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