Students’ MAGA Hats Blurred Out In High School Yearbook Photo

Authored by Dave Huber via The College Fix,

Students at a Pennsylvania high school are miffed that their “Make America Great Again” hats were blurred out in a school yearbook photo.

Littlestown High School student Jeremy Gebhart and a friend say they decided to show support for President Trump back in October during the school’s spirit week. Someone snapped a pic of them which eventually made it to the school yearbook … albeit with an alteration.

“We were like they blurred our hats out!” Gebhart said.

According to FOX-43, Gebhart alleges his First Amendment rights were violated. “Everybody has First Amendment rights, freedom of speech and they are allowed to think what they want and say what they want but they aren’y allowed to take that away from other people.

“I just think that whoever did this doesn’t like Trump,” Gebhart said.

At a public school? Naw! Couldn’t be!

From the story:

“I was infuriated because he wears that hat because he supports our president,” said Lorriane Gebhart, Jeremy’s mother. “He’s not doing anything illegal he’s wearing a hat of support,” she added. …

Gebhart says she is disappointed in the school’s decision to blur the hats.

“It’s very upsetting,” said Gebhart. “Someone used this on purpose to blur out that Trump logo and make their own statement,” she added. …

In a statement the superintendent [Christopher Bigger] wrote “I am aware of the yearbook situation and a mistake was made.   The mistake was not noticed during the editorial preview process prior to print.   We apologize on behalf of the yearbook club.  It is not the policy or practice of the district to improperly censor speech. It is not the policy or practice of the district to improperly censor speech. Please understand we are working with young adults who are practicing to become citizens and what a better place to do so than in a school setting.”

Though the report says “it’s unclear at this point” who made the decision to photoshop out the “MAGA” logos, the final responsibility typically falls to the school yearbook advisor(s).

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  1. When the public accepts censorship – then democracy no longer exists and the radicals have won. This is straight out of either Hitler’s or Stalin’s play book of dictators. When one group can do this so as not to
    offend another group then the first group os the one punished for exercising their right to their opinion.
    That if blatantly against our rights to Free Speech – while I am forced to listen to and have to change my
    life style to make “others” happy. I can disagree with others, and still respect them – SO why can’t they return that respect back to me ?????

  2. Violence is the only way to solve this biased attack from people who are supposed to be our educators. This will only get worse! How do we stop it? As I said, the same way any other war has been solved in our history. Trump will be gone January 2025, then what will be the excuse. All Trump has shown since he has been in the Whitehouse is that career politicians have just about killed the USA. I worry about 2025 and what recession or depression we will have then. Let’s not kid ourselves, the market collapse coincides with liberals entry into office just like the blue territory coincides with elections and crime rates. The liberals need wiped out.

  3. That Littleton school superintendant”s mealy mouthed evasion is a big clue to his Marxist agenda.

  4. Mr. Bigger is a Democratic liar and new exactly was going on. If the parents of these boys do not sue the school, school district, or the publisher of the year book, they are making the problem worse by not defending the boys!

  5. What do you expect this is what you get when our whole education system is run by socialist democrats from school board members, teachers, college president, and professors. They have no right to enter fear with our freedoms. They are brain washing our children parents must fight back against their socialist agenda. We spend more money on education than any other country but we don’t even rank in the top 50.

  6. 11 out of 12 educators from pre school thru post grad are liberals. The only living they have made has been in the field of education, completely void of the real world. Their path is the path of political correctness. Don’t make waves. Don’t take chances. Don’t offend and always have a smile on your face. Why are you surprised?

  7. Anyone that Supports The Demoncratic Party is a Complete Moron!,The Wacko’s in This Party are So Freaking Eat-Up With The Dumb-Ass!,How did These IDIOT’S Like Pelosi, AOC,Maxine Waters ever get Voted into Office!,Its Really Scary that There are That Many Dumb,Dumb American’s That have a Right to Vote!,Save The Republic and Re-Elect President Trump!!!”Keep America Great”

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