Watch: Democrats Don’t Know Why They Want Trump Impeached

Kaitlin Bennett attended the National March to Impeach in Washington D.C. to ask liberals why they want Trump to be impeached.

Some attendees had no answer.

via infowars


    1. Of course those LEMMINGS just follow their leaders because they know NO BETTER and just follow their leaders to their DOOM because they KNOW NO better and can NOT really do anything else because their leaders relly do NOT really know what is wrong with those ideas that they HATE because they are so FULL of HATE they can NOT see straight and if they came to ca cliff and the target of their HATE is on the other side of that HUGE vally they then might just fall of that cliff for trying to get to that target of their HATE is right in front of them and they might NOT see the big hole there and they would just FALL in trying to get to the target of their HATE.

      1. If Congress would go ahead and start proceedings against Clinton so the majority of democrats would really know just what they were supporting it would also be a deterrent to help keep pressure off of President Trump so he can continue his work without having so much pressure from the Democratic party since they are still pouting on losing the election.

  1. Here is an answer for you liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.
    The day that Trump is impeached the civil war stats that day.
    You liberal scum have run this outlaw charade for 2 years.
    It is over when the civil war starts, it goes until we kill allof the liberal scum

      1. We’re talking girly men here. Just get in their face and they will faint. No need for violence.

  2. The Democrat Party is to unhinged stupidity as peanut butter is to jelly. JFK must be rolling in his grave over what his party has become.

    1. Ms. or Mrs. USAMaid, you are spot on, referring to #35 = JFK aaand his Brother Robert, Both Of These Very Important Assassinated US Citizens Are Spinning Very Quickly In Their Graves, Like Being Big Time Angry, Because They Were (When They Were Alive) Doing Their Very Best To Preserve And Protect The US Constitution, The US Presidency and We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America From Turning The USA Into A Commie Socialist Puppet State, And From Being Turned Into A Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Islamic Muslim Caliphate, Like Those ISIS/ISIL/DAESH Islamic Muslim Terrorists Tried To Turn The Country Of Syria and Kill/Waste/Smoke/Murder The USA Middle East Allies, Which Includes The State Of Israel, And Just Recently The Country Of Saudi Arabia, Who Recognized The State Of Israel On April 1 or 2, 2018!

  3. The ignorance we see in this video is why Is essential for the security of America that public education be fixed. Republicans gave all the children to the leftists to teach during Vietnam they never went back to save the children. After 60 years of leftist ideology being taught we now have roving violent mobs of ignorant American hating children that the leftists use to help them burn this nation down. This is why they also want to millions of illegals in America along their millions of homeless overburden the health and welfare security nets turn the cities into real slums this time. Charter schools must be built public schools and teachers unions me to be closed unless they can stop teaching ideology brainwashing children to believe socialism and Islam is wonderful America and Israel is evil must stop should of never been allowed to begin

    1. Lol… Trump cuts education n you all blame liberals.. cool
      Hey if you read the reports presented by actual Democrat presidential candidates they addressed education, etc…
      Trump stated he would surprise us.. yup yup
      Republicans are well driven carriage horses
      Blinders and straightway directives .. no need to see colleges and nursing homes falling as well as veterans and low income Americans losing benefits by October..

        1. Very well stated Roger, another follow the leader and cannot think for herself, anti-American, hater of everything right and lover of everything that don’t go like she thinks it should. Bravo Roger

  4. Odds are that most of them don’t even vote.
    Like the guy and his friend who got a ride from his mom !!
    Not a free thinker in the crowd.

  5. These liberals have no answer because they have no brains! And without a brain, a liberal can’t think. And if they can’t think, it makes it SO easy to control them!

  6. Exactly why are the terms liberals and Democrats being referred as one..
    That’s not real lol
    Come on now
    Someone explain why Republican don’t know the difference

  7. these loonies are protesting but they don’t know why because they don’t have enough common sense or brains to think on their own . One of the loonies was from Mexico and bashing Trump because he does not want to let all Mexicans in the country . This crazy woman should think just how lucky she is to be here and if we open our borders to let all Mexicans in like she wants than this will turn into the place she ran away from and she will have to move on to the next country that she could destroy . Lucky for her we have a democrat party and news people that agree that America should not have any right to say who comes in our country . They should start giving the illegals jobs reporting the news and making politicians out of them and firing the people we have doing it now and housing the illegals in their wealthy neighborhoods and then i wonder just how much sympathy for illegals they would have . the illegals good or bad are mixing with everyday Americans and competing for the jobs of everyday Americans and by doing that they are keeping wages low but as long as the elite in this country could keep the illegals from living near them or taking their jobs the elite will push for open borders.

    1. Joe, the chook chick is a size 24. No boyfriend, no prospects, no way. California is overstocked with them. And at least 50% who were born and raised here are criminal/taker trouble. Check the names of arrestees in your local newspapers…overwhelmingly chook, whether citizen or illegal.

  8. The political landscape in America today is divided by 3 groups… The free thinking patriots that are proud of the President. The self hating brainwashed liberals. And third.. The walking dead non voters.

  9. Liberalism,LGBT,PC are mental disorders:Pelosi,Behar,Hillary,Waters,Shepard,lemon,Ocasio are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged Satanist NAZI Muslim Commie Demoncrat party! Stop these traitors from turning the US into another shit hole!

  10. When Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin talked, EVERYONE listened and followed, their choice not to being zero. Ditto with the American leftist-criminal media, which the above three dictators would have loved. The new American Democratic Socialist-criminal party has promised the public FREE EVERYTHING, while in reality preparing their chains of slavery, starvation and death precisely as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin did.

    1. Yep the first thing Stalin and Hitler did was disarm the people, then they controlled them all the way to the gas chamber!!!!! Now which Party does that sound like.
      I recommend that everyone Google Nancy Pelosi on “Truthification” and you can see how the Democrats are trying to control people!!!!!

  11. Talk about clueless, you can’t impeach because you don’t like him. Cracks me up the damage Obama did and they’re okay with that.
    The girl talking about “White Privilege” isn’t that a slap in the face to African American people and Hispanics who are successful?

  12. Pelosi accuses the president of calling Russian interference a witchhunt, which is, of course a lie. She accuses him of being anti-gay and misogynist, which is a lie. He has done nothing wrong, but actually has accomplished much and improved the lives of millions of Americans.

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