Cummings’ Wife Funneled Money From Charity To For-Profit Company, Financials Reveal

The wife of House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from her charity into her for-profit organization, potentially deriving an “illegal private benefit” for the Washington power couple, reports the Daily Caller‘s Andrew Kerr.

The previously undisclosed cost-sharing arrangement between the two entities controlled by Maya Rockeymoore Cummings was detailed in audited statements obtained by Kerr.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity, the Center for Global Policy Solutions (CGPS), paid her for-profit venture, Global Policy Solutions LLC, over $250,000 in “management fees” between 2013 and 2015, according to the charity’s audited financial statements covering those years. The management fees were paid in addition to a cost-sharing agreement where the charity pays for its share of equipment, personnel and other expenditures. –Daily Caller

It’s self-dealing. It’s taking the charity’s resources and turning them into personal profits,” according to Tom Anderson in a statement to the Caller. Anderson is an investigator with the National Legal and Policy Center (NPLC), who added “IRS law doesn’t allow a charity for this purpose. This isn’t for the public interest, this is for her personal interest. You can’t do that.”

What’s more, according to a May 20 report in the Washington Examinercompanies which fund Cummings’s charity have interests before her husband’s Congressional committee.

The NPLC filed a complaint with the IRS in May, claiming that Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity and LLC are potentially being used by companies to buy favorable treatment with Cummings.

“The problem is there are millions of dollars coming into these entities from corporations and special interests with business before Elijah Cummings, and any time you have that, every rule has to be followed or else it opens the door for massive corruption,” said Anderson in a previous statement to the Caller.

Others have questioned why Rockeymoore Cummings’s private company is charging a 5% management fee to her charity on top of an existing cost-sharing agreement.

Charity Watch President Daniel Borochoff said the funds flowing from Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity from the 5% management fee is problematic given her husband’s regulatory authority over the business interests funding her charity.

“That connection could be made,” Borochoff said. “All the more reason to get rid of that 5% arrangement.”

“My advice to them: get rid of the percentage arrangement and pay the LLC for whatever work its performing, but also to do whatever it can to separate the for-profit from the nonprofit,” he added. –Daily Caller

And while cost-sharing agreements between charities and other entities may be common, according to Chicago attorney Sally Wagenmaker, the management fee Cummings is charging her own charity “raises a potential red flag.” 

The president of conservative watchdog group Capital Research Center agrees, adding “It’s a red flag for a powerful member like Elijah Cummings to have a family member receiving money from entities with issues before his powerful committee.

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  1. Wouldn’t you just love to see Elijah Cummings face during a real life IRS audit? Of course we all know this will get swept under the rug.

  2. Nothing ever happens to democrats when they break the law. Look at Hitlery and all her crime family activities, Barney Frank and his male lover run a house of homo sex out of their DC mansion, and the tax law evaders from NY still owe back taxes. Democrats always skate free when they break the law. The MSM always provides them cover. Only one I can recall that didn’t get away was the moron senator from Minnesota, but he was just being a moron as always.

  3. NEW LAW: To All Members of Congress. It will be MANDATORY to show the LAST 10 YEARS Tax Returns for THEMSELVES, THEIR SPOUSES AND CHILDREN. These Returns will be UPDATED EVERY YEAR they hold Office.
    Ever wonder how they come to DC Rich or Very Well Off and LEAVE Multi-Millionaires or Billionaires? I’ll bet this would cut a lot of that fortune making out in one stroke of a PEN.
    IRS should be investigating 5 of the TOP Dems for Fraud right now……. but they are Dems, We’ll See If They Do.

  4. This is nothing new, couple years ago when an investigation on Cummings over a rigged infestigation he was doing to cheat a business run by a womean in DC. He was using his position to scam money illigallu from this business and it was brought up in the house by Rep. Trey Goudy and shown on the internet for all to see. Guess no one did anything to stop him and he is now doing this again with his wife reaping the benifits. This is not just from the Dem side but they are the ones that are being so righteous and are so crooked . I though he would be removed from office for using his elected position to steal from someone unable to defend themselves but instead he is still in office. Seems people can not be smart enough to vote in someone that can represent the people with truth and honesty. They only vote crooks into office. This is why our nation is going down the sewer because no one keeps their eyes on who they have voted into office.

  5. Corruption throughout Congress. Term limits would probably help our country. No more than 8 years “total” in congress, even if you move from the House to the Senate, you should only get 8 years “total” in congress. I’m sure they would try to accomplish as much waste, fraud and abuse as they can in those 8 years but it should be better than a lifetime politician. There are surely some honest/good politicians but they are not in the majority.

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