Two Former Republican Lawmakers Found Shot Dead At Home In Same Week

Two Republican state Senators were found shot dead in their homes this week.

First, former Arkansas state Senator Linda Collins-Smith, 57, was found shot dead in her home several days after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. According to CBS News, her death is being reported as a homicide.

CBS Little Rock affiliate KTHV reported the remains were found outside Collins-Smith’s home in Pocahontas. Authorities were unable to identify the remains until they were studied by the state crime lab.

The state police said in a statement the agency received confirmation the remains were Collins-Smith’s Thursday morning. “Special Agents of the state police Criminal Investigation Division along with deputies of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department are continuing their work related to the case,” the state police said. –CBS News

The second GOP lawmaker found dead this week was Oklahoma state Senator Jonathan Nicols, who was found dead in his Norman, OK home on Wednesday, and a gun was found across the room on a table, according to The Oklahoman

Law enforcement sources reported that police responded to a report of an individual with a gunshot wound around 8:44 p.m. Wednesday. Inside, they found the 53-year-old Nichols deceased.

Nichols represented Norman in the Oklahoma Senate from 2000 to 2012, and had been a senior policy adviser to House Speaker Charles McCall at the time of his death.

“I am shocked and incredibly saddened to learn that Jonathan has passed away,” said McCall in a statement. “He was a valuable member of my staff and a friend. Jonathan was a very proud man, but he served humbly.”

There is no indication that the two deaths are related.

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  1. if I am recalling correctly the “Republican” & Supreme Court Judge
    deaths now total 10 ? None have been solved… Very strange…

    1. It looks like there is a hit list on any Republican ! What is the CIA and the FBI doing about it I did not hear any fake news say any thing about it ????

        1. She and the Dems haven’t accumulated enough “body bags” yet. What a disgrace! Like everything else we’ll never know what happened.

        2. …exactly, these people just might run again and defeat a dimwitocrap and take all their hopes away; if they do away with them now it increases their chances of winning, along with all their voter fraud campaigns they will be shoe-ins. And they called me crazy for just thinking about it.

      1. Ben, looks like the CIA could possibly be the cause, d94mthey’re very clandestine and most are still taking orders from murderess Hillary. FBI could probably be the most trustworthy, never sure about them and what money can buy.

      2. Since they aren’t democrats , you wont hear anything. If it was democrats the media would say it was Trump. OAC would be yelling TRUMP DID IT. Pelosi would say much worse.

    2. Seems they are all Republicans Clinton any one and Obama perhaps spearheading this. This is NO coincidence.

  2. The Hilarussians are taking care of possible canaries. They have gone bezerk with fear. This is no more than intimidation tactics

  3. “Round up the usual suspects.”
    There’s nothing wrong here, right ?
    I wonder what kind of coverage mainstream media
    would have given to democrat victims?
    What do you mean by double standards?
    There’s nothing wrong here, right?

  4. Why? Don’t just report on these death and don’t give us any details!, we want to know what is happening and why it is happening. If that were Dems we already would know entire life histories!!.

  5. Whether the Clintons were involved or not they still need to be brought to justice just to let them know they aren’t above the law and make every other politician realize they aren’t either for the actions they commit.

  6. Not that strange after all has not AUNTIE Maxie Pad been barking orders for the last 36 months to hassle the Republicans where you find them? Has not the name of H.R.C. been somewhat linked to 87 odd deaths since 1970 ? In all, I totally do think this is all a part of the king plan of the Jack Ass Party to put fear into the hearts or Republicans it is effective as when O’bamYa had Black Panthers at the voting poles during all 4 cycles he was working to get in or was in. I say stay KEWL let’s see what lies the F.B.I. & S.S. try to lie to us with. We all will know it for the lie it will be because it will have that dead fish smell to it, too many Quincey dinks will be attached for it to be TRUTH …

  7. The Demo-Socialist Party of America IS The DEEP STATE, AND BY NO MEANS ABOVE SUSPICION Of THESE, OR ANY OTHER HEINOUS ACTS . This is EXACTLY Why the 2nd Amendment was Written, and made part of OUR Bill of Right in, OUR Constitution to PROTECT Ourselves From Enemies Both Foreign, AND DOMESTIC . ALSO, It is Mentioned In OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS That WHEN OUR Government NO LONGER REPRESENTS The WILL OF THE PEOPLE As OUR REPUBLIC ( NOT democracy ) WAS CONSTRUCTED WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD CONSIDER ABOLISHING IT.

  8. 3 Deaths this week

    Linda Collins-Smith of Arkansas 56-Died 6/4/19. Shot outside her house to the head. Former Senator 2011-2018. Funds R being placed into Trade & the dividends R being Filtered back to the Clinton Foundation or owned shell companies, belonging to the Clinton Foundation.

    Tony Rodham 65 yrs- Died 6/7/19. Cause of death not released. Hillary’s brother.

    Jonathan Nichols, 53- Died 6/5/19. Gun shot & gun found on the table across the room. Former Oklahoma State Senator 2001-2013. At the time of his death, Nichols was working as a senior policy advisor for House Speaker Charles McCall.

    U all know who is responsible, we all know.

    1. Their are no coincidences! The Democrats will never question these killings. The
      Clinton gang still thriving no arrests and never will be. They do not understand how a hand picked candidate lost in 2016 and they never will. If she had won more than e mails would have been destroyed again where is the 30,000,000 dollars spent on Mueller when he found at the very beginning there was no collusion by President he won fair and square. If the Clinton sleaze were done by a Republican all hell would have broken out and we all know it. Instead Congress is still not happy and still not doing what voters want. What a crowd of do nothings.

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