FBI Releases Damning Hillary Clinton Email Docs Showing Server Info Found on Dark Web

The FBI released a trove of documents related to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, revealing among other things that information from her private server was found on the Dark Web.

The 427-page FBI report concluded that Romanian hacker “Guccifer” compromised Clinton’s server through colleague Sidney Blumenthal’s own server, and suggested that foreign actors like Russia possess copies of some information.

“The study found Guccifer used an anonymous server in Russia to carry out the ‘penetration’ and there was a ‘high possibility’ that Russian services monitored these servers and might have a copy,” the Washington Examiner reported Friday.

Additionally, the FBI found several Clinton documents on the Dark Web, the internet’s encrypted underground, which the bureau determined could be used as a “smoking gun” if it’s revealed the documents were “stripped” of their Top Secret classification.

From The Blaze:

Of most concern, an Excel spreadsheet with ‘targeting data’ from Clinton’s server was discovered on the Dark Web, a highly encrypted layer of the internet used by criminals and hackers. The notes call the document’s presence on the dark web a ‘major loss to the Intelligence Community.’

To make matters worse, the document in question was found stripped of its classification “collars,” which should have been the government’s highest level of classification: Top Secret.

“If it is determined by the by the FBI that this file ever was overtly classified, it will serve as a potential ‘smoking gun document,’” the notes say.

Notably, the FBI also admitted that all 37,000 of Clinton’s emails may have been stolen.

Read the FBI’s report below:

via infowars


  1. So Why isn’t she in jail. All this information means nothing if she doesn’t go to prison for it as any other U.S. citizen would if they had compromised classified documents.

    1. Prison would be to good for this un-American power hunger person,
      death by hanging would be more proper.

  2. Yea they want to bring president Trump up on obstruction of justice charges but they don’t say boo about Hillary.

  3. If all goes well, Trump will show beyond a shadow of a doubt, Hillarys server was hacked so easily she should be charged with treason. And, not by just one country.

  4. Yes she will blame wilkes for this also no doubt. Just like the guy with the video from begonzie that killed the 4 wonderful men. That should still be alive today.

  5. why does she keep getting a free ride……….said this the first time when they said they couldn’t find anything once in cyber space always in cyber space including all the comments all of us make here……..time to stop letting her get away with all of this and everyone involved….enough is enough………. when it all finally comes out a whole lot of Dems are going to fall right along with her

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