John Delaney: Medicare-for-All ‘Political Suicide’ for Dems

While other Democratic presidential candidates weigh their healthcare policy plans for their 2020 campaign, count former Rep. John Delaney, D-Md., out on Medicare-for-All, calling it “political suicide” and a move to get President Donald Trump re-elected.

“Medicare-for-all is bad policy for the country and bad politics for the Democratic Party,” presidential candidate Delaney wrote for The Washington Post. “The Democratic nomination for president shouldn’t go to anyone who supports it, and Medicare-for-all shouldn’t be in the party’s 2020 platform.

“If we Democrats become the party of Medicare-for-all, advocating that every U.S. citizen is forced into a government-run health-insurance program, President Trump will be re-elected and Republicans will control both houses of Congress — ensuring that today’s healthcare system will be endangered by renewed GOP attacks.”

Delaney dropped out of the House after 2018 midterms to focus on his presidential candidacy, but he is getting just 0.5% of the vote, according RealClearPolitics’ polling average.

He maintains “Medicare-for-all would clearly lead to a decrease in both healthcare access and quality” and would force hospitals in rural areas to close.

“Medicare-for-all might be popular as a slogan or as a tagline,” Delaney wrote. “But it is political suicide. If the Democratic Party emerges as the party that closed hospitals and made millions of people shift out of a healthcare plan they like, the electoral cost will be severe.

“. . . It has been baffling over the past few years to watch so many Democrats rush to embrace Medicare-for-all, and it has been disappointing and sad to see many of them now try to equivocate on their position. . . . We need to just drop this thing.”

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