‘Disorganized’ DNC Dives Deeper In Debt As WikiLeaks Bombshells Haunt Party

The Democratic National Committee is once again in financial distress, and it could have a big impact on the 2020 election according to Bloomberg. In the first four months of 2019, the party outspent its contributions – tacking on $3 million in new debt as donor enthusaism has all but dried up.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

“It’s trouble, it’s going to affect us,” said Cincinnati-based Democratic bundler Allan Berliant, who says the party needs to open offices nationwide and get people mobilized.

“All of that starts with fundraising,” Berliant added.

By the end of April, the DNC had collected contributions of more than $24.4 million, but had spent $28.4 million, according to the latest disclosures. It had $7.6 million cash on hand, $1 million less than in January. It posted $6.2 million in debt, including bank loans and unpaid invoices to vendors, Federal Election Commission records show.

That compared with the Republican National Committee, which thanks in part to Trump’s non-stop fundraising since winning the White House had $34.7 million in the bank and no debt. It raised nearly $62 million so far this year, two-and-a-half times the DNC’s haul. –Bloomberg

While some Democratic officials blame the hesitant donors on the distracting field of 23 Democrats who are ‘vacuuming up contributors cash,’ a few major donors have pointed to the perception that the party is disorganized, and was significantly harmed by hacked emails released by WikiLeaks which revealed that the DNC was working to help Hillary Clinton defeat Bernie Sanders for the nomination while claiming to be neutral.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz really destroyed a lot of confidence in the DNC for a lot of people and for a lot of different reasons,” said Orlando based fundraiser and trial attorney, John Morgan.

Some potential contributors would rather not support a party they perceive as dominated by establishment figures and their more moderate approach to issues, said one bundler who who has held fundraisers for the party, but asked not to be named because he’s not authorized to speak publicly on its behalf. –Bloomberg

While donors to the DNC have dried up, Democratic candidates have been mopping up – with 16 of them collectively raising $77 million from January through March 16, which is $3 million more than Trump’s committees and the RNC combined. The DNC has also been overshadowed by other Democratic organizations such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) which supports House Candidates. It’s Senate counterpart, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is gearing up to try and end the tenure of Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The DCCC has raised over $40 million this year, beating the DNC every month, while the DSCC has raised $18 million.

The DNC is also competing with super PACs, which can accept unlimited amounts from companies, unions and individuals but can’t coordinate with candidates. Priorities USA, the main super PAC for supporting the party’s presidential nominees, counts among its donors some of the biggest Democratic givers, including billionaire investor George Soros and hedge-fund operators S. Donald Sussman and James H. Simons. –Bloomberg

“There’s a lot of competition for dollars right now,” said DNC finance committee member Jamie Ansorge.

Planning ahead for 2020, the DNC will use 100 million cellphone numbers bought during the midterms in order to ‘reach out’ to voters via text message. The party will also train around 1,000 college juniors to hit the ground next year and solicit donations. They have been warned of the consequences for failure…

“When we fall short,” said DNC Chairman Tom Perez in an email, “the critical work that needs to be done in order to elect Democrats can’t happen, because the money simply isn’t there.

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  1. Thank God for the favor. If anything in this world needs to burn out and become ashes, then blow away, it is the DNC.

  2. The DNC will not have any financial problems…all Soros, Blomberg and the “Deep State” cadre will do is tell their Democrat toadies (Pelosi, Schumer, Naddler, Schiff, et al what to say and when to say it) and the parrots will squawk–actually mouth the message that is written for them–they truly look like excited new born birds with their mouths open waiting for the “Deep State” to feed them their verbal fodder, and they spit it out and go back for more. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP, the boys are marching!

  3. If they need money, send Cortez out with Biden on a 2 week money tour, and the crowds will overflow to see which one gaffs the most.2

  4. The Trump team really needs to continue collecting donations and then pouring it on against the DNC and every one of their stinking candidates. In addition, do as much as they can to help local candidates beat the likes of waters, pelosi, and so on.. get rid of them. Show them the door and let them know not to let it hit them in the butt on the way out. All they have been for several years, not only the last two and a half, but for along time, is the party of hate and lies. It’s time for them to go.

  5. The Democrat Party is a lethal poison to this country. They continually lie, cheat, deceive, distort, and obstruct. This latest deal with the head blow hard Nadler, is a disgrace There have been 4 or maybe 5 investigations into Trump collusion anad obstruction and ALL came back with a big fat NO. Waste of time and tax dollars because of a party that will not accept defeat. When I hear Pelosi say things like “unconstitutional,” and the “Rule of Law,” I just want to vomit. Open borders, sanctuary cities , tax and spend, punish legal gun owners, while allowing MS13, terrorists, criminals, drug traffickers, sex traders and all kinds of bad elements into the country. Every state, city and town they control has turned into a cesspool. They literally want this country to go into recession, so they can use it to attack Trump. These people are not for everyday Americans. Just who are these people who fight tooth and nail for Socialism, taking away our rights one by one? They are all Democrats. Please America, don’t vote for this lethal poison. They want illegal aliens to come into the country for one reason: to change the demographic of the country such that no conservative will ever win against them. Say NO loud and clear to democrats when you cast your votes in 2020. Primary every RINO, especially Mitt Romney. His election was a big mistake UTAH, are you listening? D is for destroy America. RINO is for deep state Republicans. Drain the swamp and Vote Trump in 2020!

  6. The root cause of the failure of the once American Democratic Party is their embrace of socialism, which is really communism light. Their self-centered narcissistic ignorance of American laws and historical social order is an attempt to indulge uneducated and illegal non-Americans, i.e., aliens to attempt to bankrupt America so that Socialism/Communism is the only answer. This over-throw of Capitalism and our great Republic started just after the 1st WW and has been steadily marching forward until it appeared to burst onto the Mainstream scene with the election of the illicit and grossly anti-American Obama.

    Obama created the deep state made up of FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Mainstream Media and misguided under-educated but highly indoctrinated college student the same as Hitler created the SS, Gestapo and the Hitler youth. Same formula for destruction, but due to just enough educated and thoughtful Americans who prefer Liberty to Death, “We the People” in 2016 elected the right man, at the right time for the right job as POTUS and stopped Americas decline into the abyss of Authoritarian Government Control. The Leftist Democrats will never give in even when defeated morally and financially. Democrats are no longer Americans; they are an enemy within that is hell bent on Americas destruction. Just like when the Democrats enslaved Black people and fought a Civil war to continue enslavement they are too stupid, committed to communism and ignorant to adapt or change. Democrats want “Power” but they only use “Force” to attain their goals. “Power” is on the side of “We the People” because “Power” stands alone in the Universe, where “Force” requires “Counter Force” to exist. America is Powerful but never Forceful and Americans should be proud of all “We the People” have done and do for our people and others. “We the People” are generous leaders but foolish participants in authoritarian folly. The Democrats are neither powerful or proud just demonic, inept, inane, hateful and caustic. Democrats are the personification of authoritarianism, exactly like their Islamic counterparts. Control through fear will never work on “We the People” because the “Power” of Liberity Trumps the “Force” of Controlling Others every time.

  7. They could be in the black tomorrow if they would only stop stealing.

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