CA Voters Not Happy With Free Medical For Illegals

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Free health care for illegals may have Gov. Newsom and the Dems grinning as the voters grimace…

As the California state legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom dislocate their shoulders in the hearty backslapping of their self-congratulatory moment in American history, the rest of the nation is snarling and spitting over the lunacy of the left coast Democrats.  That is, according to the new Rasmussen Reports poll, which asked if illegal immigrants should receive free health care.

The answer was a resounding no.  No way, no how, nuh-uh, nada.

It was a brief two-question survey that spoke volumes: “Do you favor or oppose making health care benefits available to young low-income illegal immigrants in your state?  Is it offensive to refer to someone who has entered this country illegally as ‘an illegal immigrant?’”

Out of 1,000 online and telephone respondents, “31% of Likely U.S. Voters favor making health care benefits available to low-income illegal immigrants under the age of 26 in their state. Fifty-five percent (55%) are opposed, while 13% are not sure.”  One can only imagine the responses to question number two.

The only surprising statistic is that 13% had not yet picked a side in what might be the watershed issue for 2020 presidential candidates.

Force Fed Mandates Gag Americans

Last week, Newsom’s quest for universal healthcare – including illegal residents – was passed by the legislature as part of a $215 billion budget.  He was self-assured and puffing in his peacock fashion, declaring, “We’re going to get it. We’re committed to universal health care. Universal health care means everybody…We will lead a massive expansion of health care, and that’s a major deviation from the past.’’

Laurel Lucia, health care program director at the University of California-Berkeley Labor Center, gushed excitement at expanding Medi-Cal to illegal immigrants while forcing taxpayers to foot the bill through individual-mandate penalties.  “The bigger reason to do this is about values,” says the woman who seems not to care about legal citizens in need of health care benefits.

And to boil it down in dollars, for those Californians who do not buy insurance, they will now be hit with a penalty of $695 or 2% of their household income, whichever figure is higher.

But Lucia went a tad over the top with “What kind of state do we want to live in?”

Funny you should ask. Many Californians – and other Americans, for that matter – are aghast that 130,000 plus people in the Golden State are homeless, living in undeniable squalor, and not only contracting highly contagious medieval diseases but spreading them to others. Perhaps the state should round up the unwashed American masses, clean them up, and give them free healthcare so the rest of the nation can avoid the Black Death.

Newsom’s Noose

Gov. Newsom campaigned in part on universal healthcare, and it’s no secret he has his sights on a national run in the future – perhaps president in 2024 depending on whether President Trump trumps the progressive left in the 2020 winner take all contest.  But protecting illegal aliens before addressing the most significant crisis his state faces – homelessness – is not going to help him avoid the political gallows.

Gavin Newsom

The state’s current crisis of reality — highest poverty rate in the country, no affordable housing, taxpayers fleeing to points east, and vicious identity politicsranking California much further left of the nation as a whole — are becoming serious millstones for this progressive governor.

Add to the list of Newsom’s liabilities, the boilerplate individual health plan in California starts with premiums of more than $5,000 a year and annual deductibles can skyrocket to several thousand dollars each year.  Which means folks are going to have to decide to pay thousands for private health plans or be taxed in penalty thousands to pay for illegal aliens.

Perhaps the good governor should take stock of what Americans think about his plan to give aid to illegals as his fellow countrymen suffer on his once gold-paved streets.  He may find his holier-than-thou ideology could soon blow up on him — and signing this budget might be the match he strikes and regrets.

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  1. Gee, Odumbass Care (ACA) was and is a total failure so let’s do it here in Californi-Mexico that makes perfect sense and should work!
    How it stupid and insane!
    What the hell, are they that totally blind that they can’t see how devistating this will be to the state overall?
    And how can ANY American politician step over their own citizens to give to ILLEGALS?
    Makes absolutely no sense, but they continue to do it!
    Even communism didn’t do that!

      1. Exactly. Even state citizens who are out of work and have no income can’t get health coverage.

        I told her she tell them she is an illegal alien and needs healthcare. I bet she would get it then!

        1. EXACTLY!!!! Everyone needs to claim “minority” status on everything: school paperwork, at your work, health insurance, EVERYTHING! They can’t say you’re not – and if it was good enough for Elizabeth Warren (Democrat) to use to get a job against better qualified applicants, then it’s good enough for everyone else. After all, if you are a taxpaying citizen then you ARE a minority! If we ALL claim minority status, they can’t discriminate against the legal taxpayers anymore and will have to end the stealing from us!

    1. California’s people are getting just what they wanted by voting for socialist morons like Pelosi, the governor and all the other liberal dumocrats they put in office. Vote them out or take them out and this stupidity will end. Along with that put people in office who respect the laws of the country and the constitution.

      1. Unfortunately, those of us that did not vote for newcum are stuck with peloser’s nephew. I think they both share the same idiot brain cell between them and their diseased brain cell seems to be spreading to the moron voters of CA.

      2. Though I totally agree with you, I can’t help but feel that when those Socialist dictators get control, voters are going to play hell getting them out. They lie, cheat, steal and no doubt would kill to stay in power.

        1. How are we going to vote them out when there is so much corruption and fraud?
          They control nearly every office and government job in California.
          They give us a choice of two Democrats on the ballot.
          They harvest votes and do the counting of ballots.

          1. Then perhaps we should all register as Democrats so we can vote against them in the primaries as well as elections.

    2. I agree with you Walt Walters: If you vote democrat you get to have your income redistributed to people who don’t like to work. You deserve it you vote for it. The rest of us think you are stupid but you vote democrat so there you go.

      We all know that voting democrat is like taking drugs, smoking, taking drugs and smoking pot. You start when you are young because you think it will make you cool then you get addicted or it is just easier to keeping doing it. Just vote that automatic “D” then i don’t have to think or do any research or figure out what might be best for me and the country. Your just addicted simpleton morons. Vote democrat: be a cool fool too. Just know we are laughing at you.

      I have no sympathy for people addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or voting democrat. the are started because they wanted to be cool and on the “in” crowd. So live with your “in crowd” results and stop asking me to pay for your “in crowd” disaster. ?how about trying less hard to be cool dumb shits.

      So live with you money being taking from you by white guys who are ashamed of being white and black people who hate white people but claim they aren’t racists and Hispanics who belong to LA Raza, and Hispanic supremacist group and native Americans who claim to be more noble then white people while living off tax payer money. You all a bunch of screwed up lying jerks and you all know it. So yeah vote the big “D” and watch them steal your income and give it to people who hate you, are embarrassed or themselves and don’t want to work. Good thinking dummies.

      1. There’s a LOT of truth in what you say. What’s lacking is COMMON SENSE!!! The Liberal idiots who vote Democrat only hear the “EVERYTHING’S FREE” part! Thisd shows the sucess of how the progressives have succeded in dumbing down the education system!!!

        1. Not everyone in CA votes Democrat.
          The problem is we have too many people who want handouts. That is why they are bringing in more (Illegal aliens) people who don’t want anything but handouts.
          The working people of CA should all vote republican, but I bet the Republican would still lose.

    3. You get what you vote for. A lot of voters should have considered this a long time ago before the state was set on its course for bankruptcy. I got out early in 2002.

    4. How can California voters react and recalling the state elected officials who passed this insane law to allow the illegal immigrants free Medicaid or Medicare? Recall Governor Newsom and the rest of the State elected legislatures. They should solve the homeless problem before favoring illegal immigrants.

  2. I would renounce my citizenship before I would subjugate myself to the incredible taxation of California. Everyone knows illegals have it better – no taxes, but they get drivers license, vote, all the benefits of citizenship without the downsides.

    American citizenship means very little now that illegal aliens can vote in national elections. Don’t tell me or Colorado they can’t. They cost us a senate seat voting in CO.

    Trump rolled back the onerous individual mandate and Pelosis nephew reinstates it by fiat. California isn’t a state, it is a fiefdom where citizens have no rights. Illegal aliens, gangs, drugs, disease and filth are rampant in a state once considered an example for America.

  3. Newsome thinks Cali is consequential enough that the rest of the country will automatically by into his liberal bullshit, think again. The best thing Cali can do for the country is to fall into the ocean asap.

    1. considering all the infectious diseases now pervasive in that communist state it may be time to totally boycott all produce,meats, packaged foods,and all products that require “human” hands coming from crapifornia..Why should the rest of our nation suffer for the lunacy of those crazy leftist commies. TOTAL boycott .!!

    1. There are millions of us here in California who are against every democrat in the state, including our “innocent liberal neighbors”. We never vote for democrats, ever. My wife and I have a battle plan in case of a home invasion by Mexicans or any and all other assorted undesirable “criminal humans”. I didn’t serve in the Navy offshore Vietnam 50 years ago to see my home state (and the country) occupied by thieving garbage cultures and affirmed by their political buddies in Sacramento. Neither did my Marine, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard vet friends enlist to allow un-American cultures to swarm over us. I’m nearly 70 and in fine health. CW2 is coming. To defend my home and family, I’ll do what Sir Winston Churchill said in July 1940, referring to the expected German invaders: “Take one with you”. For me, that would be, at a minimum, “times 10”.

      1. As a 72 yo disabled veteran of Vietnam and the U.S.Navy I stand with you all the way. On the east coast and can’t get a CCP but can get a cross bow and bolts, which are legal. Fast quiet and deadly with no tracking or permit. I PROTECT MY OWN AND MY COUNTRY. As a shirt I have says. My oath of enlistment has no expiration date. I will stand and fight.

        1. As a family of vets there are more with you than you know. The problem is there are so many illegals in the state our votes won’t count.

  4. The right to vote is one of the rights that citizens have. Non-citizens CANNOT legally vote. Every time an illegal immigrant votes, that person has cast an illegal vote and those politicians that allow this should be charged will a violation of federal voting laws.

    Why the hell is this happening (illegal immigrants voting) and why are voting officials and their political conspirators noe being charged?

  5. Any state that provides free or low cost health care, schooling, housing or food to people in america illegally needs to have all federal funding cut immediately. Not only is it unfair to the 300 million Americans who have to pay for health care or go without, but it is aiding ans abedding criminals which is illegal. If an individual provides support to a known (or even if they don’t know) criminal they can and often are arrested and thrown in jail. So all you fucked up cops in states that provided support to illegals: your more guilty then the people you are handing tickets to and arresting. You cops should be arrested on sight just for being hypocrites as well as aiding criminals.

    Time for the feds to start doing wholesale arrests in these states that support illegals. Start with the governors and than legislators and mayors and finally all the cops. Toss them all in jail, freeze and confiscate their assets, and investigate and audit everyone in their extended family. Make it clear you are going to make their life hell for wasting tax payer money and aiding criminal behavior.

    Also start doing raids on every single business in the state and force every person to prove they are Americans. If they can not arrest them and let them prove it from jail. Time to be tough and make this a clean up America sweep.

      1. Take in all illegals in your home and pay for all their needs from your paycheck or your pension and most likely, you will be ranting more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Old blue 63 is one of the lowlife commiecrats who support what the Democrat politicians have done: TAX our DISABLED, who live in pain 24/7, to give the money to able-bodied illegal alien INVADERS who are perfectly capable of working in their own country!

  6. California has always had options—Vote Responsibly! TRUMP/PENCE 2020 and Beyond. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!
    I know I’m writing to a fence post when addressing California.

    1. No, I live in this crap shoot state. Been voting responsibly just to find out my granddaughter (just started voting) wants what we are now stuck with in this state. She’s all for socialism. I told her to give up her capitalistic job (she makes bank for such a young age) and live on the streets because that’s where she will end up with that mentality. She doesn’t get that she’s the working class that is going to be paying out the end to pay for the socialistic dreams of everyone else. She’s not going to be included.

      1. Illegals don’t get equal treatment but PREFERENTIAL treatment – and American citizens are taxed to be their financial slaves and pay their bills. This definitely affects healthcare at ERs and hospitals, not only quality of care for our disabled but also meds received (or not), and length of stay, but also any follow-up care such as going to a convalescent center until well enough and/or physical therapy (or NOT). I have a disabled friend and have witnessed outrageous discrimination over and over the last 30 years. Nurses and doctors have sympathized with my friend, who lives in pain 24/7, but can do nothing. As one doctor said while patting his shoulder, “It’s because you’re the wrong color. That’s why you can’t get the care you need. I’m sorry.” ABLE-BODIED illegals are sponging off the taxpayers and stealing from the disabled!
        Illegals receive free food, free healthcare, free housing (Bank of America and Citibank even give them home loans with less documentation required than from citizens), free cellphones, free education, free legal services, and $750/month cash! And all this is coming out of HER paycheck via taxes while these able-bodied invaders breed faster than maggots in manure while she slaves to support them.


  8. “Along with that put people in office who respect the laws of the country and the constitution.”

    That is the crux of the matter that when achieved will create the path to the unity of the American populace once again.

  9. Thank God I saw the writing on the wall as soon as I did! I got out of California in 1977 and haven’t looked back . How the moron voters could elect imbeciles like little jerry brown and newslime I can’t fathom. But then they put pelosi and feinstine and waters and the other left wing nut case slime suckers in office. They don’t represent anyone other than themselves. They sure don’t care about America! Hang them all!!!

    1. I was born in California, it has always been my home. I refuse to leave, I am one of many trying to turn California back into the “great state” it use to be.
      We are not all “left wing loonies”, some of us care about this once great state!

      1. I concur 1,000%. Been fighting for many decades to see this state return to normal instead of the insanity that is reigning right now.

        1. I truly feel for you. Unfortunately CA is too far gone now to ever return to normal. The DemocRATS have completely destroyed it and sadly it will never recover. Good luck to you.

        2. Feel the same way but everything here is in fast decline and no end in sight. Very sad for the country and this once stellar state.

    1. Nice dream but until we require voter ID the commiecrats will continue to add illegal aliens to the DMV rolls which automatically register the illegals to vote unless they know/care to ‘opt out.’ In addition, the commiecrats bus their voters from state to state to vote multiple times and openly boasted of it to elect B.O. (Obama).

  10. If California’s fiscal and regulatory programs work, if they benefit California, other state may benefit from the example, may adopt similar plans tailored to their individual states. It’s the benefit of having a Union of semi-autonomous individually governed and economically managed states and it’s the reason there should be minimal federal interference or funding. The further we stray from that, the less well it works. The elected government of California is conducting an experiment, an economic and social one. I think the results will not be good, but the example should be beneficial to other states and the same may be said nationally – there are things we can learn from the Venezuela experience without having to try it here.

  11. His “Holier-than-thou” approach. This Newsom pretty boy and Beto, is this the Libs next battle plan? But most are considering 2024. Although 78% of the women who cast a vote for Barrack did so because he was better looking than the other guy. Fact, look it up! But wait a minute, I thought people especially women of the pink pussy hat wearers type were righteous? How far off was President Trump when he said 5-6 million votes cast illegally? I know when the left wing Jew propaganda machine kicked it into high gear the first week of October 2016, Hillary was up by 12 to 16 points in most places. Trump said don’t listen, it’s a lie. Who was right? Newsom is playing the math just like Obami did in 2008 and 2012. Can Cali afford this plan? Nope? When will it happen? Oh i didn’t see a start date . Amazing Obami’s drop dead start date happened a year after re-election. Also, when it comes down to wording and this article states, “make healthcare benefits available to illegals under 26”, does that mean ones 27 and over are not eligible? Where is the UN-Affordable Health Care Act now? Let’s not be totally stupid America. My bleeding heart goes out as well and why is the United States the place to migrate too if California hates the country so much? Because idiot states like cali hold an apple out in front of the horse but the horse never gets it until the end of the day. Well, the apple California holds out, us on this side of the California border usually end up footing the bill. This time, I don’t care I’m hoping for a collapse.

  12. I was born and raised in CA and have lived here for 74 years. I am fully retired and non of my income is taxed, so the moronic Democrats in Sacramento can slap each others ass’s and pass legislation giving illegal immigrants whatever they want because I do not have to pay for it. The citizens of CA will one day wake up from their coma’s and realize that the Democrats have turned CA into a third world shit hole state!

    1. And all those tech firms have pilot offices all over the US….just waiting for Calif to fail or to raise their taxes to such a level, they shut down the Calif facilities all together…

  13. To all Republicans in California, I invite you to the GREAT state of Texas. All of you Dums can stay in California. You seem to love the illegals and breaking laws of this great country so, I believe you should stay there and live in misery. Republicans that do come to Texas please honor our love for the constitution. Please leave the stupid Democratic agenda were it belongs in California. Texas believes in Legal immigration only. Trump in 2020.

    1. I’d love to take you up on the offer to move to TX, but I hear the area my hubby and I had talked about moving to has been taken over by CA dimocraps and we won’t be moving any time soon. When my middle grandbabies turn 18, we will more than likely move to TX, but until then, we are stuck fighting here.

    2. We stay in California for the weather…but i am seriously considering getting out…which state has the closest climate to California?

  14. California love illegals more than Americans. maybe all American living in California should move asap. if that would happen, no tax dollars, no money for aid, best of all NO CALIFORNIA!!!!

  15. Newsom does not care what the voters want or what the voters VOTED ON. He is a true dictator. When he was the mayor of San Francisco, the voters banned same sex marriages and Newsom IGNORED the votes. He statement was the voters were WRONG. So in 2004, after same sex marriages lost on the ballot, he allowed them in the SF Courthouse. Even when the supreme court struck the marriages down, he continued to push them forward. California’s supreme court declares gay marriages void | World news …
    Aug 12, 2004 – The court said the mayor, Gavin Newsom, and city officials violated the … The judges decided by a 5-2 vote to nullify the 3,995 gay marriages …

  16. You guys in California get what you paid for AND what you voted for. If you want change, vote these politicians (and that includes Recall elections) OUT OF OFFICE!

  17. I do not understand. Please explain to me how an illegal will receive free medical care from the govt while American citizens go without it? I do not understand the “logic”. Nothing is “free”. Who pays for the “free” medical care for illegals? What is the justification for taking (stealing) money from someone who earned it, and then spending it on an Illegal. Redistribution is bad enough when it is stolen from the person who earned it and is then given away by the robber (govt) to another citizen, but to an Illegal? I was thought the obligation of the U.S. govt was to protect the rights of U.S. citizens–and no one else. Property rights are among the rights the govt is supposed to protect, and any redistribution of it is a direct violation of property rights? Please explain? BTW, property rights are the only implementation of your right to life. It is THAT important! Also, without it, one cannot pursue his happiness. Any “right” that must be provided by another is not and cannot be a “right”. What is the status of that “other”? Is he a slave? What about HIS rights?

    1. Emergency Rooms and hospitals are not allowed to ask regarding citizenship. You can thank the commiecrats for that as well as Affirmative Action since they are “minorities” with “diversity.” Illegals don’t get equal treatment but PREFERENTIAL treatment – and American citizens are taxed to be their financial slaves and pay their bills. This definitely affects healthcare at ERs and hospitals, not only quality of care for our disabled but also meds received (or not), and length of stay, but also any follow-up care such as going to a convalescent center until well enough and/or physical therapy (or NOT). I have a disabled friend and have witnessed outrageous discrimination over and over the last 30 years. Nurses and doctors have sympathized with my friend, who lives in pain 24/7, but can do nothing. As one doctor said while patting his shoulder, “It’s because you’re the wrong color (he’s Caucasian). That’s why you can’t get the care you need. I’m sorry.” ABLE-BODIED illegals are sponging off the taxpayers and stealing from the disabled!
      Illegals receive free food, free healthcare, free housing (Bank of America and Citibank even give them home loans with less documentation required than from citizens), free cellphones, free education (with preference over our own kids in college), free legal services, and $750/month cash! And all this is coming out of OUR paychecks via taxes while these able-bodied invaders breed faster than maggots in manure while we slave to support them. You will even see twenty-something illegals sitting in our Social Security offices to get free services even when these kids have never worked a day in their lives.

  18. Why should California voters be happy to pay for illegal aliens health care. Why do you think California highest taxes in the country and they are still broke because they cater to illegal aliens and forget about their own citizens. Now Sacramento is trying to eliminate Prop 13 this will kill home owners.

  19. When i read this no good social climbing pretty boy, first class asswipe, weasel and low down snake in the grass wanted to give illegals or plain ‘boat people’ FREE healthcare, my blood began to boil. How dare this no good bastard give illegals FREE healthcare on our dime. This SOB hopefully will be recalled soon. Really, with so many Californians unable to afford decent healthcare this bastard wants to give illegal aliens, not ‘immigrants’. these are aliens, pure and simple. Immigrants are legal. i and a lot of other thinking rational , legal California citizens didn’t vote for this BULLSHIT but unfortunately we have to pay the price for the idiots who voted for this no good for anything POS. God please enlighten the people of California about this thief, liar, and no good anti American before it’s too late and he destroys California like he did San Francisco!

  20. CA Voters Not Happy With Free Medical For Illegals

    Nonsense-the nut jobs in CA. have endorsed every goofy initiative introduced in CA. The PROOF is that they keep electing people who give them MORE of the same.

  21. Thanks for th posting joey. As a resident of San Francisco and have to deal with the demise and destruction, gavin ‘give away the store and just about everything eses’ newsom did to this one time jewel of California that’s now monikered as the ‘doo dod’ capital of the west coast and the USA’s closest version of third world entities of calcutta, mogadishu, nairobi and port au prince. I didn’t vote for this social climbing pretty boy, first class asswipe, weasel and snake and right now i’m so pissed off i could chew nails. Higher and higher taxes to pay for all the socialist BULLSHIT foisted on the hard working legal California residents. When oh when are the voters here going to wake up, get smart and get rid of these liberals who do SQUAT to improve things here but tax us up the ying yang while the place goes into the toilet?

  22. Politicians need to be held accountable for actions outside the four corners of the Constitution and active laws of the land. The voters should be able to suit the offending politician or government employee for proven violations.
    This would get their attention.

  23. The illegal immigrants are not the US Citizens Why the US hard worker have to take care them! if the Democrats party want to feed them, They must use their own money, dont use the Tax .
    The Democrats party alway cheat and do against the US people !

  24. Illegals are criminals they are breaking the laws of the United States of America. All illegals need to be sent back to their own countries. Come here legally and obey the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America. That also goes for the Muslims that comes to this country and want to disobey the laws of this country. If you people don’t like this country then leave and never come back that also goes for all the liberals, and democrats. Illinois also has too many idiots that keep voting in democrats that wants to raise taxes and raise fee on everything. Madigan who runs this state need to be sent packing and every democrats and republican that voted for raising the gas/fuel tax and trying to get the flat tax eliminates and replaced by a progressive tax that would mean taxes would go up on the working people of Illinois. Illinois has as many stupid people as California.

  25. The Californians have been suffered with high tax in every single day many years ago and will keep going on if the democrat party continue to seize the BIG BUILDING in SACRAMENTO!
    So everybody , please!, rethink and doublecheck your VOTES in the next election.We really need a big changing for theCalifornian future!
    if not , we can own the huge debt mountain!

  26. Democrats have ruined CA, need to Vote them out of office, Starting w/ Pelosi, Schiff, Karmala, Feinstein & Waters. Then maybe your State will have a chance to turn itself around, but it will take yrs & yrs to do a major clean up.
    Good Luck with that.

  27. Anyone who works for there money, should be pro capitalism. Otherwise, what they shoudl do in CA is take all the W2’s and divide it by the population size and then give equal payments to all. This will not hurt the middle class as much as the stars, CEO’s, athletes, politicians, etc. and then we will see how many actually vote Demo. Even the Demos would begin voting Republican.

  28. Gavin Newsom is the nephew of Pelosi by marriage.
    Pelosi Mafiosi’s father was in the mafia. That’s how she got her start. Pelosi’s maiden name was D’Alessandro. Her brother and husband have made millions also.
    Pelosi is in cahoots with the Mexican drug cartels which is one reason why she does NOT want a border wall. For all her boo-hooing about kindness to illegals, when a bunch of them went over her wall at her vineyard estate, she called the police and had them hauled away!

  29. The state of California Dept of Healthcare gets 4.5 billion dollars in additional Medicaid funds while Americans on medical cannot see a doctor. Did anyone know that illegal aliens get food stamps while disabled Americans do not get food stamps in California? In fact our disabled are taxed to support the able-bodied illegal invaders. How sick is that? In San Mateo county to cover up the fact that all the medical doctors and facilities are serving illegal aliens and latinos, they say they are not accepting any new patients, all the while receiving reimbursement from the govt.

  30. New welfare law that should be enacted:
    1. Absolute time limit set for drawing benefits. That time must NOT ever be changed by politicians for political gain.
    2. Have one child, and you ask for benefits, then you must either be sterilized or put on a birth control such as Norplant so that the recipient can’t forget to take it. No extra money for extra kids no matter what.
    3. Drug testing for recipients. Fail your test, and you are permanently off the eligible role for benefits.
    4. While on benefits, you must either be working (even minimum wage) or enrolled in school or job training.
    5. While on benefits you are a dependent so you cannot vote. This prevents people for voting for politicians that promise them free stuff for their vote (Democrats).
    6. Stay out of trouble. Get convicted of a crime while on benefits, and you are permanently off the eligible role.
    7. Illegal or a child of an illegal? Sorry, but you get a bus ride back to your country’s border AFTER implantation of a GPS unit under the skin so you can be tracked if you decide to return. Don’t like that? Then don’t invade our country!

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