‘Why Not Now?’ for Slavery Reparations, House Panel Is Told

The debate over reparations for descendants of slaves catapulted from the campaign trail to Congress on Wednesday with an impassioned plea from actor Danny Glover and others for lawmakers to address compensation for America’s blighted heritage of racism and Jim Crow laws.

Glover, who told a House Judiciary panel that his great-grandfather was enslaved, called a national reparations policy “a moral, democratic and economic imperative.”

It was Congress’ first hearing in a decade on the topic and comes amid a growing discussion in the Democratic Party on reparations and sets up a potential standoff with Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opposes the idea.

“This hearing is yet another important step in the long and historic struggle of African Americans to secure reparations for the damage that has been inflicted by slavery and Jim Crow,” Glover told the panel.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, who drew new attention to the issue with his 2014 essay, “The Case for Reparations,” told the panel “it’s impossible to imagine America without the inheritance of slavery.”

Sen. Cory Booker , D-N.J., a presidential contender, testified that U.S has “yet to truly acknowledge and grapple with the racism and white supremacy that tainted this country’s founding and continues to cause persistent and deep racial disparities and inequality.”

But another writer, Coleman Hughes, who at times testified over boos from the audience, said black people don’t need “another apology,” but safer neighborhoods, better schools, a less punitive criminal justice system and better health care.

“None of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery,” said Hughes, who says he is the descendant of blacks enslaved at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

The legislation, which would set up a bipartisan commission to study the issue, spotlights a national conversation over the legacy of slavery. Several of the party’s presidential candidates have endorsed looking at the idea, though they have stopped short of endorsing direct payouts for African Americans.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on Wednesday called reparations a “serious issue” and said he expects the resolution will see a vote in the House.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, who became the sponsor of a measure to study reparations after the retirement of Democratic Rep. John Conyers, said to the packed hearing room, “I just simply ask: Why not and why not now?”

But McConnell opposes reparations, telling reporters Tuesday he doesn’t want reparations for “something that happened 150 years ago.”

“We’ve tried to deal with the original sin of slavery by passing civil rights legislation,” McConnell said, and electing an African American president, Barack Obama.

“It would be hard to figure out who to compensate” for slavery, the Kentucky Republican said, and added: “No one currently alive was responsible for that.”

While reparations has been moving toward the mainstream of the Democratic Party, the idea remains far from widely accepted, both among Democrats and the public at large.

In a Point Taken-Marist poll conducted in 2016, 68 percent of Americans said the country should not pay cash reparations to African American descendants of slaves to make up for the harm caused by slavery and racial discrimination. About 8 in 10 white Americans said they were opposed to reparations, while about 6 in 10 black Americans said they were in favor.

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana, the top Republican on the panel, said he respects the beliefs of those who support reparations. He called America’s history with slavery “regrettable and shameful.”

But he said paying monetary reparations for the “sins of a small subset of Americans from many generations ago” would be unfair, difficult to carry out in practice and, in his view, likely unconstitutional.

Top Democrats pushed back Wednesday on McConnell’s comments, with one calling his remarks “sad.”

Rep. Kathleen Clark, D-Mass., a member of the leadership team, said the country’s history of slavery is a “stigma and a stain” that continues to be felt today. That McConnell wants to “write that off,” she said, is ignoring the impact and legacy of the country’s history.

“We cannot look to him for any sort of moral authority or guidance on how we should be addressing the issues of slavery and the impact today on income inequality, curtailing opportunity and civil rights and voting rights,” she said.

Republicans invited Hughes and also Burgess Owens, a former Oakland Raiders football player and Super Bowl champion, who recently wrote a Wall Street Journal editorial eschewing reparations.

The debate over reparations for black Americans began not long after the end of the Civil War.

A resolution to study reparations was first proposed in 1989 by Conyers of Michigan, who put it forward year after year.

Visitors lined up Wednesday to attend the hearing. Abibat Rahman-Davies, 20, from Southern California, said she was waiting more than two hours.

“I think that this has been a part of history that we’ve ignored for too long so it’s very important for me to be here and to see this part recognized,” she said.

The hearing Wednesday coincided with Juneteenth, a cultural holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved black people in the United States.

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  1. Political commentator Julianne Malveaux, who joined folks like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Danny Glover, and Sen. Cory Booker and more in arguing for reparations; it just shows their lack of concern for the American people and current issues with immigration ! Or what about all the blacks killing blacks in your (D) controlled city’s…any outrage there??? Yeah right, your concern is pathetic!
    Build the wall send them packing back to the shit-hole country they are from…you should be thankfull that you are in a free country to spew your ignorance.
    YOU are proving(with every time you open your sick mouth) that the (D)’s are NOT worthy to hold any government position!
    YOU are the cause of all the division in America!
    YOU and your followers are blind to your actions!

    1. I totally agree with your comments Richard. This is yet another tactic (a very desperate one) to create more divisiveness in our nation. They want to talk about President Trump causing a division, yet what we have seen is nothing short that now the democratic-socialist party is very nervous and willing to pull out all stops at getting the black votes. It was democrats that enslaved the black race, it was the democrats who have kept the blacks in proverbial shackles, with promises of giving them ‘freebies’, all the while to only keep them in financial ‘chains’. It is good to see more and more black voters have finally awoken to realize they have been a ‘tool’ for the democrats. I truly hope this reparations drive will backfire against the democrats come 2020 elections. It’s time for these hacks to simply go away…and let our nation heal from the divisiveness caused by the democratic party.

  2. https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/amendmentxiv

    14th Amendment – Section 4.

    The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

  3. If the DEMOCOMMUNIST want those “reparations” so bad, let THEM clean out THEIR bank accounts, give their money away, and leave the rest of us TAXPAYERS alone. BTW this is just another DEMOCOMMUNIST political “stunt” in an attempt to “BUY” votes and bamboozle the Blacks back onto their depleted “plantation”. I don’t think the Black population will “buy” what they are trying to “sell” this time, after all the ‘promises” that have been broken all these DECADES, and they got NOTHING but those “empty promises” after the “voting” was done.

    1. Blacks should be paying white Americans for fighting and dying so they could be free. Especially people from the Northern part of the US. Most people of the South, at that time, were to poor to own slaves and had to work as hard as lot of slaves did to scratch out enough to live on.
      So, let the blacks start paying Reparations to the Northern part of the US to the families who had loved ones died so blacks could have their freedom.

  4. My ancestors came to this country voluntarily, but the Irish were treated very poorly when they arrived. Shouldn’t I be eligible for reparations also? NO! I am responsible only for my actions and that is the limit of anyone else’s responsibility, also. I cannot be deemed guilty of actions taken by those long dead, be they Irish, Native American, Roman or whatever group we hold reprehensible in history!

    Those who demand something for nothing, should receive their just desserts ——– NOTHING!

    1. Agree! Further, monetary reparations will not ever reverse the wrong of anything! All too often, the democrats apply today’s societal norms to events and persons in history. History cannot be changed. Instead, learn from the mistakes made to ensure those mistakes are never made again.

  5. One more of the many problems with this insane Idea is, that if our Thieving members of Congress approve Reparations, those of us who do not have Slave owning ancestry will be forced to pay for both those that did have slave ancestry, and those that never had slave ancestry in America. How anyone will prove their case for one or the other, will in my view will be extremely difficult for the legitimate, and impossible for the phonies. Last names will not be enough for all but those named Johnson, since Anthony Johnson, the first legal Slave owner in America was a Black man from Angola that came to Virginia as an indentured worker not as a Slave.

  6. Since the majority of slaves did not give DNA evidence at the time they were slaves and there is little written evidence of who was a slave and merely being black does no automatically make someone a descendant of slaves, not to mention descendants that have passed as white for generations, How do you establish legitimate descendants?? Ther have been 7.5 generations since the end of slavery, any guess as to how many people that amounts to??

  7. Why No Talks or Truths about Who Actually Owned & Sold Slaves, at least 150 years ago? Africans Sold Their Own, there & Here. This is More of Their Own, Self Segregating & Causing More, Divisions. Their “Own” Attempts to Use Again, Their Own People, for a Political point, Instead of Actually Doing Something, Anything, that Would Help in those Communities, Aid those in Severe Poverty & the now Over Crowded Schools & Rid them of the Biased Teachers & All the SOS Recycled Canned BS is All this Is. They Could do a Lot to Aid these Stuck in Poverty But, Reparations to Those Not Slaves, Not Without Opportunities to Shine, To Show What They’ve Been More Capable of?? Is Demeaning. I think of Dr. Carson, I think of Literally Hundreds of Thousands, Millions of People of all “Shades”, who’ve Accomplished Great Things for ALL People. Reparations unfortunately Will Not Help, it’s just Another Short Term Feel Good moment that Will Amount to More Nothing for Something, that Is Not nor has been Relevant Today in Our Country. Glover, Obama, Rice, Holder, Many, Oprah, absolutely Too Many to List although they might want to Jump on this latest “BS wagon”, They All know, Their Skin shade has Not & Will Not Stop Them from Any Accomplishments or Achievements, Ever. They Themselves have Proven this Over & Over Again. The Poverty that Continues to Afflict the Same Areas, Same Families, Same Communities is Not Because of Anything Stopping Them from getting Out or Becoming what They WANT to Be..That’s the CLUE..it’s What They WANT To DO or NOT Do. Candace Owens..Lawrence Jones..WE Love YOU ALL!! Keep Fighting for REAL Change! For All people.

  8. First of all it was the SS Democrat Party that owned Slaves in a country called the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA in the 1600s and the 1700s and in the 1980s before the Republicans wiped them of the map.So if anyone that is a SS Democrat should pay dearly for what they did to the black folks my family never owned slaves we were from the north,and furthermore in the 1950s -1960s -1970s there were like 9 SS Democrats that were in the KKK in our country and never passed a bill to help the black folks it was the Republicans that passed the Civil Rights Bill for them.Wake up people they are the real Racist that are UN-AMERICANS in our country.

  9. no slave is alive today. blacks are not the only ones who were born disadvantaged. no reparations are due anyone on this planet today. get an education and work hard and you will succeed. if you don’t want to do that then live in poverty. the choice is yours. we do take care of the disabled but if you have arms and legs and a brain then pull yourself up. many of us did and anyone can.

    The history of slavery is as old as human history and is said to still exist in Muslim countries and in Asia and Africa. The Bible gives accounts of slavery in Egypt and the Roman empire. Muslims are known to have been involved in slavery from the 700 AD era to the present. The Scandinavian Vikings captured English, Scottish, and Irish people and sold them as slaves in the 793 to 1066 era. From 1440 to 1870 there were 54,200 ship voyages by Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and Dutch to and from Africa for slaves. An estimated 11 million Africans were captured and enslaved but only about 500 thousand were brought to North America. Four million went to Brazil and 1 million to Cuba and the rest to European possessions in the New world in the Caribbean.
    When America got into the slave trade business it started with Massachusetts in 1637 where the 1st American slave ship “The Desire” was fitted out in Marblehead. Massachusetts was the 1st colony to legalize slavery by statute in 1641 at the request of Jewish businessmen but had been enslaving Indians since the Puritans arrived in 1620. Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York followed. The port cities of New England grew to prosperity based on the nefarious business. The economic infrastructure of New England depended on the trade. Virtually all slave ships were owned by Jewish Americans. Aaron Lopez was the largest of the slave traders and records show the names of the Slave Ships under his ownership and control. The Jewish DeWolf family owned most of the slave auction houses.
    In Virginia from 1607 to 1655 a 7 year servitude existed to pay for the ship voyage to America. Truth can be stranger than fiction. In 1619 20 blacks arrived at Jamestown. Anthony Johnson worked off his servitude and became a Virginia land owner. In 1654-1655 he went before the courts of Virginia (English) and was granted lifetime ownership of fellow black John Casor. THE FATHER OF SOUTHERN SLAVERY WAS A BLACK MAN.
    The Southern states initially tried to resist slavery but Southern planters succumbed to sales pressure from the Yankee slave traders. Virginia tried over 30 times to stop slavery but England refused. Slavery was supposed to have never been allowed in Georgia.
    BLACKS PARTICIPATED IN SLAVERY. In the state of LA in 1860 there were at least six free blacks who owned 65 or more slaves. Widow C. Richard and her son P. C. Richard owned 152 slaves. Antoine Dubuclet owned over 100 slaves. In Charleston, SC 125 free blacks owned slaves. Six of them owned ten or more. Mistress L. Horry, of South Carolina owned 84 slaves in 1830. In 1830 one fourth of the free black slave masters in SC owned 10 or more slaves. According to the U.S. 1830 Census over 3000 free blacks owned over 12,000 black slaves albeit some were family members purchased.
    When the slave trade became unprofitable the hypocritical New England Yankees accused the South of grave moral sin. Slavery was a dying institution in the South and orderly emancipation was taking place. Radical Fanatical criminal corrupt New Englanders demanded instant abolition and 68 of 117 Republican politicians signed a resolution supporting terrorism against the South. All wars are fought over land, resources, money, and power. The upcoming Yankee Morrill tariff tax of 47-51% was one of the main reasons for Southern secession and was the only reason Lincoln invaded the South. Northern Industrialists and bankers refused to give up the 60 to 70 million dollars they were getting annually from an unfair sectional tariff tax from which the South was being forced to pay 75 to 85% of the money to operate the Federal Government. And 10% tariff rates in Southern ports would have put the Northern ports out of business. Two years into the War for Southern Independence (aka Civil War) Lincoln brought in the slavery issue to prevent England and France from supporting the CSA. Since Southern surrender in 1865 Yankee lies (by omission of facts) and propaganda have successfully placed virtually all responsibility for American slavery on the South. The Confederate flag nor the flags of any Southern colony or state ever flew over any slave ship but the U.S. flag “The Stars and Stripes” flew over many. The above references to Jewish slave traders should not be considered as an anti-Semitic statement and in no way places blame on today’s many fine Jewish Americans.

  11. The History and Development of Slavery in America
    I understand that Alex Haley was once watching TV showing starving sick diseased Africans and said “If not for slavery that could be me. Every time a black sees a Confederate flag he should kiss it”.
    But it was the flags of Spain, Portugal, England, France, and the Dutch and later the American flag by Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York that brought the slaves to America.
    SO WHY DO OUR HISTORY BOOKS LEAVE THESE SEVEN FACTS OUT? 1) The slave trade prospered in West Africa 40 years before Columbus even discovered America. African tribes actually conducted raids on their neighbors for the express purpose of enslaving them. Tragically, slavery is practiced to this very day in places like the Sudan, Zaire and Nigeria.
    2) Five European powers (Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and Britain) competing for New World influence all employed slavery, with Brazil (Portugal’s crown jewel) topping the list at 5.5 million slaves, half of the total brought to the New World. By 1860, their numbers had dwindled to a little over 2 million.
    3) Only 6% of Africans reached our shores (about 600,000). By 1860 their numbers had increased (without new importations) to almost 4 million, the only slave population in recorded history to increase in captivity. Indigent Anglo-Celts filled the need for slaves (as indentured servants) Most white Southerners are descendants of these early bondsmen.
    4) Slavery was practiced in all thirteen colonies and NY City was second only to Charleston SC in 1776 as the city with the highest percentage of slaves. Sojourner Truth was born Isabella Van Wagner, a slave in New York.
    5) The liberal guilt, which today besets the North, has at its roots the profits from its vast slave trading which did nothing less than finance the Industrial Revolution. At the Constitutional Convention a continuation of the slave trade was a concession wrung by the Northern delegations from the South which allowed the North to continue the international trade another 20 years, until 1808.
    6) New England slave ships continued plying the waters in defiance of the ban thereafter providing millions of slaves to French and Spanish sugar plantations in the Caribbean and South America.
    7) The 1860 census reveals 95% of America’s slaves were owned by just 5% of the population while 85% of Southerners owned the land and structures they lived upon. This clearly establishes a large, independent non slave-holding class of yeoman farmers who later became the rank and file as well as the heart and soul of the Confederate army. To state their motive for fighting was the preservation of slavery is pure nonsense.
    The Old South and the Confederate States of America was a classical civilization with colleges and universities, art and literature, architecture, world class statesmen, and a fine military. Like all classical civilizations including ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome the C.S.A. was driven by slave labor. However, slavery was a dying institution prior to the Civil War. Like the aforementioned civilizations, the C.S.A. deserves to be studied, honored, and respected.
    It is the institution of slavery that is primarily responsible for the criticism, misunderstanding, and opposition to Confederate history and heritage. The winner of a war writes the history and biased Northern historians have presented selected facts and intentionally omitted other important facts. Therefore American history is an extremely biased New England perspective of the Old South, Confederacy, and Reconstruction. These dishonest Northern historians write history in such a manner as to cause students to assume that only the South was responsible for slavery. The truth is becoming known. New York City had the second highest slave population in America second only to Charleston SC.
    The North was not only complicit; it was largely responsible for the development of slavery in America. The Pilgrims landed in 1620 in Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts) and immediately began enslaving Pequot Indians. They were the first colony to legalize slavery by statute in 1641. It was the New England colonies of MA., CT., NH., RI., and New York that imported slaves to America along with England, Spain, Portugal, and the Dutch. The economic infrastructure of the port cities of colonial New England depended on the nefarious trade. In contrast, in Virginia, a 7 year indentured servitude existed until 1655 when Anthony Johnson became the “Father of Southern Slavery”. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction-THE FATHER OF SOUTHERN SLAVERY WAS A BLACK MAN.
    It was Queen Elizabeth of England who put that country in the slave trade business. Colonial Virginia tried over 30 times to prohibit the trade but England and the New England slave traders declined. These Northern colonies had both state owned and privately owned fleets of slave ships. Today, Jewish Americans are some of the most outspoken critics of the Confederacy, but ironically, this ethnic group was very involved in the highly profitable slave trade.
    Liberal critics of the Confederate States of America have indoctrinated many Americans, especially African-Americans, to believe that slaves on Southern plantations and farms were constantly abused. Certainly some were, but most were treated fairly and some so well that they considered their status superior to poor whites. It was in Africa during the capture by fellow Africans that the slaves were horribly abused and weaker individuals murdered. Then during the “middle passage” on the ships of European and Yankee Northern captains, they were packed into cramped and unsanitary quarters where many died on the voyages to America, West Indies, and South America. Once they arrived in the South, they were often treated as family.
    In 1934-1936, during the Franklin Roosevelt administration’s WPA program, about 2200 old former slaves in 11 Southern states were interviewed and their stories recorded. They are known as the “Slave Narratives” and have been published in books. The vast majority spoke with great affection for their former masters and talked of the good times and kind treatment. In contrast poor white workers in Northern factories were treated harshly. Most did not have single family housing until after 1900 (see the movie “Gangs of New York”). Southern slaves had better food from the plantations and farms than most poor Northern workers. In the South, a slave was cared for from birth to death but in the North workers were fired when they became old and infirm. Thousands were homeless on the streets of the Northern industrial cities.
    The flags of England, Spain, Portugal, and other European nations as well as the U.S. flag-the Stars and Stripes flew over slavery at various times from 1492-1865 (373 years) as compared to only 4 years for the Confederate flag. So if you want to hate a flag perhaps you should choose one of the aforementioned as opposed to the Confederate flag. It was the U.S. flag-the Stars and Stripes that flew over the genocide of the Native American Indians who were herded onto reservations and subjected to starvation, disease and murder by U.S. Cavalry troops (including black “Buffalo Soldiers”) and corrupt Indian Agents. The ugly truth is–America killed more Indians under the “Stars and Stripes” and colonial American flags (9-14 million) than Germany did Jews under the Swastika (6-7 million). Furthermore the official flag of the KKK is the U.S. flag not the Confederate flag.
    The Pilgrims began enslaving Indians immediately after their arrival in 1620. When America entered the slave business the first slave ship “The Desire” was fitted out in Marblehead Mass. in 1637. In 1641 Mass. became the first colony to legalize slavery by statute. The colonies and later states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York had state owned and privately owned fleets of slave ships and these 5 Colonies/States are primarily responsible for the slave trade in America. But dishonest Northern historians have omitted facts and wrote history in such a manner as to cause students to conclude that all the responsibility lies with the South. Slavery did not exist in the South until 1654-1655 when Anthony Johnson, a free black, went before the courts of Virginia (English courts) and was granted lifetime ownership of John Casor a fellow black. Thus the father of Southern slavery was a black man. Virginia tried over 30 times to stop slavery but England and New England would not allow the profitable enterprise upon which the prosperity of New England had risen to stop it. From 1440 thru 1870 there were 54,200 ship voyages to and from Africa for slaves and not one (0) flew the Confederate flag but a lot of them flew flags of the colonies and states of New England and the U.S. flag–the “Stars and Stripes”.

  12. Very few people have ever heard of the Union League. It has been kept from American history books by dishonest and biased Northern historians. History is always written by the winner (victor) of a war. The UNION LEAGUE was uncle Sam’s terrorist organization operated by Yankee Radical Carpetbaggers. They were like war lords with thousands of blacks enrolled in the terrorist organization. The Yankee carpetbaggers had them doing their mischief against white Southerners–burning houses and barns, shooting livestock, poisoning wells, and committing murder and rape. The atrocities of the UNION LEAGUE is what caused the KKK to form and spread across the occupied Southern states. The KKK was a police organization and a resistance organization similar to the French resistance in World War II. (NOTE-I disdain the modern Klan-This information only applies to the original Klan during so called “Reconstruction” which was the plunder, pillage, and economic rape of the Southern states). Don’t expect to find the UNION LEAGUE in any American History book. When the white Yankee Carpetbaggers packed up and went back North in 1877 they left the blacks to face the wrath of white Southerners for all the atrocities the white Yankees had them to do. This led to segregation and Jim Crow laws–the most non-violent thing the South could have done.

  13. The late great radio commentator Paul Harvey Aurandt, known on radio as Paul Harvey, had for many years a very popular segment called “The Rest Of The Story”. Most people are aware that there are at least two sides to any story and most are aware that the winner or victor of a war writes the history. Many people are also aware that American History, especially that of the Old South, the War For Southern Independence (Civil War), and Reconstruction as presented by Northern historians is at best a highly biased New England perspective and at worst little more than Yankee lies and propaganda. Emperor Napoleon of France is quoted as saying “History is an Accepted Fable” and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said “History is Basically Bunk”. In the current sea of political correctness that has swallowed up America, true and accurate Southern and Confederate history is absolutely not going to be taught in America’s classrooms including colleges and universities.
    The complete story of the Civil Rights movement and the battles fought by black Americans, especially black Southerners, for voting and other rights is the subject of this commentary. The perspective presented by America’s news media portrays white Southerners as racists and bigots who mistreated totally innocent blacks who only wanted their rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. In some cases this is true but what caused Southern whites to act in this manner? Some articles ask “Should blacks forgive whites for this mistreatment”. Continue reading as I present “The Rest Of The Story” which dishonest Northern historians have omitted from American history. This omission can be compared to serving on a jury trial in which only the prosecution is allowed to present their perspective and selected facts. Thus jurors are kept in ignorance of other vital facts relevant to rendering an educated fair and impartial verdict.
    Today very few Americans, including Southerners, remember or have ever heard of Uncle Sam’s terrorist organization, the UNION LEAGUE, which was operated by evil, corrupt, tyrannical, despotic, dictatorial Yankee Carpetbaggers in the South from 1862 through 1877. All chapters in American history books related to Reconstruction discuss radical Republican Carpetbaggers and the KKK. The third element, the Union League, is totally omitted because this “inconvenient history” reflects so negatively on the North and would expose the shameful corrupt and barbaric atrocities committed by the UNION LEAGUE against white Southerners especially former Confederates and their families.
    The UNION LEAGUE began as an honorable part of the Union army as the Sanitary Commission. It soon morphed into the military strong arm of the Freedmans Bureau and began committing atrocities. These white Yankee carpetbaggers used uneducated blacks as puppets to do their dirty work during so called Reconstruction which was in reality the plunder, pillage, and rape of the Southern states. Blacks were initiated into the UNION LEAGUE in secret spectacular impressive ceremonies with fires, music, and inflammatory speeches and lies to incite hatred and resentment toward Southern whites. Conservative blacks that refused to participate and join were beaten or in some cases murdered. During Reconstruction the membership of the UNION LEAGUE reached nearly 300,000 black militia members managed and controlled by white Yankee carpetbaggers.
    UNION LEAGUE Carpetbaggers handed out matches and had blacks burning houses and barns, shooting livestock, poisoning wells, and committing murder and rape. White Southerners lived in terror for years. Some Yankees were so radical and fanatical that they wanted to exterminate every Southern man, woman, and child. This caused the rise of the KKK which was an honorable Police and Resistance organization (this pro-KKK comment only applies to the original KKK which disbanded in 1877. I disdain the modern Klan). Union League carpetbaggers also fought battles between each other for control much like modern drug lords. In several cases president Grant had to intervene but he always sided with the radicals against moderates. When Southerners finally evicted the carpetbaggers the blacks were left to face the wrath of whites. Theft and corruption had been so severe that several states were left totally bankrupt.
    Although the UNION LEAGUE has been omitted from history and virtually forgotten, the consequences have carried forward. White Northerners are responsible for most of today’s division between white and black Southerners. It is time for both whites and blacks to forgive but not forget and to work together to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights and prevent the enslavement of us all by the advancing shadow of totalitarian Socialism which hovers over America like a bird of prey fueled by well meaning but misguided liberals.
    As blacks moved from plantations and farms into towns and cities during Reconstruction and afterwards black crime skyrocketed. The Southern states did the most non-violent things possible. They segregated blacks and passed Jim-Crow laws.

  14. The Reparations Scam De Jour
    Posted on June 21, 2019 by Al Benson Jr.
    Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

    The reparations scam is like the proverbial bad penny–it keeps on coming back and back and back. And now we have a batch of Demoncrat congresspersons that want to try to foist it upon us yet again.

    Do you think they know it’s a scam? Of course they do. They are trying to shaft the public, particularly the white public and they hope we are too stupid to realize that. Well, some are and some aren’t. The ones that are will just go along with it in the name of “racial equality” (which really has nothing to do with it) and the ones that aren’t will just be labeled as “racists” by the mainstream media. They think that labeling us all racists will automatically shut us up. It won’t, but in their omniscient wisdom they haven’t quite figured that out yet.

    One of the sponsors of this pernicious legislation is Rep. Jerrold Nadler from New York. That fact alone should tell you that this bill has to be a project of the far left in the Demoncrat Party (although you have to wonder if there’s anything other than the far left amongst the Democrats anymore. Any Democrat who is not part of the far left is probably in hiding!

    So this bill is supposed to create a commission to study slavery in the US all the way back to 1565 through the end of the War of Northern Aggression. Anyone want to bet that most of their main effort will cover the years from 1860-65 in the South? I didn’t think so.

    So supposedly this commission will study the whole slavery banana. I hope that means they will take account of all the slavery that went on in the Northern states up until around 1830 or so–states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and wherever else up there that slavery existed. It will be interesting to see how this commission goes about finding the descendants of slaves in Massachusetts in 1800. I could be wrong, but I’d bet they will end up deciding that is a non-starter and they will go to concentrating on slavery in the South.

    Mitch McConnell in the Senate will supposedly ignore this bill. We’ll see. It’s easy to see how some of these elastic congresspersons end up getting “persuaded” to change their minds at the midnight hour.

    Just so you all realize it, any reparations bill that ends up getting passed will be a bill that redistributes your wealth to some other group for a situation that, in our day, neither you nor they had any part in. Like so much legislation that gets passed in our day, it is little more than legalized theft.

    I’ve asked these questions before, but I will ask them again because I have never heard a satisfactory answer to them. Will descendants of black slave owners have to pay reparations also?
    What about people whose ancestors were not here during the slave days? Will they have to pay too, and if so, why? And please don’t tell me they also benefitted from slavery too. That’s a croc and we both know it. And what about whites that were slaves in this country? There were some–and we are not talking indentured servants here we are talking slaves. Do their descendants get reparations too? Bet they don’t. Bet they are not even mentioned or considered. And what about American Indians that were slaves–particularly in the North? Do their descendants get reparations? Bet they don’t!

    If I had a suspicious mind, I might be tempted to think a reparations bill being introduced at this time might just be a crude Demoncrat attempt at buying the black vote for the 2020 election. Of course we all realize such would never happen–would it? Next question!

    Discerning black folks need to be aware of smiling Demoncrat legislators bearing reparations gifts that leave lots of unanswered questions.

  15. This whole discussion on Reparations is ridiculous, it happened 150 yrs ago. No one is alive today was affected by this. It should not even be discussed. U have black museums, black colleges, inner city funding, job training, black organizations, black scholars. I think Welfare was a good Reparation, What more do U want? No one today suffered under Slavery.

    Attaching a dollar figure to a program of reparations resembles a w/ amounts ranging from the piddling ($71.08 per recipient to the astronomical amount of ($17 Trillion in total). Our Country is $22 Trillion in Debt this is NOT even a consideration nor should it be.

    We cannot only learn by History as we move forward on many things. U can’t rewrite History & can just move forward on a more healthier route.

    The only ones keep Racism going is the Liberals.

    I refuse to pay for something I had nothing to do w/ 150 yrs ago.

  16. The Democrat party will endorse any issues they feel will get them votes. They do not care that in the process of endorsing reparations for descendants of black Americans whose ancestors were held in slavery they are pushing our Republic further and further into racism. Black Americans have been receiving payments from the government since Lyndon Johnson’s administration in the form of welfare and food stamps/snap payments and have had everything including priority admission into the country’s colleges and university’s under affirmative action given to them. If, they have failed to take advantage of the system to enrich their lives, they have no one to blame for their problems. I for one am getting tired of hearing the term white privilege bantered around by the liberal idiots in Congress. The very idea of paying black Americans reparations is utterly absurd and will lead to an outright refusal of the American taxpayer to pay for something they never caused while rewarding black Americans for something they never endured or were impacted by slavery. I never owned anyone and black Americans living today were never held as slaves. This very ignorant idea of paying reparations will destroy our country. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said.

  17. Reparations have been paid since LBJ Started “The Welfare State”! L.B.J famously stated I’ll have the N—–s voting Democrat for the next 200 years!

  18. I’m going to sue the Dutch, and Africans, for bringing slaves to America in the first place, my ancestors were against slavery in the beginning and were shut down by Americans!
    My ancestors were Scottish, they were against slavery! If nothing else, I want the Scottish Americans waved of having to pay reparations!

  19. Scottish Americans came to America fleeing oppression and know the plight of the African Americans too well, just read the history, or watch Braveheart! We were against slavery! Andrew Johnson threatened Scottish Americans who were pissed off because he took away the 40 acres and a mule program after Lincoln was assassinated, making him POTUS a Democrat from Tennessee!

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