Chicago Judge Orders Special Prosecutor Probe of Jussie Smollett Case

A Chicago judge ordered Friday that a special prosecutor be named to investigate the actions of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx surrounding the case of actor Jussie Smollett, the architect of a hate crime hoax.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Judge Michael Toomin handed down the order Friday morning, and the probe could even result in charges being filed — again — against Smollett.

Foxx’s office struck a deal with Smollett in March following the weeks-long saga of the hate crime he reported being a victim of in January. Police eventually discovered that Smollett, who is black and gay, staged the hate crime and paid two Nigerian brothers as actors in the scheme.

Smollett was ultimately charged with 16 felony counts stemming from the hoax, but they were all dropped as part of the aforementioned deal.

The Tribune reported that former state appellate Judge Sheila O’Brien led the effort for the appointment of a special prosecutor to examine the case and determine if either Foxx or her office violated the law or any policies.

Foxx’s actions, O’Brien said, created “a perception that justice was not served here, that Mr. Smollett received special treatment.”

The Cook County inspector general is already looking at the case.

via newsmax


  1. It`ll be the great opportunity to see if the law still is working and no one above the law ! Throw him in jail what he is deserve and that corrupted prosecutor should be in jail too !

  2. After they fire Kim Foxx, they should do something towards the Obama’s or atleast Obama’s staff employee for hindering a Police Departments Duty? “OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE”! Let’s have another investigation!

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