WILD WEST: Illegals cross into US — then OPEN FIRE on border wall!

Don’t worry, America, it’s just more “poor, tired huddled masses yearning to breathe free” — not violent thugs breaking the law and flagrantly firing weapons for no good reason.

Surveillance video caught illegal aliens crossing the border into the US, then opening fire on the border wall in the Yuma Sector of Arizona.


The black-and-white video shows several individuals milling around with one indiscriminately firing a handgun at the steel barrier near San Luis.

According to Customs and Border Protection:

At approximately 2:55 a.m., camera operators viewed five subjects standing on the west side of the border after they illegally crossed into the United States. The group had traversed east through the dry Colorado riverbed. One of the subjects was seen shooting several times toward the secondary border wall west of San Luis.

A short time later, a truck arrived from Mexico and picked up all five subjects. The individuals crossed back into Mexico and drove away on a nearby Mexican highway before agents could respond.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a man was jogging near the border and got shot. Authorities believe the bullet was fired from Mexico.

CBS 4 reports:

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a homicide investigation after the body of a 57-year-old male was found on Tuesday, June 18.

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The body of Miguel Angel Valdez Hernandez was found by a farm worker near the Rio Grande River Levee, south of Riverside Road in Brownsville at approximately 4 p.m Tuesday afternoon.

Deputy Chief Gus Reyna said that an initial investigation indicated Hernandez was jogging by the river levee. Preliminary autopsy results revealed the cause of death was a gunshot wound to Hernandez’s body.

Police are seeking “a small, white, extended cab truck as a vehicle of interest,” which was carrying “several individuals in the bed of the truck.”

“It is believed that the shot that killed Hernandez may have come from Mexico and Mexican authorities have been contacted to assist in this investigation,” according to CBS 4.

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  1. #YumaSector #USBP camera operators observe a subject cross illegally from Mexico Thursday and shoot multiple times at the border wall near San Luis, Arizona.
    Illegals crossing Illegally in to the USA with guns and the democrats of Dc say, “Americans has no worries about any friendly illegals they will not harm you (MURDER YOU) just believe the Democratic party.

  2. The spin by Democats will be that these are NRA Americans and that we need gun control to prevent this. They are right we do need to confiscate guns coming into our country in the possession of Ilegal invaders, which this could be looked as as armed invaders and they could very well put themselves in a position to be shot.

  3. These motherfuckers need to be shot dead as they,re trying to cross our border illegally. That will stop the little spicks from coming here.

  4. REMEMBER ALL OF THIS IS BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS NEED THE VOTES OR would Slaves be a better word. But Americans are paying for it. Time to remove the Democrats from office and remove their ability to take our hard earned dollars through additional taxes and phony humanitarian schemes.

  5. You can bet this group are just borderline thugs… but you also need to be very careful with the way you approach anyone on foot near the border…I have met up with them on the road looking for help 15 miles north of the border on the road looking for a ride and h2o. I just rode up to the nearest border patrol station and pointed them out. Too bad we can’t enjoy our southern border anymore.

  6. Execute the terrorists who are funding these invasions and even if it is the DNC terrorists and republican traitors and that Nazi George Soros and build the wall immediately and close the borders

  7. Use to be able to bird hunt along the flood planes of the river. No more. I am a surveyor and work along the river at times. The ranchers and farmers are fed up with this crap. They come across trample the crops, break limbs of pecan trees, destroy equipment; the list goes on. But, if that rancher or farmer detains these criminals they will be sued by the intruder. Google it. You cannot protect your property. If you pull a gun on them, you will go to jail. Google it! You are at the mercy of the invaders.

  8. And to think they are going to get part of your Social Security. Oh but yes my friends! I had the opportunity to go to the Social security office in Fort Myers Florida. Was there to do a change of address and I arrived about 30 minutes early. The line in front of me was already 20 people long. We went in, took a number and at least half the people working at the windows were speaking in Spanish and by the tile I had been inside for 20 plus minutes I happened to look around and see that I was the only deplorable in the place. I did happen to see a couple of grandmothers in their with their grandchildren that no doubt they were responsible for now. I would date say that 75-80 people that took a number were Latino/Hispanic and they were there to apply for SSI. That made me feel so damn good. I am glad to know that when I was a kid working on the summer school program and I was paying Social Security into the system back in 1971 that it would go to help someone who will NEVER be a contributor to the system. Now I know what most of the self righteous liberals are thinking. They’re thinking I should pay that for them. Last time I checked I am responsible for my wife and my offspring. If everybody had that mentality, the damn world will run itself without buying all of these votes with someone else’s money. If I can count on a few things in the U.S. it’s that there are tons of liberals lined up to run for office that’s more than willing to promise the moon on someone else’s hard earned dime. Secondly, you have tons of liberals who can think of all kind of reasons Social Security is not an entitlement when other than a 401k or like retirement Social Security is the only entitlement. If I’m told in 1971 that part of that damn money will be there when I’m 62, 65 and 67 years of age it better damn be there or we’ve never had a Government, just con artists. I’ve always been a believer in my remnant of a constitution and people ha e free speech. But if I’ve never paid a dime into the SS system then I do t have a voice, I’m just a blabber mouth who cannot mind their own business and want to be involved in others.

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