Elizabeth Warren Demands Reparations For Gay And Lesbian Couples

Democratic Presidential nominees appear to be in a race to the bottom, or lowest common identity-politics denominator as their virtue-signaling knows no bounds.

After a week of discussions about reparations for slavery – soundly dismissed by numerous African American speakers – Senator Elizabeth Warren has tried to outdo her opponents by seeking reparations for another group of repressed and long-suffering individuals.

Warren reintroduced the Refund Equality Act, a bill that would allow same-sex couples to amend past tax returns and receive refunds from the IRS.

“The federal government forced legally married same-sex couples in Massachusetts to file as individuals and pay more in taxes for almost a decade,” Warren said in a statement.

“We need to call out that discrimination and to make it right – Congress should pass the Refund Equality Act immediately.”

As NBC News reports, a report by the Joint Committee on Taxation released Tuesday estimated that taxpayers who were in same-sex marriages prior to the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 would be eligible for up to $57 million in refunds. Warren introduced a version of the bill in 2017.

As we concluded in March, after noting the spread of ‘reparations’ is now a worldwide phenomona, guilt is not a constructive emotion on a personal level – it prevents us from letting go of the past and moving on with life.

Could this be true on a societal level, too? The phenomena of virtue-signaling – fooling ourselves and others into thinking we are making a positive difference with ostentatious displays of do-gooding – is a common way of temporarily allaying this social guilt without requiring the sacrifice or work of genuinely creating change in the world. Thus, we remain stuck in a downward-spiral of self-loathing, while simultaneously failing to correct the ongoing injustices we see around us.

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    1. She needs to go to jail for her fraud. Dang these corrupt just keep on keeping on! She needs to pay back the money she knowingly and willingly lied about being an Indian princess frauding the government out of college funds.

    2. I agree. Queers of all types should be executed just as the bible says. They are supposed to be stoned until dead.

      1. Yes – if you have mercy on them, when they (the homo sodomites) upon achieving power over you, , will not have mercy on you. The proof of this we are seeing today. The sodomites, though having been shown mercy, will have no mercy through their court actions against Christian bakers who refuse to celebrate and promote their perversions. Next up: the normalization of Pedophilia.

  1. This idiot is the most pathetic besides
    BETO. The entire DemonRAT party has
    not one candidate worthy of leading
    our great country.
    Reparations for any cause are a joke.
    Nobody alive deserves reparations for
    slavery. All of this nonsense for VOTES.
    Every American regardless of race or color
    needs to join hands to vote every DemonRAT
    and RINO out of office.

    1. Ross is totally correct. Any way to get money from the government (meaning US citizen tax payers) is what the Democrats try. I agree with a statement, if the Democrats want to have all these reparations, including gays, etc, let them pay for it..How quickly that would end. Nancy Peloski, Chuck Schumer, Watters, and so many other Democrats would NOT GIVE A DIME of their own money for anything…and they won’t give a dime for the wall, insult the Jewish people, what else. Also, they have not one candidate who could get enough votes to defeat Trump. None have any redeeming qualities…Cannot imagine ANY ONE of them as a USA President. takes a really special, dedicated, patriotic person to do that job, especially when totally overwhelmed by FAKE media, FAKE remarks on their tv shows…Just don’t watch it folks…is all lies…

    2. You are so right about Pocohauntas and Beto the Dirt Bag Bum. I also
      say that ALL DEMS are lying, cheating, money grabbing, illegal morons.

  2. It was bad enough when she tried to “represent” the little people with “I’m gonna have me a beer…”.
    Poster Beach was on the right track. I really thought she’d do more for North American Natives, since not all are opening tax-exempt casinos… but it seems she’s “over that”.
    Weeks ago she was about reparations for blacks with slave ancestry. Is there anyone who was a slave in this country alive today?
    Now she feels it only fair that because this country said (correctly) that marriage is between a man and a woman, homosexuals LOST MONEY, so THEY should be paid too.
    – Ask about whether her feelings on what JEWS lost is on par with her younger demo-freak counterparts…
    Crazier than a loon, yet a large chunk of the population is just as nuts enough to elect her.

  3. I am getting sick and tired of these politicians bringing up all these reasons to give money to all these people that don’t deserve a dam dime just to get votes, that’s also why they wan’t all the Illegals in this country is for votes.

  4. I want reparations for having to deal with all these queers/fagots bullshit in forcing their immoral stupid lifestyle down our throats.

    1. Yes, we’re all sick and tired of the demonicrat establishment. God bless our president that he and true americans might prevail, and accursed be the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters and the “Deep State”.

  5. I saw this coming when they first started talking about reparations, What’s next, I bought a lemon car, I am an illegal that got caught, What?

    1. They the DEMONCRAT CULTISTS insult the idiot voters at every turn. They blantantly want to use OUR money to buy VOTES!, THEN build a permanent support group. They abuse people ‘s good nature,save the children, help the poor, etc, etc, then laugh at the stupidity and culbility.

  6. You know, all the slave owners that had their property stolen from them by the Government and were not paid anything for the property that was stolen deserve reparations as well. Urinate on E. Warren. She is a moron.

    1. They don’t know where the money would come from…as in statement above, our country is in HUGE debt. The Republicans and Democrats DO NOTHING to bring down budget costs, just keep on with their cow-demands paying for absolute junk to encourage voters to vote for them…they promised to clear out the “benefits”, but isn’t happening…plus, no-one appears interested in doing anything to clear up the laws to change illegals status except President Trump. It is Congress and Senate’s lack of back bone that is causing this Huge DEBT to continue , and Democrats refusing to make or pass reasonable laws stopping illegals pushing their way into the USA. When any election comes up: check out your candidates. If any are the non-working, non voting current legislatoArs, DO NOT VOTE THEM BACK IN OFFICE. This must be stopped…Some Americans do not know what is REALLY going on in the Swamp…the Swamp is looking out for the Swamp, not the American voters.

  7. I think Elizabeth Warren has been smoking the stuff they put in the peace pipe to long, she drinking to much again or she’s absolutely lost her demented mind.

  8. Pokie is the epitome of Stupidity. She needs to pay us tax payers back all the money she has stolen from us with her nitwit plans.
    I am not paying a dime to reparation to the black community or the GAYS..I had nothing to do with slavery, and i am not paying reparation for someone that has chose to be what they are..No I am tired of these Demon Rats getting so low in the mud just to get votes, just to take back the WH..I wish we could get rid of the Demon RAt party all together..and make these stupid subhumans work, yes WORK for their living, and make them live on 30,000 a year , pay there own insurance and when they are voted out then the money stops..They should of been saving all this time.
    I know that there are some people that are born “wrong”…I can even go as far as to say that i see if someone was severly abused as a child that their thinking would be warped and they would go that way…BUT 90% of the gays and bisexuals (don’t get me started on that) is BS..it is a decision they have made and i am fine with that but i be damn if i am spending one cent of my hard earned money to pay them back for their OWN CHOICES…
    Some one earlier said it right…WE need to write down the names of the senate and congress that are going along with all this stupidity and VOTE THEM OUT..VOTE CONSERVATIVE IN…

  9. Someone should just slap the ugly and stupid out of her…She is STILL going from one cause to another to get votes…Does she really think people see her as intelligent????? I don’t think so….Bye , Bye Pocahontas…These libs are so embarrassing…

  10. Reparation Wanted!

    I want The Democratic Party, if they want reparations for former dead and long gone slave to pay them, themselves!1

    I want Reparations from the Democratic Party for family members who died in the civil war, a war that the Democrats orchestrated and supported for harboring slaves.

    I want reparation for my dead son who died of Acetyl Fentanyl poisoning that is known and factually proven to come through the southern Border the Democrats will not not stop through illegal immigration. It kills thousands of young Americans every year and the Democrats have their heads where you can usually find them. Up their ???.

    Yes , I want Reparations from Democrats and Democrats alone, since it seem like they have money for everything.

  11. What would you expect. That woman is a three dollar bill if there ever was one. If she gets too close in the race one of her opponents will dig up some of her past lovers.

  12. Is there ANYTHING she won’t promise you in order to get elected? Just remember, she can promise, but she can’t produce. Think people!

  13. I just saw this and damn near spilled my cookies laughing so hard. Say for instance you had to sit down in front of a tribe member who had lived in the Amazon Forest their whole life and try and explain some of the things Americans are trying too say should be normal. First is how did faggots ever pass up the blacks for center of attention? I will say this the BLM never asked for flags at our embassies. WTF? Now the turd tampers are their own Nation. Let’s not kid ourselves, how do you explain to the tribesman it’s okay when another man tries to screw you in the butt if you live here. And we’ll even marry you and call you a couple. Really, I mean really! I say only in America because Obama was at the forefront pressuring the EU for acceptance of this bullshit. What is next by these sick freaks we have walking around. Where does a non freak liberal stop and say, “hold the hell up here, let me off the psycho bus”. We owe the blacks for something some time ago. The shitty thing is they want me to pay out in taxes for something that someone did and many others did decades ago. Really! You can’t make this shit up. Liz wants to pay people back for sticking their penis into someone’s ass and getting shot on it. We need to pay them back???? She has lost her rocker. What is the price! Liberals are already going to let illegals vote even more, kill a baby has been passed. , I mean where do we go that someone isn’t going to make us leave. We going to be able to marry our dog, cat.

  14. I’ve been married for 57 years. For much of that time I had to pay the marriage tax-wherein the couple had to pay more as a wedded team than they would have if they were unmarried and filing separately. I remember some people getting divorced and just living together, just to save on their taxes. I’m not really personally making an attempt to get reparations, but when people start playing this game you’ll find that probably everyone in the country could beg for a piece of the largess. Why don’t we all just try to live our lives and leave other people and their money alone.

  15. These Demonrats will say anything to get votes, look at what Sanders is saying, he wants to erase student loan debts, all sounds good, but it’ll break our economy with any of these empty promises these crooked politicians are wanting. Socialism isn’t the way to go America, ya’ll need to wake up now and see these empty promises before it’s to late!

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