Oregon Militias Threaten Violence Over GOP Carbon Credit Standoff; Capitol Closed For Safety

Oregon militias have reportedly threatened violence over an ongoing standoff between GOP and Democratic state legislators over climate change legislation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“The State Police Superintendent just informed the Senate president of a credible threat from militia groups coming to the Capitol tomorrow,” reads a text message sent out to senators on Friday. “The Superintendent strongly recommends that no one come to the Capitol.”

It is unclear what the threats were, as the state’s Democratic leadership did not provide evidence of their claim.

On Saturday, Oregon State Police said that they were monitoring threats and that they were closing the building.

The safety of legislators, staff and citizen visitors could be compromised if certain threatened behaviors were realized,” said state police captain Tim Fox.

On Thursday, the Three Percenters, a group that joined the armed takeover in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016, said it would do whatever was necessary to keep the Republican senators safe. The Republicans said they wouldn’t accept the group’s help. –Wall Street Journal

What began as a disagreement over a cap-and-trade bill that exacerbated a growing divide between city-dwelling Oregon liberals and their conservative rural counterparts erupted into a full-fledged standoff after eleven GOP senators banded together and are refusing to show up for the vote.

Despite holding an 18 to 12 supermajority in the House and Senate, Democrats cannot approve the bill without at least two Republicans present. After several days of heated debate between the two sides, eleven GOP members mutually agreed to boycott the vote.

The bill, HB 2020, would make Oregon the second state in the country to set up a cap-and-trade system for all sectors of the economy. California was the first, after passing a similar bill in 2016.

Democrats had scheduled a vote on the bill Thursday, but all 11 Republican senators fled the state. At least 20 senators must be present for a quorum, so Democrats need at least two Republicans present to hold a vote. –Wall Street Journal

After Governor Brown (D) authorized state police to hunt down and wrangle the absentee GOP lawmakers, Sen. Brian Boquist (R) said he was prepared for a bloody standoff if state troopers show up – warning “Send bachelors, and come heavily armed; I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon, it’s just that simple.”


The eleven senators are also being hit with a $500 daily fine for each day they refuse to show up for the vote. They say they won’t come back until Democrats agree to major changes in the bill, which they have argued would cripple manufacturing and other industries in the state.

“This bill needs to be referred to the voters” due to its profound impact on Oregon’s economy, said Republican senate leader Sen. Herman Baertschiger Jr., speaking by phone from outside the state.

Sen. Michael Dembrow, one of the Democratic architects of the bill, said manufacturers had already been given major exemptions under the bill and that Republicans were only stalling to kill the bill. Voters could still gather signatures for a ballot measure to repeal the bill, he said, but unlike with a referendum, work on it could proceed in the meantime.

He said the Democrats’ resolve had been strengthened by the Republicans’ flight from the state. “The last thing we can do is make this kind of behavior the norm, because then it’ll happen every session,” Mr. Dembrow said. –Wall Street Journal

Democratic legislators say they will return to the Senate floor Sunday whether or not Republicans had returned.

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  1. I guess they want Oregon to become another fail California, that’s the democrats for you looking to destroy another state. This will not stop until political correctness is totally eradicated. Democrats plan on destroying state by state to become the Tyranny Government they want. People are waking up let’s hope more do.

    1. They already have the people’s republic of Calicommia (PRC), Not Worthit (NY), the socialist prefecture of Washnuttin (WA), Massoftwoschits (MA), Illinitwit (IL), CONNeditcit (CT), Maggotland (MD) and several other states. They are doing just like you said, one at a time.

      People need to wake up and vote these communistic demomaggots out of office before it’s too late. Standing on the sidelines and doing nothing will seal this nations fate.

  2. The democrats have become demigods. We the People should have a say in this issue but the power hungry dimwits think they know best and will push their liberal, destructive agenda however they think. Time to throw these lunatics out of office and reclaim our personal liberty back!

  3. I think what has happened is they have allowed Satan in their life and definitely not our GRACIOUS GOD. Scripture says in the later days their eyes and ears will be closed and clearly they are. Their satanic people who only care about money and control. Let’s all pray together for them to be removed out of congress and get God fearing people back in there. This country was dedicated on the word of God and now we are allowing Muslims into congress who take the oath on the Koran this is against the constitution, HOW IN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN? How was this even allowed. It doesn’t matter what they say on t.v. They all believe the same thing, the word is “infidel” which means kill anyone who is not Muslim. Even the ones that seem really, really nice, so did the men who bomb the World Trade Center, know-one would have thought they would do what they did because they were so nice. All I have to say is get them out of here so we can be more safe. The dumb ass Democrats are the ones making everyone crazy because of their pure ignorance, greed for money and power. They can’t be satisfied on their corrupted in takes they get now, they want more. Have Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, and many more investigated on their taxes and see where their crooked money came from. Democrats are making people CRAZY with their pure ignorance.

  4. I think that the Republicans did the only thing that they could do to represent the people outside of the Portland Metro area.
    Like most states the representation all comes from the overcrowded Metro area and not from the people who work to produce. Rural areas constantly get the shaft, esp. in California, Oregon and Washington.

  5. Self defense is not violence. Thomas Jefferson acknowledged that the Tree of Liberty from time to time, must be refreshed with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants alike. The 2nd Amendment provides for just such times as these, where we are living with Domestic tyrants that do not serve any but themselves.

  6. Climate bill is a bad deal. I agree with them reps no. But they should show up and just vote no. Y walk away from it in protests. Just vote no. Stand up to them. And mean it. Voters fraud is so rampant. Use ur power and don’t waste it. Kill the bill so simple. Just vote no to everything.

    1. I think you need to look up the word quorum . If t he democrats all show up and just 2 republicans are present then the legislature is able to pass laws without any republican support . All the republicans can vote nay and the bill will be passed and then be enacted !

  7. So, these GOP lawmakers have created the problem but the Governor can make a statement of forcing them. Not my country. That is a Governor who has drank from the grape Kool Aide too much. See it’s little mouthy people that overstep their power that gets things started. For instance, California declares itself a sanctuary state in defiance of Federal Law. See, this is where a man with skill comes in and not a 27 year Army veteran like me. That little agreement California signed to become a state, or I should say a member of the UNITED states binds them to follow our country law. Sedition is still a crime and tanks from Fort Carson would getting loaded up on trains as we speak. Water from the Hoover dam would start being cut off. There would be no state of emergency, their port traffic would either travel to the east coast or not dock. I love where our country is headed, my family has been planning for this time. We have no mortgages and we’ve saved well. Good luck to you smart people. Another thing would be if Obama’s black ass is going to be in Canada undermining our President then he would be heading to jail shortly. We know that’s what he’s doing. Jimmy Carter did it and now Obama is getting away with it. He never got the respect he felt he was due and the nighttime shows aren’t calling a frequent anymore since the lies against Trump never panned our. Now when China tries to sidetrack our election again this time, all you Libs need to report it.

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