Eric Trump Spat On By Chicago Restaurant Employee; Secret Service Arrests

The US Secret Service arrested a Chicago restaurant employee Tuesday evening after she spit on President Trump’s son Eric, according to Breitbart.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Eric Trump had, with a group of people, come into Aviary, an upscale lounge in Chicago, and the young woman–an employee of the establishment–came right up to him and spit in his face. Per an eyewitness, she murmured inaudibly something that sounded like it was anti-Trump. Then Secret Service agents who were there protecting Eric Trump jumped into action and took the woman into custody. She was put in handcuffs and placed in a police paddy wagon, a source with knowledge said. Eric Trump decided not to press charges against the woman in the end, and she was released from police custody. –Breitbart

“It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems,” Eric Trump told Breitbart. For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates they have very little civility. When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we’re winning.”

Chicago PD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted “CPD was on scene and assisting the United States Secret Service” after the incident at the upscale cocktail lounge, Aviary.

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  1. Chicago, and he didn’t think he would run into any freeloading animals there? Chicago is at the top of the board with Saint Louis for murder capital of the country. You have have hundred murders a year next to a couple of ball parks that don’t miss a game. You mean to tell me he didn’t thinks this type of nasty Baby Murdering scum would be there. Hicago politicians know they can’t beat the gangs and stop the drug dealing so they join them. LA, NYC, Houston, St. Louis, Baltimore, Miami. Eric stay out! These are all run by gang banging negron politicians along with their brown skin buddies. There are several other cities that love the drugs more than their country. We’ll take care of these people shortly.

    1. Eric Trump was wrong when he refused to press charges against the person who spit in his face. That is battery and by declining to press charges Eric Trump encouraged other sick individuals to do the same thing.

      1. That is what I thought! Assault and battery is a felony. If she had some disease (like AIDS), that spit could have been assault with a deadly weapon. Examples have to be made of these low-life dirtbags, or these kind of things will get worse and worse, until we DO STOP them!

  2. Interesting. Eric Trump took the high road and did not press charges against this disgusting, vile woman, showing hime to be everything the Democrats claim they are, but in reality are anything but what they claim.
    KUDOS L5M9 to Eric.

    However what I did not see is any comment from this woman’s employer indicating any action on their part, regarding this woman’s disgusting behaviour. I would have hoped for some indication from the employer that this treatment of customers is not to be tolerated.

    Hmmmm. Interesting!

  3. Each and every day we hear of some differt and disgusting act by
    the so-called “”tolerate left”. They are rather the most vile and
    intolerant. Though “disgusting” is their mantet and as a descriptive term
    can’t be used often enough, still it a a little in the way they truely are
    Eric Trump displayed both Discretion and a means of CLASS none in the leftist cliques have never shown and will NEVER have.
    This “incident” only serves to make totally clear exactly what this society would become should the unthinkable happen and the likes of Sanders. Warren, OAC, Omar and Booker gain the ability to weild ABSOLUTE power.
    UNLESS we stand and give this group of far left socialist and communist resounding defeat our REPUBLIC will resend into a pit of darkness and become the very definition of “democracy”… Ie… Demo “to rule”… Mocract “the miv”… THE RULE OF THE MOB!

  4. If I was Eric Trump I would demand that this woman be tested for diseases, this is body fluid that this scam spit on him

  5. someone open the door & let this common trashy POS out! this kind of garbage does NOT belong in America!

  6. This woman is lucky she spat at someone who is reasonably docile. I would have clocked the B!+@# and got her sent out in an ambulance, rather than a paddy wagon. He should prosecute. That is simple assault.

  7. That is sick. The Trump family has been treated terrible. Their is no respect anymore. That tells you how far the morals & valuesof the people have fallen. This is why we are seeing a increase in natural disasters. The Lord is giving us time to repent of our wickedness. If the nation will not repent of their sins. It will fall. Only the believer will be protected. We will go through the fire so to speak. But it is worth it all when we get to Heaven.

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