Watch: Every Single Dem Candidate Raises Their Hand In Favor of Free Healthcare For Illegals

All ten candidates at the Democrat debates Thursday raised their hands when asked if they would support free healthcare for illegal immigrants.

President Trump responded to the ridiculous moment on Twitter, asking why Democrats don’t want to take care of Americans first. 

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  1. Maybe after they take care of all the immigrants they will consider free healthcare for poor Americans – you know the people who actually pay taxes, no matter how modest.

    1. Keep dreaming. They prefer the illegals over Americans any day especially here in CA. They are closing there eyes to the homeless crisis and are welcoming all illegals to our state. There are more illegals here now than us. So those are the people they cater to even the criminals. Keep voting for the dems and see where this ends. Funny how they worry about the illegal children when they are only to happy to abort the American children now even after birth. If Harris or Swalwell would get into the white house the entire USA will be like sanctuary California.

  2. The democrats just made it official,they are going to loose big in 2020,healthcare for illegals is not free,it cost us hard working taxpayers plenty.Its like all democrats are under the same spell so just pick one and suffer the consequences.Are there no opposing voices in the party? Lockstep lemmings is what they are.

  3. A DEMOCRAT is actually the evemy of the American citizens. They want the ILLEGALS for their votes. They do not really care about the people. Anyone who votes for a DEMOCRAT has to be insane. Why should the American taxpayers pay for any Illegal who breaks our laws. Of course, the DEMOCRATS don’t care about our laws. They break laws totry to take a legal President out of office. Hopefully, our new Justice Dept will find the evidence against those DEMOCRAT crooks.

    1. Could not with you more – Betty Jay – Trump is doing a great job & I think that idiots are scared beyond believe – so now they are trying to destroy America & its Legal Citizens any way they can – they want to change us into a Socialist Country with them “in charge” Pelosi must be having wet dreams about this.

  4. I am a legal Immigrant and I resent the illegals immensely. I did it the right way and all our legal immigrants as well. I always worked some times 3 jobs and never took a cent support. Now I am retired and live on a fixed income and my taxes still are used to support people that should not even be here. No wonder they invade our country since they get everything free here. It is plain insane and why are people voting for them??

  5. Every one of these candidates need to have heir fortunes confiscated now to pay for the care of people they believe are entitled to health care after they have broken our laws. The only care they deserve is in a federal prison.

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