Sunday Live! Democrats Have Officially Gone Insane, Antifa Viciously Beating Journalists In Broad Daylight

Alex Jones breaks down how the Democrats have descended into total madness as far-left group Antifa have declared open war on anyone who doesn’t bow to social justice orthodoxy, and President Trump makes history as the first sitting president to enter North Korea.

via infowars

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    1. So true, the Communist DemoRATS have started a war that they will lose, the revolution will tell the truth, they have been involved with the communist party since the early 50’s, they want a dictatorship, thank god for Trump, Trump 2020!!

    2. These Criminals are not in any way Democrats. Democrats led the way for Freedom in this Nation in the 1960’s PEACEFULLY,and achieved their goal.
      These Criminals are COMMUNISTS devoted to their cause but not BRAVE to act bare faced and follow the law. Their actions prove they are CRIMINALS and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as TERRORISTS. BIG time,Hard time in Prison for the max without the possibility of parole.
      If released they should be stripped of United States Citizenship and deported to a Communist Nation of OUR choice. Someone out there needs to start a recall petition for the Leftist(communist) mayor.

  2. It is the insane actions of the DEMOCRATS that address destroying AMERICA. They spread their hate and violence continuously. The Antifa terrorist group is just like the KKK which was created by the DEMOCRATS. They are RACISTS hyprocrites who claim to be tolerant but their actions clearly shows their intolerance. For years, the DEMOCRATS have held the Blacks down. The Democrats claim they don’t want Voter ID cards because Blacks and other races couldn’t get them. The Democrats are implying that those races are too stupid to get a Voters ID. That is absolutely racist.

  3. It certainly appears that they are. For the safety of Americans, we must assume that the cops are in league with Antifa.

  4. These Antifa thugs are really screwing up our country. There is a way to fix the situation: first declare Antifa to be a terrorist group; then, change the law making it acceptable that anyone showing up at a demonstration wearing a hoodie and mask to be shot on sight. People who come dressed, particularly wearing a mask, to a demonstration does not intend to be non-violent. Antifa always shows up dressed as stated above and they coincidentally are always violent when they show up and they aren’t careful about who they are willing to hurt.

  5. Do politicians care about animals? Then they should care that illegal aliens are involved in wildlife trafficking, a $10 billion industry that harms vulnerable animal populations and brings various endangered species closer to extinction. The most commonly trafficked endangered animal seizures into the United States are coral parrots and lizards Of the 4,968 live endangered animal seizures, 257 have been of animal species that face a threat of extinction. What other animals do illegal aliens crossing US border smuggle in? They smuggle in rare breed puppies, kittens, wild jungle cats and kittens torn from the mothers in the wild, sea turtles, baby bobcats, snakes, spider monkeys, praire pups, Iguanas, exotic bats, Toucans, baby Anteaters, Margays, capuchins, armadillos, etc…But yeah, sure, go ahead and support these intelligent Politicans who think there’s nothing wrong with illegal immigration. Tell that to the defenseless animals smuggled across the desert or drown in rivers during the journey. Who speaks for them? Do the research into animal trafficking over the US border.

    In May 2018, for example, three aliens crossed the border into Texas with a black duffel bag, which they abandoned when they realized there were Border Patrol agents nearby. When agents searched the bag, they discovered an UNCONSCIOUS JAGUAR CUB. Imagine how many other vulnerable animals are smuggled across US borders daily without anyone knowing!! Everyday in the USA, on our borders, it happens. And politicians do nothing about it by doing nothing to stop illegal immigration.

    Have you ever heard Pelosi give a damn about these animals? Nope. She’s so disconnected from cause and effect reality she wouldn’t know. Just another barricaded elite grandstanding to media while she lives behind her fenced and gated home with her animals safe and bodyguards proteting her. Living in an ivory tower. Far away from reality. Looking down at the dumb Americans who vote for people like her. The Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to stop illegal immigration. But it’s mostly the Democrats who don’t want to stop it because the controversy generates votes. How sick is that? This hurts animals. Does Pelosi, AOC or any of these champions of illegal aliens care about these animals? Nope. That’s why we need an effective border wall, more mass deportations (to discourage further illegal crossing) and more border patrol officers to stop attempts to cross illegally into USA. The animals are depending on us to do something.

    Still more, Illegal aliens throw their trash in the cacti among the desert turtles. Desert Turtles have been exposed to batteries, cell phones, clothes, human food, homemade weapons, human waste, jeans, medications, radios, razors, ropes, soap, and water bottles, according to Daily Star reporter Tony Davis. In short, desert animals and plant life have been trampled and harmed by illegal aliens. But CNN won’t show that, right? Fox news doesn’t even show it. Who is speaking up for these defenseless animals!? Politicians don’t care about the animals involved in illegal immigraiton because animals don’t vote. Do your damn jobs politicians! Quit wasting time in front of cameras and manipulating voters with your phony, fake emotional sob stories. Illegal immigration is hurting animals daily. Stop illegal immigration into USA.

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