Report: MSNBC Won’t Air Trump’s July 4 Celebration

President Donald Trump’s July 4 event will not air on MSNBC, Politico reports.

The network might air some clips from the celebration but does not plan to carry Trump’s “Salute to America” live, according to a spokesperson.

The president wants tanks and armored vehicles in the nation’s capital for the celebration. There are still lingering questions, though, regarding the subject of the 60-ton military vehicles.

The celebration will also include flyover of military aircraft, including one of the jets used as Air Force One and the Blue Angels.

A lengthy fireworks display of 35 minutes is also planned. Trump plans to speak at the event as well.

Fox News is planning to cover the event during a two-hour edition of “Special Report,” and CNN has yet to comment on whether it will air any portion of the celebration. ABC News Live, CBSN, and will also air the event or portions of the event in some format.

An MSNBC panel consisting of Charlie Sykes, PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and former DOD and CIA chief Jeremy Bash on Tuesday blasted Trump for politicizing and militarizing July 4.

“This is nauseating, Chris,” Bash said. “This is not just obnoxious tackiness, this is actually dangerous. It’s fundamentally Unamerican.”

via newsmax


  1. Who cares, we don’t Trump has worked hard for us and he has saved Millions and Millions of dollars not to mention working for free so he has every right to get this celebration he wants because he deserves it. He is the only one working and doing what he was hired to do, certainly not you democrats.

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