Border Aid Bill Squabble Created Pelosi-Schumer Rift

The debate over an emergency border aid bill divided some Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and it’s unclear whether their relationship is frayed because of the clash.

As The Hill noted, the pair disagreed on the legislation that will keep money flowing to America’s southern border to help house illegal migrants who have made their way to the United States. The House passed a version of the bill on June 25, while the Senate did the same with a different version the following day after rejecting the House package.

Schumer was among 33 Democrats who supported the Senate’s updated bill, which passed 84-8 and set up a showdown between the two chambers on Capitol Hill. Pelosi initially pushed back at the Senate bill but eventually accepted it, which allowed the chamber to pass the legislation. President Donald Trump signed it into law on Monday.

Pelosi and Schumer, who are almost always on the same page, found themselves at odds. A key difference between the two sides was the addition of funds in the Senate bill allocated for the Department of Defense and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to NPR.

The House bill that initially passed prevented money from going to ICE and contained a provision to install more beds for migrants at the facilities in which they’re being kept near the border.

“This seems to be the only time I can remember in the last two years or three years where Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi were not on the same page,” a House aide told The Hill.

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  1. Democrats created the crisis in the Southern Borders about illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. It was Obama’s administration who initially started it and did not have a resolution to fix before the end of his term.

    1. We need to stop allowing refugees to come here we have too many illegals here now and they are costing us billions every year. Money that should be used for our own people. I am sick of them and’t stand to see the border and when I see them climbing over the wall and just invade our country. The democratic party needs to be dissolved and run out of our country. They are the party of Satan.

      1. I agree. They should stay in their own country and fight for their freedom as Americans have done!!
        Thousands of young Americans have died fighting for our country to be free
        So what don’t all the 15 million illegal here get their selves armed and take their country back!!
        Democrats are nothing but parasites
        On the Americans who work hard and do the right thing for America

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