Mexico Deports 33% More Migrants After Deal To Avoid Trump Tariffs

Deportations in Mexico jumped by 33% in one month after the country agreed to take “unprecedented” steps to stop migrants from reaching the United States and avoid tariffs threatened by US President Donald Trump.

Total deportations from Mexico in June were 21,912 vs. 16,507 in May, according to preliminary figures from the national migration authority, and reported by France 24.

The spike in deportations comes weeks after Mexico announced the deployment of 15,000 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border, 6,000 troops to their Southern border, and froze the bank accounts of 26 human traffickers with “probable links with human trafficking and illegal aid to migrant caravans.”

After a week of tense negotiations, the two sides announced a deal on June 7 under which Mexico agreed to send thousands of National Guardsmen to secure its borders and expand its policy of taking back asylum-seekers while the US processes their claims.

That policy, known as “Remain in Mexico,” has sent nearly 17,000 migrants back to Mexico so far. –France 24

The Mexican Government also announced that it had sent the first group of 66 deportees to their home countries under a new “voluntary return” program after Guatemalan, Honduran and Salvadorian migrants asked to be repatriated.

Meanwhile, according to leaked preliminary figures from US Customs and Border Protection, apprehensions at the border dropped nearly 35% in June as well to 87,000 – down sharply from 132,887 in May. Roughly 7,000 of the apprehensions were unaccompanied minors, 52,000 were family units, and 28,000 (roughly 1/3) were single adults according to the report.

Data: U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Chart: CBP/Zero Hedge

On Monday, President Trump said that Mexico is doing a “great job.” His counterpart, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, welcomed the comment.

“I’m glad President Trump recognizes that we’re making an effort to live up to our commitment to apply our laws and, without violating human rights, reduce the flow of migrants,” he told reporters.

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  1. Mexico is now doing more to help stem the tide of the growing invasion than the Congress of the United States. Congress should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. All the them should be RESIGNED.what a Shameful for a AMERICAN and LAUGHING for the WHOLE WORLD ( lawless).

  2. It’s time that we look and see that the Democratic party is trying to screw America and the American people because they need to cheat to win an election and bring in illegals and give them every thing and screwing Americans who were born here or became citizens the right way. Time to take our country and get rid of the crooked Democratic party and the crooked illegals who just want free shit. Get rid of all illegals and Muslims now.

    1. Getting rid of the Democratic Party would heal a lot of wounds the US is hurting from. Stop allowing illegal aliens from coming to the US, send them back to where they come from. Also, all muslims should be returned to the country they come from.
      Muslims goal is to overthrown the US and make it a muslim country. They’re in this country now with muslim compounds, training in locations away from large towns or cities, in dense forest near small towns that have only a couple police officers, knowing they don’t have to worry about their illegal arsenal of weapons they have and practicing how to rig explosives for their coming battle to overturn the US Government.

  3. Even Bernie Sanders, in 2015, said:”… borders means NO nation…..and is against the very concept of a nation-state…..” THAT’S what the open-borders leftist Democrats stand for: NO NATION. It’s a sort of national death wish. And yet, manv Amercans vote for them anyway.(continued)U5

    1. (continued) If, because of the Democrats like Pelosi, the illegals cannot be kept out, as many of them as possible should be sent to sanctuary cities. Especially, for example, San Diego, in the sanctuary state of Calif. (Ex Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown(D): 2014: “We WELCOME undocumented immigrants.” Once in San Diego they should be KEPT in Calif. and not allowed ANY federal welfare benefits. The voters of Calif. should be the ones paying for the policies of their leftist politicians, and they should NOT be allowed to impose the cost on other non-sanctuary cities and states.

      1. Hey, Michael, you have just proposed an excellent “fix” for this invader crisis! Maybe if Californians have to bear the blunt of their politicians’ craziness — REALLY bear it — they’ll vote the Leftist/Communist bunch out of office and return to being Americans out there.

  4. I want to thank our president for all that he has done for America! I also would like to thank Mexico for working with President Trump and trying to do what is necessary. I believe in people coming to America legally and doing what they had to do at Ellis island because you gave up your country and you went to school to learn what it was to be an American. I know because my great grandfather came through Ellis Island

  5. Well, I might “thank” the Mexican president for FINALLY deciding to act — when it finally started putting financial strain on HIS country. But he should have acted long, long ago, in a simple good-will act toward the US for being such a boon to the Mexican economy. And if they just now “froze the accounts of human traffickers,” why did they wait until now to do so????? If they had the ability to do it, they should have done it ages ago — for simple care for humanity!

    Was it because they actually liked all the money illegal invaders have been sending “home” to Mexico for decades? What kind of friend, or neighbor, is that? No. I am not going to thank Mexico’s president for “trying to do what is necessary.” I only ask him, why didn’t you do this ages ago???

  6. All countries need diversity and AMERICA surely has that. It’s ok to migrate to the US if you’re coming here to be an asset to the country….and not a drain. There are channels to go through for everything and it’s necessary.

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