The Lowest Paying Jobs Are In These States

A new report by Yahoo Finance, using Occupational Employment Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), shows the lowest-paying jobs in all 50 states pay an annual wage between $18,000 and $26,000 per year.

Most of these low-paying jobs were in the restaurant industry. The report discovered the most common low-paying jobs were cooking, prepping, and serving food. On a geographical basis, the lowest paying jobs were situated in the Rust Belt, Deep South, and Midwest.

Ticket takers, ushers, and lobby attendants were the second-most common low-paying jobs across the country.

“Jobs are low-paying for one of two reasons,” David Neumark, professor of economics at the University of California, Irvine told Yahoo Finance. “There’s a lot of supply and not much demand. And they’re very low-skilled. I mean, how much skill does it take to collect movies at the movie theater, right?”

Yahoo Finance points out that workers in the restaurant industry from Alabama to Washington were paid poorly, but there were exceptional variations in wages for the same jobs. Food preparation and servers made an annual wage of $18,680 in Alabama, the same position in Washington paid $25,550.

The reason for the pay gap in both states is due to the cost of living. Alabama was ranked as the 11th cheapest state to live while Washington was 38th, according to the Cost of Living Index by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The lowest-paid job was in Louisiana, where gaming and sports book writers and runners made $17,820.

A little more than 60% of the workforce is paid at hourly rates, according to the BLS, and out of that, 1.3 million earned less than the federal minimum wage.

And with inflation moving higher, the average American worker can barely survive, nevertheless purchase a home. Meanwhile, most have insurmountable students loans and aboustely no savings to whether the upcoming recession.

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  1. One thing that is not really examined in this article is the correlation between cost of living and wages by state. Yes, Alabama may pay its food industry workers less than Washington State, but then again, Washington has a much higher cost of living index. This holds true for most states.

  2. Low paying jobs are there for teenagers to have spending money or some seniors to help with their retirement. Low paying jobs weren’t meant to support a family. Why in the world should employers of these kinds of jobs be forced to pay $15/hr? There are far too many jobs out there now for anyone to stay in a low paying job. The problem is you have to apply to these other jobs and actually want to work………lots of places are willing to train you.

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