VIDEO: Joe Biden stumbles, slurs, coughs through speech — Wonders ‘What am I doing?’

Perhaps “Sleepy” Joe Biden’s new nickname should be “Shaky”.

The Democrat frontrunner — according to polls — delivered what was billed as a foreign policy speech, and delivered what he likely thought was going to be an applause line.

Except no one clapped, only responding with silence.


That wasn’t the only awkward moment.

Biden repeatedly stumbled through his speech, slurring words, struggling with the teleprompter and saying things multiple times.

“Donald Trump and the democrogs— demagogues around the world are learn— leaning into these forces,” Biden said.

via infowars


    1. What a pathetic speech, typical Biden, mixing and missing words: coercion instead of cohesion, demacrogs instead of demagogs, all in only about two minutes, it was embarrasing, hard to watch!! President of the US? Forget it!!

    2. yes and worse is his bragging about his party and free speech while one of his own wants a law passed to arrest and convict anyone who makes fun of them,the American hating democrat party

    3. WoW, our nation is really going to hell, for people who call themselves democrats wants this idiot fool for president. I guess that should”nt be a surprised since they voted an American hating Muslim name Obama into office and wanted a corrupt crook satanic Hillary as our next president.

      1. Exactly. But i am thinking that they have been committing fraud for years. I do not see Hilary getting as many votes as she did…or Obama. Had to be fraud. Trump should announce that only AMERICANS are allowed to vote and that all votes will be verified. Or something along those lines so that the illegals stay away from the voting booths and do not send in absentee ballots. 2RN

        1. If you have proof of any voting irregularities, you should report them. The fact is that the US has one of the best and cleanest election systems in the world. My mom has worked at the polls since the 70’s and she says such claims are ridiculous.

          1. She obviously hasn’t worked at every poll in the country. The charges are not ridiculous; several people in Texas have been convicted and sent to prison for voter fraud. I’m sure that is only the tip of the iceberg, considering that a picture of the person voting is not required in many states. I just read that some state will allow voting by phone–how ripe for fraud will that be?

          2. No offense to your mom.but the 2017 election WAS rigged. I worked the polls and unexpectedly a small older black man asked for my help casti g his ballot.

            He told me and 2 other poll workers that he kept voting for Trump but each time he tried to cast his vote, the machine suddenly switched the name from Trump to Clinton’s name.

            I know who did what and how they did everything ! The following morning I sent
            US Postal Express Mail to the WORTHLESS Friggin Bastard Idiots with details. They DID NOTHING!!! I also sent copies to Trump and likewise more nothing was done. I’ve tried many ways to get the info to Trump but he had a REALLY bad idiots or spies working for him. It’s 2 years and 8 months of trying to get someone to listen. I also contacted Judge Jeanine and Hannity via email to their personal email accounts at their studios .All with ZERO RESPONSE!

            While the old man could be dead , the voting machines reset and there’s little left they can do BUT! there are ways only I know about .

            Oh I also tried getting Sarah, each of Trump’s kids or his wife, I tried others from his inner circle of idiots and incompetent shitheads andet me tell you Trump SUCCEEDED IN SPITE OF THE PEOPLE HE BROUGHT ON BOARD.

            The funny part was the asshole DemoCRAPS claims that Putin Rigged the Election FOR TRUMP TO WIN!!! In spite of that election being fixed FOR Hillary she LOST BIG TIME and yet like the energizer dildo Hillary keeps fucking up and exposing her stupidity EVERY DAY!!!

  1. What’s the problem? Sounds like the perfect candidate for the party of the useless, the lazy, the deviant, the criminal and the ignorant.

  2. I’m embarrassed for him why on earth is he doing this? Any good image he ever had is literally being wiped away.

  3. In the above poll, of course my view of AOC has to be NEGATIVE. Butttt, the picture of her with legs crossed inspires me to suggest that once her “career” is done (you lookin’ at your watch right now?), she should pursue a new career that is much more suitable.

    She would be an instant megahit on the adult entertainment circuit … she’s pretty & sneaky sexy (provided she doesn’t go BUGEYED, and stretch her BIG MOUTH to full extension), she’s got a good pair of legs …. and then there are those 34D’s she’s packing — surely SOMEDAY she will share those with us, and not just her paramour Natalie Portman … I mean, C’MON …. !

      1. John, I dont think that was a picture of AOC. That was an ad for deep search engines. (wink wink)
        Kathy, Drop your holier than thou judgement of a post on a public website. What is wrong with you? His post was a joke and poking fun of a 29 year old bartender who is so full of herself that she has MORE THAN half the population of the United States stunned that she is getting a $175K paycheck per year. She IS THE BUTT OF MANY SEXIST, CRUDE JOKES BECAUSE SHE IS A STUPID, ARROGANT, SOCIALIST, ANTI AMERICAN.

        1. O what’s her. Name looks like Mr .Ed when he opens his mouth like hers and says “willlherber”

          Or actually more like Francis The Talking Mule from the early 1950’s WWII Comedy Movies!!!

          TRUMP AGAIN IN 20/20

    1. Between Pelosi face freezing,stuttering, and Biden ,slurring,stuttering, put them together on a pres.ticket and illegals will start running back home?

  4. Joe Biden has been loyal and available to his Party, and to his country. Apart from his loyalty and availability, he is under immense pressure in the realization that despite over twenty other Democrat candidates, none of them are demonstrating much talent apart from ripping each other. There are very few plans from the lot of them, much racism, the latest tries were pathetic reversals of their original intentions.

    Biden, being a moderate Democrat is rattled because he sees the competition endorsing extreme socialistic schemes, appealing to empty the treasury of the U.S.A. with free programs, especially educational. I wonder if any of them see that secondary education schools are charging tuitions amounting to fortunes which the average college students could not carry for many years after diplomas were earned, consequently impairing all other life but payback of debts? The only ones emerging from the nightmare are the schools and faculties, all highly paid via current high expenses for students to be accepted. Tuitions + expenses are to da–ned high!
    Back to Joe Biden…what do they want from the man, whose actions have been placed under a microscope, under pressures from his own Ukrainian meanderings with his son? His mind is loaded with so many problems, some family, some political issues, that his abilities to make clear commentary are impaired! In the interim, no other Democrat candidate shows the real stuff that a presidential job takes. Racial comments by most are very divisive! Can’t they just concentrate on the other issues? Apparently not.

    As for Joe Biden, I’m concerned for him, he has served his country as well as he could.

    1. Oh no! You mean Biden is being scrutinized like every other politician? How can it be? Take a look at what’s been done to President Trump and his family! I’m not at all concerned for Biden–he’s part of the D.C. elite and will fare just fine in his imminent retirement from politics.

    2. HI Stan, care to list some of the wonderful things Biden has done for our country? Do you believe Biden will be able to stand up to the investigations that will be coming his way? Will Bidens friends and colleagues be able to stand up to the interviews by the DOJ that will be coming?
      How does your concern for the HAIR SNIFFING, party animal Biden present itself? 8C2s

  5. Blah, blah & blah. This guy has lost what little he had to start with. He makes no sense in his trying to act like he ever knew anything. It was a real pain to watch and listen to him. I actually had some feeling for him, embarassed for him. To save face, he just needs to bow out with what little respect he has left Those supporters he has are trying to make excuses for him, tired & stressed, etc., give it up, he is washed up.

  6. Very good. You made a lot of interesting points. Of the lot of all the wanna bees, even though I’m not a fan, I think Biden is the only one, who has us, and the U.S. at heart

    1. You have got to be kidding. Biden cares about Biden, not us and the U. S. A. If he did, he would have done something positive for us and the country instead of sucking up to hussein obama.

  7. I actually agree with you and what you stated. Having said that; if the stress of a campaign are too much, that can’t be anywhere near the everyday 24/7 stress of the Presidency. I feel for Biden, in many ways , he’s a nice man, but I’m afraid the boat sailed. If he couldn’t do this 10-15 years ago, it is way out of reach for him now.

    1. should Biden become President I would be afraid of him taking an action, then forgetting what he had done and this could affect our nation considerably world wide.

  8. It’s unconscionable that the dnc along with Biden’s family hasn’t done everything to discourage his running for office. The look he often has in his eyes when he’s making an idiotic comment, the way he is clearly beginning to struggle with vocabulary, even when reading it, could very well indicate the onset of one of the many forms of dementia.

  9. I don’t know who is more senile, Biden or Pelosi… They are both overdue for the nursing home though, surely not fit for any kind of public office.

  10. He was never brightest crayon in the box. All you have to do is listen to him for 5 nano seconds and you get that he shpuld be in a mental hospitol. Shame on his family! Yea you can be the president, we will support you. He must have been a real jagoff for them to alliw this. Hey after hes done foing this, i think he can be the king of england, send him over and let him csmpaign for that. But i like democrogs, grest name.

  11. Anyone seen the movie, Idiocracy?
    It is what the left is fast approaching turning this world into. There’s a reason Hollywood made that movie. They always give us a heads up as to what they are up to.
    Most of the time I have to pinch myself to try and wake up out of this political nightmare. But alas, I’m awake and it’s real.

  12. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  13. lmao…There is just no GO in JOE! You have to be really dangerously uninformed to even think about voting for this fool. 50 years in politics and not one accomplishment and now if he gets elected he can cure cancer! This is the best the left has to offer, how completely pathetic!

  14. How did he manage to remain in politics all these years? Who is voting for this guy? HE is an embarrassment. If he goes against Trump, the republican campaign only needs to play portions of this speech and a few pics of him sniffing women and childrens hair….and Trump will win. Please keep handing him the MIC.

  15. Couldn’t we just save a bunch of money on the 2020 election by electing President Trump by acclamation? The Demos and Rhinos have lost all sense of leadership in the interest of the electorate. Congress is promoting a rogue nation of anarchy. Totally disconnected from the intention of the constitution. Sham government manipulations of the dollar and so-called representatives who become millionaires beyond prosecution, the GRANDEST ponzi scheme of all.

  16. And this is the democRATS front runner and chosen stooge. He gets lost trying to read the teleprompter. He can’t string a sentence together as good as pelosi can. Boy, isn’t that a good comparison? I would almost feel sorry for biden if he wasn’t a democRAT. He made his bed when he partnered with hussein obama and together they put our country in sad shape. obama catering to the muslims and biden with china.

  17. Sad……Joe Biden clearly doesn’t have the stamina to continue this campaign for another 17 months….No fire in the belly….just like Hillary, I think Ole Joe just thinks he’s due and it’s his turn for being the Democrat candidate without really telling us his message. I just can’t see Ole Joe giving these speeches a year from now.

  18. We all know how well Trump can read from a teleprompter and how eloquent and empathetic he is in highly emotional situations. Maybe we should look for wisdom and experience, not slickness Elizabeth Warren, anyone? Cory Booker? Michael Bennet?

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