“Democratic Socialism” Explained

Via The Babylon Bee,

You can’t go into a Whole Foods or indie record store without hearing somebody talk about it: democratic socialism.

Is it a radical new idea that we should try out in our nation, or is it an old idea with the word “democratic” stapled to the front to make it sound more palatable?

Find out in this handy explainer from your friends at The Babylon Bee:

What is Democratic Socialism?

Democratic Socialism is a growing movement in America promising every citizen the most basic human rights, including but not limited to free healthcare, a government-guaranteed job making at least $15 per hour, free college tuition, guaranteed housing, broadband internet access, and cage-free vegan lattes.

How would the government pay for all of that?

By rightfully appropriating money from terrible, evil, oppressive, hardworking, enterprising citizens who have earned wealth via the dreaded free market economy that has led to unprecedented human flourishing. Governments are known for being the most efficient spenders of money, and so surely would do an excellent job as stewards of your wealth—err, we mean, the public’s wealth.

Isn’t it immoral to take most of the money people earn?

No—actually, it’s the right thing to do. People with money only got that money because of inherent privilege, racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy, and all kinds of other unfair power structures and phobias. You know what, we’re a little concerned with all the questions you’re asking here. It sounds like someone needs to spend a little more time in a democratic re-education loyalty center! KILL THE KULAKS!

How does Democratic Socialism differ from just “Socialism”?

It has the word “Democratic” in front of it, you see, which means it is achieved by promoting identity politics, stoking class warfare, and cranking that entitlement mentality up to 11, instead of literal violent overthrow of the government. Besides, voting for the government to seize people’s wealth is totally different from the government deciding to do so on their own, right? Err… uh… DID WE MENTION YOU GET FREE STUFF?? Say it with us: Socialism good, Democratic Socialism better!

It seems like if you try to run the numbers, there’s just no way Democratic Socialism is a fiscally feasible form of government.

“Run the numbers”? “Fiscally feasible”? Have you been paying attention, like, at all? Do you want free money, or are you part of the problem? YOU GET FREE MONEY, AND YOU GET FREE MONEY – ERRYBODY GETS FREE MONEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!

Is there an example of this form of government working out well in the world?

YES! Venezuela is a socialist paradise, having achieved an almost totally equal distribution of hunger and lack of basic necessities. With features like 46,000% inflation, mass starvation, empty grocery stores, and total economic collapse, it’s a great real-world example of a socialist utopia! THAT’S HOW YOU STICK IT TO THE CORPORATE OLIGARCHY, BABY! OWN THE CAPITALISTS WITH THIS ONE GREAT TRICK!

As you can see, the centralization of wealth and power to an elite few in government is perfectly in line with the ideas America was founded on. Now let’s get out there and democratically seize the means of production, comrades!

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  1. They left out one thing…They are going to have to kill out ALL of the True Americans FIRST!!! And they have guns lots of guns that we are not giving up like every other country that has been taken over by this crazy B S

    Hispanic home buyers 18% of the nation account for 63% new homeowner gains.
    WSJ 7-17-19

    The sooner we recognize the threat of Godless communism in the democrat party of death to little children. The sooner President Trump can lead us all to prosperity, protection and American love of country.. Just look at the crocodile tears being shed by democrats pretending to care about children separated from their mothers for two weeks. Yet today alone 700 Latino Ninios will have their heads cut off by order of the democrat party. 1100 black babies and 1200 white babies will end up in chop shop buckets and sold as spare parts. 3,000 Americans denied their unalienable right to life by order of the communist party. They open the floodgates to strangers we do not know. They say this week 35,000 people from the Congo will jump the border. All this pain and suffering because of the Godless threat of communism. Latinos do not buy this democrat cagarra de toro. They see Cuba stuck in the 50’s. They see corruption and slavery in Venezuela. The last 1.5 billion dollars Hugo Chavez had, he gave to Putin for AK47’s so he could gun down starving Venezuelans. Do you know what starving people in India say about the USA? They want to go to the USA where the poor people are fat. The wall street journal front page today. Hispanic buyers shore up housing market. home ownership rate for Hispanics has increased more in the past several years. more than for any other race. The Trump economy pays off for people of color. Before Trump you hardly saw people of color in buy goods ads. Now you see people of color in big ticket items ads. Like cars, homes,travel etc. That was not because of discrimination . That is because we have money. The communist atheist democrat partie de la muerte thinks they have Latinos roped in and corralled. No way Jose. Latinos shout Viva Cristo Rey and will vote for their children’s future. There is no future in communism. Communism is slavery. Vaya con Dios and el Trumpo.
    abutom Super Gringo.


  3. Democratic Socialism means that the democratic party imports illegals who, through voter fraud, vote to raise income tax to 100%. That means that all my income from working hard goes to the government that gives it to all those who do not work. In that case, why should I work either? Just let the government give me what I need. When nobody works how does food or anything else get produced? The government can print all the money in the world which is worthless if it cannot be used to purchase goods and services which are not being produced because everyone is dependent on the government.

    Democratic Socialism is complete idiocy! How dumb can one actually get??????

  4. Hundreds of law abiding citizens in Florida are now having their guns taken and none of them are fighting back, I think most will hand theirs over without a fight. Let’s face it This nation is toast.

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