Muslim Call To Prayer Broadcast Publicly In New York

The Muslim call to prayer is regularly blasted over a loudspeaker in Brooklyn, NY and can be heard over a police siren.

via infowars


  1. You can thank the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama for allowing thousands of these moslem into the US over his illegal stay in our White House for eight long years !

    1. i agree completely, charles. americans have a short memory, but i remember everything anti-white, anti-american he said from the FIRST DAY. and, he’s STILL the puppeteer behind the scenes along with Soros and Holder, and i read where he’s going to be more public soon. bad man. planted seeds of hatred and his fundamental change is getting rid of ‘we the people’ … little by little. thank God we have a fighter in the White House. God bless him.

      1. Yes, Nan, thank GOD we have a fighter in the WHITE HOUSE. TRUMP 2020 by a landslide surported by people w/ a BRAIN.

        1. Don, I have a suggestion, when or if the muslim cult members uses streets to pray to a false Muhammad, so called messenger of allah start dropping incendiary or smoke bombs on the.
          Muhammad is know for being nothing but a piece of crap for the way he treated people raping young children, girls and boys both. To bad the Crusades that lasted from 1094 to 1291 didn’t destroy all muslims.

    2. 10:17am 7-17-19 I am appalled to read this ! (I’m working hard to keep my reaction clean here for the sake of NOT being flagged, deleted & penalized..AGAIN.)
      Why not flood city hall & every other NY dept with calls & e-mails COMPLAINING ?? Perhaps a freak “windstorm” occurs damaging that speaker system ? If I resided in NYC-I would never take this INSULT lightly & gather my fellow AMERICANS together to discuss & carryout “Non-violent” reactions FAST !

        1. WHY? Since when has church bells offended any American? I have been offended and blocked by streets being closed for a so called call to prayer. I have been offended by the Muslim insinuation that the Sharia Law be openly practiced and adopted in this country. If the Muslim faith was so great, why are they immigrating to this country? It sure as hell isn’t for the benefit to the American citizens. Maybe you should all pack up and go back where you came from, we don”t need your BS, we have plenty of our own!

          1. I lived abroad for many years in Europe and had to put up with this Muslim nonsense while living in several cities and countries. Christian church bells do not ring there for long durations or more than once a day. But the call to prayer goes on and on. Four or more times a day. It is very disturbing, loud and intrusive and oftentimes while you are sleeping! Civilized people don’t need to publicly reminded to pray. And a true religion would not call for the death of those who do not follow it! And then there is Sharia law, also uncivilized! It teaches hatred of others . . . the kind of crap you see coming from the black, Muslim , female Democrats in our Congress. They are not Americans! They violate their oath of office. To use their Islamic motto “Death to those infidels!” Now get them the hell out of our country!

          2. They are immigrating here to populate, rise up in number, get involved in our political system and turn it on its head, and finally, turn us into a caliphate.

          3. Right!

            PLEASE, check out AMAC article February 2019. Read it in black and white!
            no answer to this question, who started it, AND WHY!

        2. You are a clown bells verses religious words calling for an extended time to come
          They are disturbing , THIS IS NOT A STAN COUNTRY or Saudia Arabia, Iran Iran and many more.. Somalia as wellComplain and get arrested, COME ON MAN

        3. Church bells only ring for a minute or less and usually one time each week, your argument don’t hold water.
          Not causing nothing like the three or four times a day noise muslims create in call to pray.

        4. Right on, Vladilyich! Of course the situations are EXACTLY COMPARABLE. In heavily Christian neighborhoods throughout the world, bells ring for extended periods reminding people of services, honoring important days and times of the year, celebrating important occasions like weddings and funerals. Bands play religious music in the streets and religious songs are piped over loudspeakers in stores and malls (that’s one of the ways we celebrate Christmas). If we recognize that the situations are comparable we can develop reasonable rules that are fair to everyone.

          1. Wrong. Read my response below on the center point and foundation of America’s belief system.

            We support other faiths and always have. However, a religion who’s major and obvious intention is to infiltrate and overthrow our republic does not deserve the same treatment. We didn’t let nazis or communists or the Pope (no offense, Pope) run our country. This is OUR country. Just like the Islamic nations, we reserve the right to not accepting those beliefs that would destroy us. For example, see what would happen if you wanted to broadcast Christianity I’ve loud speakers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s, Iran, Indonesia, even Kuwait and Iraq, who Butts we saved from tyranny! No flippin’ way, and be glad if they don’t behead you for asking. I’ve been in some of these countries, so I’m not speaking out of school.

        5. Muslims have already stopped bells in many cities. Why are we giving AMERICA away to RADICAL ISLAMIST? LOOK at the courts records. Muslims sue AMERICANS for their rights while taking away AMERICANS rights more than any other group. DEMOCRATS want Sharia Law for AMERICA DO YOU?

        6. This nation was founded on “In God We Trust.” That is stamped on every true American’s heart, and every piece of our currency. That means the true God, not a runaway cult. We don’t have to accept islam chipping away at American values.

      1. Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but some friends of mine did it in Texas and it worked-flood the streets with pigs blood! They actually, (along with their neighbors), buried their pig waste after they had them slaughtered in all of the surrounding areas near them-this kept them all from buying properties near them. Pigs are like repellent for them, if they know that there is any chance of a pig or it’s parts being near they will go elsewhere. we have begun the process around here. I have lived around them when I was young and it was awful. They are not good neighbors and for the most part don’t enjoy anything in their lives. Most of them are inbreed and will not assimilate . The only one’s that were tolerable were the ones that were born and raised here, they have a much more lax way of looking at the sects behavior.

        1. I have an idea. How about deep fried pig skins? You can crumble up a good quantity of bags…very fine and wait for the wind to blow the right direction and just let them fly. Pig skin dust all everything muslim. That will drive them crazy once they figure out what the dust is made of.

    3. Agreed Charles..If you recall he allowed a group to “pray” on the Lawns of the White House.
      The time has come to start rounding up ALL these anti-american SCUM (including gay FRAUD OBUNGHOLE) and use the Gallows to send them to their “virgins”

        1. I agree with Cliff! “When fighting Tigers, one must adopt the Tigers ways”.
          Once these turds are “sent on to their virgins”, they’ll discover GOD, (not allie allie outs in free), has emasculated these shits, and those virgins will be making slaves out of their eunuch asses.

    4. Where is the ACLU? They fight with lefties to remove religious statues, to prohibit any mention of the Bible or Jesus at high school graduations, to ban Christian groups from using public facilities, etc. and Muslims are “called to prayer” publically. I’M OFFENDED!

  2. Once again the pedophile loving muslims have taken over little by little. Americans sit idly by afraid of being called a racist. Well I suppose I’m said racist because these sick, twisted, perverted animals are nothing more than demon infested tools of satan. The left are just as sick as these dregs. For the life of me I can’t understand why we, as one don’t end this stupidity now. These dregs only seek domination and wish for everyone to pledge allegiance to the book from hell, the unholy Quran. Whenever anyone is ready to take back what so many of our fathers, brothers, sisters and friends have died to protect please email me so we can do what the Gov’t. is too weak and or simple minded to. Thank you and God Bless the Father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

    1. i agree, robert. if ‘racist’ means LOVE OF COUNTRY, and being PRO-AMERICAN, count me in. i’m SICK of being bullied into submission by ‘the squad’ who can’t spell ‘cat’, and by the undercurrent of ANTI-Americans. if they don’t like it here, LEAVE! stop trying to TAKE OVER. also, i’m not a fan of PARASITES wanting everything free. i, for one, have worked my entire life, struggling for what i have. thank God for our fighting President. he HAS TO BE a fighter to have this job thanks to BO and his corrupt lemmings.

      1. The thing is Nan, they have no intention oif leaving or giving up trying to infest our country. God surely blessed us with wildman Trump. He is unorthodox, but will get the job done & save us from Islam & Socialism.

    2. Robert so true, they have always wanted to dominate but it never worked out very well for them standing out in plane sight fighting against us . They have now found out that the politicians of this country are spineless cowards and it will be much easier to take down this country right from within it’s own walls because as long as they can cry racism every time someone challenges them they will dominate us someday .

      1. Wow

        And the religion is still preaching. Convert or pay tax or die. Jews then Christian and of LGBT
        Is it a religion of a political philosophy draped/covered by religion.
        Theirs big k book say some
        FYI-you are a brilliant scholar of religion, is ALL religions can from the same father than why is this one out force conversion. It cant be that they are right with a old thoughts in anew world..Enough of my time wasted on you. WAKE UP AMERICA..

  3. In OUR nation, you have a PRIVATE right to your own religious beliefs. You absolutely do not have a right to PUBLICLY impose your religion on ANYONE in any way.

      1. shit is getting hot in the states. time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of all these none whites mother fuckers.

          1. Old blue you have a problem with freedom of speech? RADICAL ISLAMIST are taking over AMERICA right before our eyes, just the way OBAMA planned it. He open the the flood gates to ILLEGAL RADICAL ISLAMIST, OBAMA has done immeasurable damage to AMERICA that we may never recover from!

          2. ol’ bluish63, I seriously think you should be investigated for subversion, then arrested and deported forthwith.
            Veritas et iustitia ex deo vero ad id pervenit: ab Abraham.

    1. Then don’t publically broadcast a “call to prayer” for a group trying to overtake our country. If they must have notice when to kneel get a watch and set the alarm – I wouldn’t want to be reminded of them every day – afraid I’d think it was a factory dinner bell.

  4. The leftists and Islam have merged to become the most evil ideology that ever existed. They were able to do that because they taught the Americans 60 years of fake education fake news and a fake sense of security. How much more proof do you need these two evil entities have United ? If this does not wake up Americans before 2020 that will not be a 2024.

  5. Why don’t the Christion churches get together and ring their bells at the same time as the muslim so called call to prayer is scheduled. I am sure there are enough bells to overpower the call.

    1. Good idea Michael , but that might take a level of courage not found out there today because everything is about being politically correct except the other side doesn’t care they want their way and are determined to get it at all cost and they are laughing their asses off at how the sissy country known as America is so willing to give away their freedom to the peoples of the world .

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Christian churches have bells to ring,we heard them every Sunday in my neighborhood when I was growing up. It should be done again especially when this type of stuff is allowed. The muslims have moved in and immediately learned to holler about their rights all the while trying to take ours away. They are always saying Christians can’t be allowed certain things but it seems that isn’t the case when it’s they that want to do or say anything. They shouldn’t be allowed to blast this noise anywhere as they are always saying there has to be separation of church and state. It’ the muslim way of life to use their tactics to mix gov’t with life,all of it. We should demand they be stopped unless we can ring our bells at the same time or right after.

  6. I am NOT a Muslim, and I have no interest in becoming one. WHY should I have to listen to prayers of a Religion that I have NO interest in ? It is absolutely ridiculous, that those prayers are broadcast over a loudspeaker !

  7. Disturbance of the peace. The people need to demand that noise be prohibited outside of their own walls. It is taking away my rights to walk down the street in my own thoughts. I donut wish to be brainwashed with the propaganda of a religion.

  8. This just so wrong and disgusting!!!!! Muslims are trying to take over this country. And dumb Americans like the ‘squad’ are idling sitting there and allowing them to…meanwhile calling patriotic Americans racists!!

  9. Are we as a country gone insane , how can we approve of open chanting over a loud speaker when we have a fit if someone would even mention God in school . When our buildings are burning and falling again the twinks that are afraid to offend any one will be the first ones hiding under the bed saying how can this happen . Well it can happen when a woman in congress shows her open hate for America and all it’s citizens except Muslims but the kicker is that the same citizens she hates , whites, blacks , Jews and yes even the Muslim’s that don’t agree with her are standing by silent letting this hater destroy America .

  10. Christians are attacked for having a cross, the IRS attacked Christians, Christian services halted by legal actions, and they are allowed to blast satanic Islamic Prayers in New York City? NO! You Anti-American trash have gone too far! War is coming CWII is coming!

  11. I just wonder if those loud blasts don’t go against sound limits for specific times of the day. What about sleeping children or people who work all night? They get blasted with that foul noise too? So completely biased toward their idiot false religion.

  12. Islam is a cult, not a religion! There is NO GOD “Allah”, just a phony pervert named Mohamed who was a child molester and a fakir! There is no such “religion” as Muslim – it is phony!

    All who profess to adhere to the Koran are perverts and anti-God heathens that need to be purged from the World!

    There is no such “law” as “shariah” and those who want to implement “it” need to be exterminated!

    End of story. Please assist in removing ALL Muslims from the face of Earth by all legal means necessary!

  13. Fuck sound limits bullshit this goes against our Constitutional rights in a Christian country! Those mother fuckers bombed New York City!

  14. This is just the start of the take over area by area. We should counter with the Angeles in the morning. The National Anthem at Noon, and bells for Evening Watch at 6 p.m. (A time of reflection for the day).

  15. This is AMERICA not some racist solicit trash muslim country. We are not allowed to broadcast our religious beliefs over the air like that. So why in the HELL are they. Thats pure prejudiced against any and all other religions that are the real ones. Not some piece of crap bullshit talk

  16. In the interest of full disclosure, I am m most happy to have islamophobia. I consider islime to be a cancer on the American body politic and unless excised will kill us. Those who believe it is just another peaceful religion are simply uninformed and ignorant of its aims, reality and history.
    First, the Brooklynites should determine where this call came from. Then, take legal action to prohibit from being broadcast. It is a form of noise pollution. The good people of Brooklyn must take action now or be subjected to increased forms of islime intrusion into their daily lives. Brooklyn does not, if believe, want to become another Minnesota and Michigan infested with islime vermin.


  18. Guerra Civil!!! Civil War!!! The Hispanic Jihad too!!!! I am bilingual…to my face they say ‘this is not your country, it is ours and we are here to reclaim our land. If you are white, go back to Europe (google Aztlan), the drug biz is good for our people, the gringos want the drugs, we are just filling orders, if it kills 75,000 gringos a year, good. I refuse to learn English, it is an ugly language that tastes bad in our mouth, america owes us.’ As they set up countries within the USA, they are preparing to take this land, just like Muslims. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! They all scream racist at you to shut you up!!!

  19. The first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
    Jefferson stated the above so that their would never be a government religion like the founding father came to America to get away from the Church of England which was the state run and only religion allowed in their country.

    No!…Church Bells are musical only and made with bells that are on private property and belong to a church. Sound only not a command to do anything!!!!
    The call to prayer is way over the top and is a muslim direct directive to command and to control its members and a way to convert new believers to their dark man made religion. Simple as that There is no comparison at all.

  20. The DemonRats are ANARCHISTS! They are out to over throw not only the government but our culture and everyday way of life This must STOP! They indoctrinate our youth in colleges take away our Freedom of Speech with their PC bullshit and try to DISARM THIS COUNTRY They are in fact DEMONS! The invasion at our border is the DemonRats means of HARVESTING VOTES! These are the remnants of the B . Hussein’s illegitimate presendancy!

  21. I lived in Malaysia for a year and 5 times a day you hear the call to prayer and it is broadcast on every radio station and TV station as well. EVERY DAY

    1. I understand that, but Malaysia is primarily a MUSLIM Country. Brooklyn, N. Y. USA is primarily a Judeo/Christian Country, and we DON’T want, or need, the Muslim call to prayer !

  22. The American people in every community across the Country must resist this assault on our Country, our culture and our liberties. This is our Country that we and our ancestors fought and died for. Our government officials are allowing this foreign culture intrusion upon our Country strictly as a political means to capturing Democrat votes. Short and simple. Believe me, if there was a mass of people pouring into this Country announcing they believed in becoming Republicans and wanted to play Catholic Prayers 5 times a day, the Democrat lawmakers would shut it down in a heartbeat! People of Brooklyn need to stand up against this and stop it now. Look what has happened to Detroit! It has become like another Country there!

  23. Merle Haggard’s song “the fightin side of me” fits perfectly right now. This muslim lot has no intention of assimilating. They are here for the takeover. The liberals have no clue about history.

  24. New York’s problems will never be solved until they quit voting in their democrap representatives. They are the ones that allow all of this Muslim BS. But, it isn’t just a NY problem, there is plenty of blame to go around by voter fraud and people that just vote straight party ticket. That’s the bus that all of these Rino and Democraps rode in on. The Democraps are for open border because they think that everyone that enters this country illegally will be a Democrap voter. Otherwise, why would any sane person want an open border? Enjoy your safety, it wont be long before the list of victims has your name on it. Lock and Load before it’s too late.

    1. I’m already set for that shit, Chief!! If those motherfuckers show up where we live, they’ll find out that they are the ones the victim list, not us.

  25. This clearly violates several laws on the books, namely “disturbing the peace”, inciting hate crimes, unlawful assembly (it is unlawful to assemble for the purpose of starting a riot or breaching the peace, or when such an assembly reasonably could be expected to cause a riot or endanger the public). When are we going to start enforcing these laws?

  26. More moon-god allah-garky from the demonrats in CON-gress.
    The jihadist attack on NYC is complete. They destroyed the Twin Towers, built a victory mosque, now they’re indoctrinating the inhabitants. You know that at least half of NYC inhabitants are too stupid to realize it.
    The left is not ’embracing’ islam, so much as they are simply ‘enthralled’ with it; because it is radical to what they were raised around, or what the U.S.A. was historically built on — and they think it’s cool, or want to be different, or just want to slap-the-face-of-establishment. None of the modern ‘Progressives’ have taken the time to study Islam, or are aware of its origins. About the same amount of idiots also think satanic worship is cool.
    It is blind stupidity, because true followers of the Radical Islamite’s will kill ANYONE who opposes their interpretations of the Quran. They sincerely believe it is sanctioned. They’ll get rewarded with virgins and child-brides in the afterlife. They kill homosexuals, anyone who expresses a different opinion than a mullah, and anyone who references anything from or about Christianity.
    The libertard demonrats are too stupid to realize that if they keep helping to promote the new “SS” members of CONgress (the 4 anti-American bigots and race-baiting Socialist “Squad” of AOC, Omar, T-Laib, & Pressley), they are sealing their doom.
    How in the world do they not know the freedoms they are granted today will NOT be there if Sharia law were to be established, all their freedoms will be gone????? How do you stop someone who can’t keep their head out of the sand?
    What happened to ‘separation of church and state’??? If we can’t do it, why can they????
    I do believe there may be another civil war in America, mostly because of the divisions in the country today. The stupidity of the left is too great. Conservatives have fallen in the past few decades, and allowed the take-over by laziness and absolution. Stock up on ammo and oil the guns . . .

  27. see what these sick suckers do. read some of the books about them. A girl that was raped by her brothers got pregnant. Her mother gave her a razor and told her to kill herself. She wouldn’t do it so her mother did. She put a plastic bag over her head,slit her wrist, and beat her with a stick until she died. It took her 20 minutes to die. Sounds like a nice mother, she was saving the familys honor. Another example, a man that suspected his wife of having an affair, cut off her lips and ate them. This is only two examples, there is lots more. we don’t this kind of trash coming here.

  28. When is enough enough? After 9/11 I never in my wildest dreams would think I would hear the Muslim call to pray over loudspeakers in an American city. What is wrong with us? Why do we let this go on and on? Maybe someone should shut down the loudspeakers? I will definitely not be visiting New York ever again.

  29. If you’re going to shut down the Moslems in Brooklyn you’also going to have to shut down the Jews’ Shabbas Sirens. and that ain’t going to happen. What is a Shabbas Siren? I lived down the block from one on Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. It is an air raid siren, plain and simple and at close range, ear-splitting. It is sounded twice.
    As I understand it, the first blast means (“prepare to light the Shabbas candles” and the second “light the Shabbas candles”.)This is done both for Friday evening- Shabbas starts at sun down) but on the eve of all Jewish holydays. There are parts of Brooklyn that are heavily Moslem, in one case not far from my former home, and it is located right next to a heavily Jewish neighborhood. (As I recall you go from Kosher to Hallal
    when you pass Ave H (northbound). The Moslems have every bit as much right to do their thing as the Jews.
    Note that these practices are liturgical, not political, and in this country, we have Freedom of Religion. What Jews or anyone else can do, Moslems can do. N.B. I am a Catholic with pre-Revolutionary immigrant ancestors
    at a time when Catholcs were rarely welcome in the Colonies except in Pennsylvania, which is where they settled.

  30. Right!

    check out AMAC article February 2019. Read it in black and white!
    no answer to this question, who started it, AND WHY!

    1. MUSLIMS taking over. They want things their way ! Looks like AMERICA is allowing them to get what they want. SHARIA LAW is next. OMAR and TLAIB spew hate for AMERICA everyday and get away with it.

  31. Right!

    check out AMAC article February 2019. Read it in black and white!
    no answer to this question, who started it, AND WHY!

  32. Well it looks like all the problems Europe has been having with Muslims has made its way to America. There should be restrictions on how loud and for how long this can be broadcasted at. I will bet the authorities in NY won’t have the balls to say anything or put a stop to it! If so, I can see this getting out of hand and citizens will need to handle things! Just look at all the problems the Muslims in congress are causing with their anti American and anti Semitic rhetoric. Wake up America and let this be a lesson before it’s too late and never elect another Muslim to any office again!

  33. I have a great idea – send every last muslim back to whatever sh!t-hole they, or their parents/grandparents, etc. came from, and we won’t have to have our ears polluted with this type of sh!t.

    Oh yeah, deport all the open-border/cheap labor enthusiasts too, wherever they’re from. Business, ‘religious’ groups, ‘legal’ groups, especially domestic terrorist groups like the ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, SPLC, etc…..

  34. I am an Immigrant, I served honorably in the US Army, and I am very proud of that. I love America it is my home. I have two words for the US haters, love it or leave.

  35. Ring the church bells at the same time as the “Muslim call to prayer”! Well, maybe not… God knows the Muslims would be offended! Let those bells chime!!

  36. PLEASE understand, muslims are here with one goal…to change this country into a muslim nation, as ordered by the quran. Why do Americans not ‘get” this? A lot of muslims are very open about this plan to “destroy from within’…WAKE UP AMERICA5 times a day…

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