Andrew McCabe: Lawmakers Have Ways to Get Mueller Talking

Former special counsel Robert Mueller won’t likely go beyond his own report when he testifies before Congress later this month, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said Thursday, but there are ways for lawmakers to get information out of him. 

“The report outlines at least 10 different categories of obstructive activity,” McCabe told CNN’s “New Day.” “In 8 of those 10 categories, Director Mueller concluded there was significant evidence to support each of the three elements of the offense.” 

And, he added, if he was questioning Mueller “I would pick the top two or four areas that they think are most impactful and go through a very deliberate series of questions to get director Mueller to talk about the evidence that supports each of those elements of the crime.”

Meanwhile, McCabe acknowledged he doesn’t know if Mueller has to answer anything. 

“He’s a reluctant but voluntary witness,” said McCabe. “I think from his own personal style, from my own experiences with him, I think he’ll try to avoid getting down between a personal conflict.”

Instead, Mueller will most likely deflect to the report itself and say he thinks it’s clear about the conclusions, said McCabe.

But if presented with direct questions, such as he’d prosecute based on the evidence on the report, “I think he’d have to say yes,” said McCabe. “He is a prosecutor by background…it’s going to be very hard for him to say that in similar circumstances a person confronting that sort of evidence wouldn’t be charged with obstruction.”

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  1. The liberal left and the dem-o-rats will not give up. They will hammer away until they get the answers they want. Even if they are lies but lies are what they thrive on because they have been lying to the American people for more then 50 years and now the people believe those lies. People, I ask you please start thinking for yourselves.

    1. The dems and Mueller have been in conference about how to put the screws to Trump and the right ever since and perhaps before Mueller performed his “press conference” skit. This dog and pony show on July 24 is a set up to dishonestly accuse Trump of obstruct so that they can try to impeach him. I truly hope I am wrong but honestly don’t think I am!

  2. McCabe was one of the people who tried to set up Trump with the fake document so why would I believe him. The Democrats was so intent to get another Clinton into the presidency they committed so many crimes with the help of Obama’s law enforcement agents who were willing to fake evidence on someone even their own mother if they had a reason to like green bucks. Oh James Comey’s wife got $1,000,000 from a book publishing company which is really a front for certain democrats to hand out money to people who do their dirty deeds for them. I haven’t seen the book come out yet.

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