Camouflaged Israeli Ex-PM Pictured Entering Epstein’s Mansion The Same Day As Hotties Show Up

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was photographed entering Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in January, 2016 wearing a camouflage scarf around his face – the same day that a bunch of young women showed up, according to the Daily Mail.

…the women included long-time Epstein friends Sue Hamblin and Jennifer Kalin as well as Russian model Lana Pozhidaeva.

A fourth, unidentified, woman was seen joining Epstein on a trip to Teterborough Airport in New Jersey, where Epstein keeps his plane and where he was arrested on the tarmac on July 6 after he flew in from France.

At the time, the identity of the man seen with his own security detail going to Epstein’s mansion on East 71st Street was unclear. Now has confirmed it was Barak. –Daily Mail

Of note, the 77-year-old Barak says he’s planning to sue the Daily Mail for libel, and rejects the report’s ‘loathsome’ insinuations.

The former PM – who has formed a new party to try and unseat current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – admitted to the Daily Beast that he had indeed been to Epstein’s NY residence, and the financier’s infamous ‘pedophile island’ in the Caribbean, but insists that he’s ‘never met Epstein in the company of women and young girls.’ has obtained exclusive pictures of one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s main challengers hiding his face as he entered the convicted sex offender’s Manhattan townhouse.

A bevy of young women were also seen going into the multi-millionaire’s lavish seven-story home on the same day that Ehud Barak was snapped.

The photographs were taken in January 2016 after Epstein, now 66, had returned to New York after an overseas trip.

Within hours at least four young women had gone to the home that the federal government wants to seize as part of its new case against the financier. –Daily Mail

Of note, the Mail does not say if the women were inside Epstein’s mansion at the same time as Barak.

Barak, who served as Israel’s PM from 1999 – 2001, and later defense minister from 2007 – 2013, received millions of dollars from Epstein as an investment in his company, Carbyne, which makes geolocation software for emergency services. Barak wrote on Facebook last weekend that he is trying to break off relations with Epstein.

“For almost five years, a company associated with Epstein has been a passive investor in a limited partnership, legally registered in Israel and under my control,” he wrote, adding “Every investor in this partnership is bound by the same commercial contract. As soon as the present charges related to Epstein became known, I instructed my lawyers to examine the options we have for expelling the company associated with Epstein from this partnership.”

At the weekend, Barak told the Israeli version of Meet the Press that he had no idea that Epstein’s charges involved underage girls. ‘He’d served his sentence for soliciting prostitution — the indictment didn’t say she was a minor,’ he said.

‘The American system itself did not label him as a persona non grata,’ Barak added. ‘The secretary who just resigned in the Trump administration was the prosecutor and he said he’d been negligent — so you expect me to have noticed [anything wrong]?’ he added, referring to Alex Acosta who resigned as labor secretary last week. –Daily Mail

Of course, Barak still took money in 2014 from the convicted pedophile and registered sex offender – which was publicly available information at the time.

According to the Mail citing the Miami Herald, Carbine also received a $2.5 million investment from Epstein’s former close friend, Les Wexner.

Netanyahu pounces

The Israeli PM’s party has called for a criminal investigation into Barak’s ties to Epstein – while Netanyahu tweeted that he should be investigated ‘immediately.’ In a July 9 tweet, he posted a video of Barak’s ties to Epstein, asking in Hebrew, “What else did the sex offender give to Ehud Barak?”

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  1. When all this fog around Epstein rises, it will probably shock the world just how many ‘powerful’ people are left lying around.
    Powerful people always think they are above the law when they have money to throw around.
    Epstein collected ‘people’; some for influence, some for blackmail, some for status, some for ‘product’.
    Evil surrounds itself with evil. Epstein’s fortune is tied to evil. Influence was bought with it. Blackmail was most-likely the bank. He didn’t really have a ‘job’.
    It will not be a surprise, especially to most conservatives, to find out just how many demonrats currently in CONgress are found in that ‘little black book’.

  2. It will only shock those that don’t understand human nature. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No matter what a decent human can dream up, I assure you its way worse.

  3. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry “Bath-House” Soetero, met with Justice Scalia before his trip to the Texas Hunting Lodge, Of Obama’s friend (ahem) where he was murdered! Apparently Justice Scalia was a member of a private club that had young sex slaves! Obama mayst have threatened to blackmail the Supreme Court Justice!
    This evil sex-trade, kidnapping ring, is huge, and we will see, Vegas Odds on Epstein making it to trial. Ex-Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Lower Court Justices, Politicians, Foreign Dignitaries, even Podesta, and a Clinton or two! All I want to see is an end of this evil, sick, and twisted, act!

  4. Ashton Kutcher met with Congressional leaders on the subject of the child sex trade, because it’s something he obviously wants to end, it’s very dear to his heart, and all he got was a smart ass remark from John MCCain!

  5. This could implicate so many Politicians, that we may actually get a chance to get term-limits on these snakes! Vile, twisted, evil, politicians in the most corrupt Government in the world, DC! The evil trinity; The Vatican, Rothschild, and DC. NWO, One World Government, 666. It’s on its way!
    No matter how much we love America, we can’t stop Gods plan! Mystery Babylon will be destroyed by the King of the North, Russia! Just sayin!

    1. Another anti-Semite heard from: “The Vatican, Rothschild, and DC.” Where has any article in the press so far ever mentioned anyone named Rothschild? Bill Clinton, a known sex predator, was with this piece of scum Epstein at least 27 times. He’s a WASP to the core. And you can’t get any more WASPish than Prince Andrew of Britain. Andrew’s great-uncle, Edward VIII, also known as the Duke of Windsor, thought Hitler was a great guy. So Churchill exiled him and his disgusting social climbing American wife to Bermuda for the duration. People of all sorts, some of them no doubt innocently, accepted invitations from Epstein to have rides on his private jet, visit his mansions, and yes, accept investment capital from him. That does not make them complicit in his sex trafficking or any other crime. It’s going to be very difficult to prove that taking investment money automatically links Ehud Barak or anyone else who accepted investment money from this slimy billionaire, with sex traffic. There are probably dozens of people Epstein gave investment funds to, b because he was an investment “angel.” Such investments were part of his business operations. It must be said, however, that the circumstances of Epstein’s death, like that of Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton’s “close associate,” are very suspicious on the face of it. Now naturally people like you are talking about a Mossad hit. How about a Clinton hit? Th body count around the Clintons was an inside Washington joke for both his terms of office.

  6. Jesus said; “Suffer the little children to come unto me, what you do to the least of these, you do also unto me!”

  7. Atheists in a Country Founded on the Principles, of the Word Of God, should be feeling a bit strange, less of a conscience perhaps, it’s obvious that many left-wing radicals are behaving like savages! Well, the Bible says in the end times disbelievers will be turned over, to reprobate minds!
    That is exactly what we are witnessing, the left-wing-zingers, sure do love to murder innocent, helpless, infants! They don’t stop with merely killing them, they also butcher them, and sell their body parts! Did you know that it is illegal and most, if not all states, to kill a bear, and sell its body parts? It’s also illegal to transport Ginseng across state lines! However, when it comes to innocent, helpless, infants in America, there is no restrictions!

  8. ANTIFA, a bunch of reprobate minds in that group, Soros must hand pick these brainiacs! Yes the Anti-Christ himself is responsible for ANTIFA!
    They knock over old men, and women, with walkers, even in wheel chairs! Brave bunch of punks! I wonder how they would do against a bunch of God-Fearing Country Boys from the SouthEast United States? I’d say they wouldn’t even have the courage to show up for that ass -whippin!

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