Immigrant Student Loses Miss World Title For Refusing To Try On A Hijab

Authored by Greg Piper via The College Fix,

Does pageant “advocate for the punishment of women who refuse to wear a hijab”?

Beauty pageant officials wanted this outspoken winner to be quiet and submissive. Nevertheless, she persisted.

University of Michigan student Kathy Zhu is savaging the Miss World America competition for revoking her Miss Michigan title just a day after crowning her, the Detroit News reports.

Zhu, also a College Republicans leader, tweeted an email from Michigan Director Laurie DeJack that blamed her social media posts for the decision to revoke her title.

They are “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate,” violating the competition’s boilerplate rules about bringing MWA “into disrepute” through a contestant’s “background,” DeJack wrote, copying National Director Michael Galanes and Chief Operating Officer Robert Gandara on the email.

The posts in question came from the past two years. While she was still a University of Central Florida student, Zhu (second from right above) criticized a “Muslim Student Association event that invited students to try on a hijab” in 2018, the News reports:

“So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing?” Zhu had tweeted. “Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

Her comments prompted a Twitter fight and at least one call for expulsion, but officials ultimately concluded that none of the involved students’ actions violated the university’s rules of conduct.

In a text exchange posted online, a beauty pageant organizer also raised concerns with an October 2017 tweet by Zhu, who wrote: “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.”

Zhu wrote back a fiery email to the “gullible” competition officials, explaining the context of her posts:

What’s “insensitive” is that women in the middle east are getting STONED TO DEATH for refusing to obey their husband’s orders to wear hijabs.

A muslim woman tried to FORCIBLY put a hijab on my head without my permission. […] Are the people in MWA implying that they advocate for the punishment of women who refuse to wear a hijab?

If this was a catholic rosary that someone forced me to try on and I refused, people would not have even bat [sic] an eye.

I suggest you all fully review what you stand for and what you condemn. Statistics and facts are not always pleasant. [This apparently refers to the “black deaths” tweet]

Zhu said the revocation was based on “ONE PERSON’S COMPLAINT” about “photoshopped tweets.” She identified that person as Scotland Calhoun Perez, whose Twitter account was marked protected sometime after July 7.


Zhu also posted a text thread with DeJack, where the state director asks her to confirm that her Twitter handle is “Political Kathy” and then warned her not to publicly associate herself with Michigan World America.

DeJack implied that Zhu was required to run social media posts by her before posting them, specifically those that identify her with Miss Michigan. Zhu said DeJack gave her explicit permission to post them.

“Kathy, we have a huge issue now,” DeJack wrote, without answering Zhu about the issue. She said someone accused Zhu of misrepresenting herself in the competition by presenting her Chinese name. DeJack also asked Zhu why she left the University of Central Florida, and said the MWA national office was on her case.

According to PJ Media:

Muslim students at Zhu’s college began a campaign to have her expelled. A female student who was manning the hijab booth said, “I invited you to try one on and you said ‘no thank you’…You didn’t take the time to even ask questions or try to understand what Hijab is. That’s ignorant of you. You literally sprinted after taking the photos. That’s pathetic.”

When the state director cited her “black deaths” tweet, Zhu deadpanned that she didn’t know “statistics were racist.” DeJack said it was a “comment with no statistics to back it up,” but the political science major retorted that she had read it in an “educational journal.” (FBI statistics confirm this.) Zhu also mentioned Calhoun Perez as trying to get her in trouble with previous organizations.


Zhu told the News she went to DeJack’s house following the exchange to drop off her crown and sash. Zhu won’t be able to compete in the Las Vegas competition for a chance to make it to the international stage.

Miss Indiana and Michigan World America removed its Facebook page Friday, sometime after the News linked to its revised announcement, which reportedly omitted Zhu from the list of winners.

Zhu told the News she didn’t care about losing the title, but that “it was more of how unfair it was for the whole process to have taken place”:

[S]he had posted that tweet [about “black deaths”] in response to social media claims that “all cops are bad cops, all cops were killing blacks,” an explanation she was not able to provide pageant organizers.

“It wasn’t anything about blaming blacks specifically for violence,” said Zhu, who was born in China and raised in Florida. “I mean, every community has problems within it. I just shined light on that particular issue because of a subtweet of someone else.”

She thanked her supporters in a video Friday afternoon:

This is so much bigger than pageantry. This is about an organization discriminating against people with different opinions, calling people racist even when they’re not. Just little attacks like those really, really diminishes the value and the truth of the word “racism.”

Zhu encouraged other pageant organizations to value diversity of thought and political affiliation, not just “skin color,” and told her fans: “Don’t worry – I’ll still stand firm.” She’s not taking legal action against MWA, however, because it has “suffered enough negative publicity.”


Read the News report.

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    1. The sense of convicting a removal of the award for not wearing a stinky, smelly hijab of blood and hate is ridiculous.

  1. I think ANYTHING to do with muslims period doesn’t need to be in anything in America. Muslims have ruined every country in the world wdith the satanic culture they try to pass off as godly

  2. You talk about being divisive. The far left believes in free speech, only when it, the speech agrees with them. They dont believe in individual freedom of expression, and they certainly do not want facts and figures muddleing up the views they hold so dear to them. Since when do they want non thinking drones to represent them? I would think they would want intelligent young women who can think for themselves.
    I am sick of the left throwing around the racist term. Everyone is a racist. They use it so often that the word has lost all of its meaning. I for one feel sorry for this young lady, and i am sick to my stomach about the use of the racist term.

    1. ” I for one feel sorry for this young lady, and i am sick to my stomach about the use of the racist term.”

      That at least makes two of us. She is far too intelligent to indulge in petty wranglings: “Zhu told the News she didn’t care about losing the title, but that “it was more of how unfair it was for the whole process to have taken place…”

      1. what are you trying to say,in plain English please. are you for or against her. if you are against her, you think she has no rights to voice her opinion. some of the seemingly petty things to you, may not seen so petty to others!

    2. David,
      Well said… Bravo.
      Here is a succinct observation from Wayne Root
      “You know the definition of a “racist”? Anyone winning an argument with a liberal. ”

      One more definition for your library;
      The “SQUAD”
      Socialist Queens Undermining American Dreams

    1. Of course it’s discrimination which, in and of itself, is harmless and something human beings do everyday. The problem is that the left has discovered what an effective tool it is, and is attempting to appropriate the act of discrimination for its sole and exclusive use. That is, a leftist feels entitled to discriminate in any way he or she may choose, on the condition that no one who disagrees with the left may in turn discriminate. It’s a simple zero sum game in the mind of the left, pretty much the way the see all of reality. This is because leftists are less intellectually developed than conservatives.

    2. I DONT THING SO THE CANT SCRUB IT LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO TOUCH IT Obama you thug started that whit your believe you be the world lieder the emblem of your party is a jackass that fits all of you idiots that vote for all Muslims that run for office the like to use there ideology to turn the USA in to a Muslim ghetto run them out take their citation ship away and send them packing what stupid cows`s nasty trolls if they don’t like our laws get out and stay out

      1. Rosemary Douglass has several good ideas which I agree with, however, she should have a literate person to correct and post them. Unfortunately, when a post is submitted that is so illiterate, those that may agree are turned off. Such a shame.

    3. Yes I agree but as we now understand, that only works for the democrat liberals. How did people or political party get away with lopsidedly position where they are Racist, name calling;’we are deplorable, that is ok, Maxine Waters telling liberals to get in our faces and scream at us to leave, we are not welcomed in public places. It began with President Obama who is a racist. If you disagreed with him, you were a racist. Wasn’t it about 50 years ago that black Americans were marching and protesting for their equal rights and human rights? Rightfully so and long over due. But now that they are free and equal and some very wealthy are suggesting liberals do this and she gets away with it? So many people who do not think the same have lost their jobs for expressing their opinion. But that can and do without consequences. By the way I agree with her statistics that the majority of black murders are done by a black person. If we don’t say it that makes it go away. When did that method ever work?

  3. Seems the only racist people I run into now are Muslims unless you Bow down to their way of thinking then you are racist. I’m not saying that Muslims are the only racist people in this world just want to scream loudest. I feel sorry for this young woman and anyone else that has to deal with people like this that room this pageant . What do you expect from the state of Michigan now it’s full of Muslims that you can think Obama for in the Democrats I’m not saying all Muslims are bad I do know some from the country my wife is from that are some very nice people it’s shame that our country has come to this. This political bull crap is going to destroy this country

    1. Jim Siler, then stand up and be counted. Let your voice be heard, and in 2020, vote against them! And ask your friends and family to vote against them! Stand with President Trump! He is doing all he can to fix this nation, but he needs our help! He’s having to fight the “Squad,” Congress, and even some of the republicans that are suppose to have his back!

      1. Yes we all need to stand up and fight this takeover by liberals. Vote Democrats and the RINO’s out of office and replace them with solid constitution loving Republicans. Get your family and all your friends to vote. We have to stop the liberal agenda of giving everyone everything for free and expecting we the WORKING taxpayer to pay for it. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK. Why do you think everyone is coming here. Their countrys SOCIALISM has destroyed it. WAKE UP people. Build the wall before it is to late.

  4. That is what will contribute to the Islamic demise , unified resistance to this pos third world culture. It was defeated once, and will be again – forever- this time by the hand of the ONE true God – Jesus Christ!

  5. Piss on anything related to the Muslims. you did the correct thing. screw Facebook and their Communist Standards.

  6. Move out of Michigan and Minnesota they are Muslin states.
    they are far left, yea lets bring some more into country
    make some more dumocraps

    1. Moving out is allowing them to take over. They need to be stopped. If they can’t abuse are system and continue forward with the agenda, maybe they will give up trying to take over. It won’t just stop in these states. The plan is to take us over. And there are more sleeper cells than we know. Next time they will attack from within as well as from outside.

  7. We all know the truth about Islam – they intend to take over the world whether by population expansion, nuclear bomb, or as the Koran puts it, by sword. Their 6th, “silent” article of faith is the holy war. To throw the world into a nuclear war is music to their ears. After all, those who die in their cause get 72 virgins when they go to heaven. (I always wondered what happens to them once they run out of virgins.) Those who do NOT oppose Islam are already complicit in the destruction of the world.

  8. Please sue and don’t forget to name the people who accused you for racism. GOD Bless you and protect you and give you strength and peace.

  9. OK SJWs, where are you now that this woman’s right are being violated? Is it because she is a conservative and Trump supporter that you REFUSE to help? Where is your outrage now?

    All over the world women are being FORCED to wear this overt symbol of oppression and you phonies lose your spines and perform self neutering when this particular issue comes to the forefront. This is just another piece of evidence that you only care about what you have been programmed to outraged about. If it doesn’t get you face the on the national propaganda machine and the victims are conservative, it’s not worth your time. How pathetic.

  10. Kathy Zhu is a righteous, honest, beautiful woman who stands by her convictions and beliefs. She is truly a “10” in every way. All should be inspired by her attitude and demeanor as well. NOTHING BUT CLASS!!!

    As for her detractors; it is time to realize that they are self absorbed, self righteous agitators and CANNOT be tolerated any longer. They are seeping into the “environment” of culture and business and are looking to control both so they can control everything else. They have called themselves the resistance. Well, we ALL need to come together as the anti-resistance movement and quickly. If we do not, our country will be gone in just a few years. The resistance has promoted though control, speech control and violence to show their resolve. It is time we did the same.

    I have had enough of their crap and y’all should have enough of their crap as well!

  11. Typical of libs. We will pick the protected classes and if you are not one it is perfectly legal to belittle, slander and discriminate against you.

  12. This will Never Stop Until America’s Traitor, OBAMA, Is Charged with the Treason he committed against the American People and Removed from America. As long as he is allowed to remain in America he will continue to do everything he can to flood the country with his Muslim Terrorist Brothers and Sisters until he turns America into a Muslim Controlled Country

  13. Very strange how we have shifted from despising the inhuman way Muslim women have been treated by their husbands and made to cover up and wear the hijab to now trying to force young American women to submit to these traditions that are based on the total control of mind and body of a person by another person . Good for you young miss Zhu for bringing out the fact that diversity does not give anyone of color the right to get in the front of the line and be treated better than anyone else . There are good Muslims and there are radical Muslims and the radicals wish to dominate the world and America and our so called masters of diversity running our pageants and institutions want to turn our younger generation into good little submissive lambs lining up for the slaughter . My question is what will these radical left wing people get out of it at the end of the day if their wishes come true to turn America into a country where there is love and respect for every other country on earth except for America . Will they then stand in line saying we got our way and now we are owned and every man woman and child will be praising Allah while we wear our hijab’s . They are already blasting their Muslim prayer chants over loud speakers in New York so everyone is forced to listen . I guess with that crazy left wing mayor in New York in the near future the Yankees will be wearing Hijab’s instead of the traditional baseball cap’s

  14. Muslim men hold the family dog in higher esteem then the women in the household. The muslime dictatorship religion even allows family members stone women to death. This is what they want to bring to America. I approve president Trump’s effort to stop all muslime immigration into America.

  15. Muslims are not “religious” as they are basically a cult with only one agenda: destroy anyone who does not want their ideals. They wear sheets for clothes and smelly rags for head covering to hide unsightly hair or because they have not washed maybe? We here in the US are God-fearing people, not Allah worshippers. Look at our money: It says: In God we trust, not Allah!!! Muslims have ruined every place they are in and now want to destroy America, and the sad part is that we are allowing members of our Congress to wear the headgear during our Congressional hearings-why? We need to pass a resolution to ban the head/scarf wearing during our Congressional hearings. Next thing they want will be able to wear sheets like the KKK used to.

  16. Now the truth is being seen and heard! The pageants are being taken over by the DEMONS walking around professing one thing while doing just the opposite! When are the AMERICANS going to realize the slithering vile snakes are here..imbedding themselves into every thing that was OFFENDING and DEMANDING are the cries of these sandfleas! BETTER WAKE UP WHILE YOU HAVE A HEAD TO WAKE UP!

  17. As long as things like this keep happening in America the more push back Islam will get here. Americans by nature do not like anything shoved down their throats. This is the land of freedom of “choice”. If pro-choice advocates believe in their freedom to terminate life than an individual certainly has the right to not participate in something that represent a religious symbol………period.

  18. Feel sorry for Miss Michigan—probably the only person in the pageant with any class and brains. But then who watches or cares about the pageants anymore since they have turned them into political fiascos.

  19. i was born and raised in MI and what i see and here going on in MI is bullshit. The time is coming when all hell is going to break lose and then it will be kill them all and lent GOD sort them out. If you do not study history then it will repeat its self, remember witch side the Muslims were on in WWII.

  20. If that had been me they tried to put that rag on, they would be picking that rag head wearing idiot off the floor.

  21. Do all muslims need to wear Pampers diapers on their heads, or just the ones with shit for brains? Wait……What am I talking about…….ALL Muslims have shit for brains! I can’t take ANYBODY who wears a diaper on their head while out in public seriously, especially when they are as full of shit as Omar the terrorist!

  22. We need to face the facts,Zhu was stripped of her title for the sole reason that she didn’t want to be forced to wear a hajib.
    It is her right to wear whatever she wants and is also her right to NOT be forced to where what she doesn’t want to wear. Sounds like a good reason for a legal battle on civil rights violations against Ms.Zhu.

  23. There is no reason nor excuse for requiring Ms. Zhu to be forced to wear a hajib! She is not a Muslim so why try to force someone else’s religion on her? This is just another example of the PC police at work to subvert our rights!

  24. I like to be knowledgeable about things around me so I read the Muslim bible [the Quran]. It is not a religion but a cult of hate. There are commands within the text of the Quran demanding that all Muslims eliminate [kill or murder] all non Muslim believers. This is not an option. Women are third class citizens [literally a mans property] and if they do not wear their hijab they will be punished. During my 30 years working the graveyard shift in 7-Eleven Stores people wearing clothing that was not acceptable came in [like ski masks, trench coats or hijab’s] for these are the types of clothing terrorists wear trying to conceal their faces and identity and within their clothing they carry weapons of war. Before the left thinkers took over, people moving to America learned our language and adopted our customs and way of life. Because of the left thinkers lawlessness we now have America hating Muslims in places of leadership in our government telling we the people that we and our Republic are garbage all the while they are disparaging our constitution, laws, way of life and our flag. The powers that be have worked so very hard trying to brainwash the American people to believe that they are just humans that descended from monkeys all the while the Christian Bible states that we are mankind created in the image and likeness of God. So long as we believe the fake human storyline we will continue to be manipulated, controlled and ruled like just one more third world nation.

  25. This poor girl is the victim of racism carried out by true racists. No one has a right to demand she wear a Hajib. Then to demand she learn about the Hajib and Muslim life. No thank you, this is America. Muslims must assimilate here. We don’t have to do anything for them. This is our country. Not theirs. I truly feel sorry for this poor girl losing her crown. She is a True Victim of Racism carried out by True Racists. They just refuse to see it for what it truly is. They are the Racists.

  26. Every post is time-stamped 4-hours ahead of my Eastern USA (-5) time-zone; which means this site must be located in (-1) time-zone which is Portugal, Greenland, and Cape Verde.

  27. Mudslides consider any denial of MO’, refusal to convert or any resistance to their belief system as racist and a reason for jihad!
    HARBITUDE is indeed all the above!!!!!!

  28. Leave her alone and restore her title. Just because she didn’t want to be politically correct, shows that she has a mind and intelligence all her own. She should be praised and not harassed. Gruess Gott

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