DoJ Responds To Mueller Inquiry: “Remain Within The Boundaries” Of Your Report

Perfectly echoing former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s own words during his brief press conference in May, a Justice Department official told Mueller – in response to his initiated inquiry – that his upcoming testimony to House lawmakers “must remain within the boundaries” of the public report.

As a reminder, here is what Mueller said in May:

“I hope and expect this to be the only time that I will speak to you in this manner,” Mueller said today, explaining that his report was his testimony and that Congress should not expect him to answer questions with any new information.

And here is today’s response to Mueller’s inquiry of the DoJ with regard how to proceed during his testimony…

“…the decision to testify… is yours to make… please note that there should be no testimony concerning the redacted portions of the public version of your report… any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report…”

Of course this will not stop Nadler and Schiff proclaiming yet more obstruction of justice allegations – even though the DoJ advice is exactly what Mueller himself already said and conforms to the law.

Additionally, Fox News reports that former special prosecutor Ken Starr had some advice for Robert Mueller ahead of his Wednesday Capitol Hill testimony, saying he should stick to the script and keep things apolitical as promised.

“I would say do what you have said you’re going to do,” Starr said on “Fox News Rundown,” in an interview that will air Tuesday.

“The report speaks for itself.”

“And I’m not going to turn myself beyond the report and I’m not going to turn myself into an instrument or a tool to further a political process, namely the possible impeachment of the president of the United States. That’s up to the people who were elected. I’m not going to play along.

Starr also claimed the media has been soft on Mueller, as compared with what he himself experienced while investigating former President Bill Clinton, and painted the former FBI director as “overzealous.”

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Full letter below:

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  1. I’m just curious why the DOJ, now under the President Trump (Republican) appointed Barr, is still giving the Republican Oversight Committees (Devin Nunes, in particular) a hard time about getting the evidence they need to counter attack the lies perpetually spewing forth to damage President Trump by the Democrats. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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